If he had heard this before Li Zhiyu would have said disgustingly Go away Li Zhiyu Shaking his head he hurriedly said Ye Hao you

The first chapter of life is ideal, dark, charming, vast ocean, water lily, moonlight, scattered sea surface, rippling in the ripples, dispersing in circles, condensing, endlessly repeating the deadly reincarnation death prison, Huaxia Super Prison, which is located on the side of the vast sea, suffering from endless suffering The engulfment of darkness This is a place that only a few people know about but are unwilling to mention. If it is possible, they would rather be forgotten forever in this vast sea of ​​darkness, because the hands of the prisoners held here are all stained with blood. The dead zone knows no life and death.
The black hand kills hundreds of lives.
Suddenly, a series of huge sound waves are heard against the sea breeze. A dark green military helicopter stops in the dead zone. The heroic figure of the woman in military uniform, just the rank of colonel on her shoulders, is enough to scare Ye Hao to the interrogation hall.
The woman tightened her skirts. The voice is very pleasant, but it is undeniable that it is the deepest part of the dead zone. It was extremely cold. Walking through a marble tunnel, before arriving at a prison cell, the arm-thick and pure prison wall, plus the 100,000-foot power grid, still made people worry about its fragility. Two heavily armed prison guards frightenedly entered the password to open the shackles. A slight crisp sound made the two of them tremble. Bean-sized beads of sweat fell from their foreheads. At the same time, the eyes of the prisoners in the surrounding cages opened one after another.
It was not like the yelling and insulting on the TV, but only a pair of gloomy eyes.
Lord interrogation hall Someone was looking for a prison guard and said tremblingly.
Looking along the eyes, there was a young man in the room wearing a blue and white prison uniform. The stubble added a touch of vicissitudes.
The corner of the man’s mouth slanted into a smile, I know, it’s these three words that made the two prison guards scream strangely, ran away and disappeared in the blink of an eye. The man looked flat and groped on the head of the bed. Take out a cigarette, light it, spit out a trace of blue smoke, and walk out of the room leisurely, walking in the corridor of the prison, as if walking in the courtyard, you are here, where the man passed by, the prison guards greeted each other with trembling hearts, the man readily accepted and nodded in response The sound of the voice made the man covered with a psychedelic color. The man came to the door of the interrogation room without hesitation.
With the sound of two guards, he pushed the door and entered the interrogation room.
The decoration is very simple. A chandelier, a chair, Zhang interrogated Zhuo interrogated Zhuo, a man and a woman stood in front of him, one behind the other. The woman was the senior officer who came down from the helicopter.
Behind him was the warden.
Seeing the eyes of the man and woman officer flashing, the man was also looking at the person in front of him.
The badge on the female officer’s shoulders, the man’s eyes brightened when he saw the female officer’s cheeks, the man’s eyes brightened even more.
The man sat down on the chair with a relaxed smile, raised his legs and looked at the man and the female officer.
Said that Ye Hao has already investigated that matter, you were framed, you can go out for three months before investigating Clearly before Ye Hao could say anything, the warden asked a little excitedly.
The warden’s interruption made the female officer a little dissatisfied, her beautiful eyes slightly wrinkled.
The warden shrank her neck and took a step back, not speaking, but Ye Hao flicked the cigarette ash.
A row of bright little white teeth spat out three words, the warden’s face turned pale, and there was an urge to cry, the woman’s tone froze, and she glanced at the warden, who hesitated for a moment, took out a CD and put it on the table with a wry smile, and said this is the order. What I brought to you is that you like it, but the projector in Dead Zone doesn’t have that kind of picture and audio.
After finishing talking, these women’s faces are a little blushing. The warden’s eyes are straight.
The blockbuster movie is still high-definition and uncensored, and it can’t be ruined by the dead zone.
The old man knows me best.
Ye Hao hurriedly picked up the disc and put it under his arm.
Hao is willing to go out. The female officer is also a little excited. Ye Hao hastily stretched out her hand and rubbed it twice without leaving a trace. Withdrawing his hand like lightning, his face couldn’t help but a red heart said, he came back to life with a jade face, beheaded and killed a thousand blood Shura, it was exactly the same as in the legend, thank you for going out, thank you very much, who knows that the excited warden rushed forward and held it Ye Hao’s hands were tearful with gratitude, his nose was full of tears, Ye Hao showed a row of brilliant white teeth, thanks to the warden for taking care of him during this time, he notified all the prisoners in the Death Prison, the guards sent him off, and the warden shouted excitedly at the door Ye Hao couldn’t help but smile even brighter.
When he heard the news of Ye Hao’s release from prison, the entire death cell exploded. A row of prisoners stood upright, beating gongs and drums, and the prison guards sent them off with gratitude.
I don’t know who brought a piece several meters long. On the banner is crookedly written “Farewell to Lord Going Out” and the signatures of all the prisoners.
The female officer looked at Ye Hao in amazement. He didn’t expect you to be so popular in the prison. Ye Hao was also very moved.
He stood side by side with the female officer and was about to board the plane, turned around and waved.
I’ll come back I’m sorry if you come back I’ll kill myself Lord please don’t come back let us go to death row A prisoner pulled the muzzle of a prison guard and dragged it to his forehead Lord come back again Try the warden, your face is pale, you have tortured us here for three years, if you come back again, I, Bi, will voluntarily disarm and return to the field, the female officer with a tangled face, boarded the helicopter with the laughing Ye Hao, the female officer was puzzled, and said death in prison, yes You are very attractive, why do you still want to come back? Ye Hao smiles brightly, eat, live, live, don’t pay money. In Jinling City, Ye Hao’s upper body is a gray vest and his lower body is red pants.