If Hao thought so Li Qiang saw Zhao Hao burnt to the ground by the sky fire he was so shocked that he forgot that

A ray of light squeezed into the room from the gap in the curtains, Yang An lying on the bed turned around, opened his eyes in a daze, it was dawn, it was time to get up, Yang An muttered a little lazily, got up from the bed, a new day was about to start and return from work. Home, this is Yang An’s life. Three points and one line are very ordinary.
After Yang An puts on his clothes, he opens the curtains, and the whole room is brightened up. Looking out of the window, he saw the morning sun emitting a soft light, which is special for the sun in winter.
It would be nice if it was warm enough to rest.
This is Yang An’s exclamation. Some time ago, Yang An spent more than 3,000 yuan to buy a mountain bike, so every weekend he would go out to ride a bicycle, which is also one of Yang An’s favorite activities.
Yang An often I think if I have time, I will ride a bicycle all over the country and see all the great rivers and mountains.
An indifferent voice in the binding of the Great Emperor system rang in Yang An’s heart.
After a while, Yang An felt dark in front of his eyes, as if he suddenly stepped on the air while walking at night.
When Yang An came back to his senses, he found himself standing in a colorful world. Yang An was dumbfounded and muttered, I am still dreaming. Immediately afterwards, a fairy appeared beside Yang An out of thin air.
The fairy was wearing a light blue long dress and stood in the void with her bare feet.
Yang An looked at the fairy in front of him and commented, “This dream is not bad. It’s true. This girl is beautiful and eye-catching. The fairy’s expression is cold and looks like A cold robot fairy slightly raised her jade hand and tapped it in the void.
In an instant, colorful light spheres appeared out of thin air.
Yang An looked at the surrounding light spheres and was full of curiosity, and involuntarily approached a light sphere. When Yang An After approaching a light sphere, he was surprised to find that there was a huge world in the light sphere. Standing next to the light sphere, Yang An seemed to be standing in space overlooking the earth. At this moment, Yang An was speechless. All this was too real and too real.
Shocked. There is a saying that curiosity can kill a cat.
At this time, besides being shocked, Yang An is just curious. Driven by curiosity, Yang An slowly stretches out a hand to touch the light ball. Yang An is in a daze.
I felt like I was touching a membrane. At the same time, a voice came into Yang An’s mind.
A thought flashed in Yang An’s mind. Then he looked at the light ball carefully. Suddenly, Yang An had a familiar feeling of the light ball. The scene in the film is a bit like Zhongnan Mountain in the TV series Condor Heroes. Yang An saw the Taoist temple of Quanzhen Sect. When Yang An wanted to get closer, the time ball emitted a nine-colored light and sent Yang An flying. The fairy next to him watched indifferently. Seeing all this, Yang An was a little embarrassed at first, but when he saw the fairy’s indifferent expression, he smiled faintly, thinking that after all, it was just a dream, then Yang An walked to another world of light ball superman, coiling dragon world, star-changing world, perfect world covering the sky The World Fights Break the Firmament World Misty Journey World Dragon Ball World Yang An went from shock to numbness and finally looked at the indifferent fairy belt With a bit of anticipation and a bit of curiosity, he asked who is that fairy? The Emperor System Space Fairy’s voice is very beautiful, like the sound of nature, but too indifferent and without any emotion. After such a long time, Yang An already has a guess in his heart. He thinks he should win the big prize. Thinking of this, Yang An felt a little excited after being caught by the legendary system.
This is the system. The most noble thing, as long as you get the system, you can go to the pinnacle of life. You can say that you can have whatever you want.
After a while, Yang An calmed down a little.
I think some systems are very deceitful, not only do all kinds of strange tasks, but also obliterate them at every turn. After the two words flashed through Yang An’s mind, Yang An calmed down completely and asked the fairy, what is the purpose of the Great Emperor System, the Great Emperor System Can help a person become the great emperor Yang said with a bitter face that being an emperor is too tiring, besides, I am not expected to be an emperor, I just want to live an ordinary life. Yang An said this, glanced at the light ball around him, and continued to say that I am a fairy. I don’t want to be the emperor, if I can, let me travel around these worlds The heavens and myriad worlds can open up the world with a raised hand, Yang An’s eyes are shining brightly, the system is so proud, Yang An said that the emperor is good, traveling is very convenient, the fairy’s face turned cold, and she waved Yang An to a remote village Welfare, where is this place? There are green mountains and green waters.
Not far away, there is a quiet small village. If you listen carefully, you can hear chatter. However, no matter whether it is flowers, trees, wild animals or insects, Yang An has never seen it before. However, everything here is familiar to Yang An in Wushan Town.
Finally, Yang An knows where he is. Just now, he heard someone call Linley. At first, Yang An was a little surprised how could he? He understood the foreign language, but when he thought of the system’s ability, he felt relieved.
When he mentioned Linley, Anton Yang thought of Linley’s life.
Warrior Linley was born in Wushan Town, picked up the Panlong ring by accident, and was taught by the soul of the ring, Grandpa Delin The Lion King experienced the invasion of monsters and the cataclysm, crossed the mountains of monsters and then entered the empire founded by Valkyrie. He fought with Olivia, the swordsman, and then fought with the swordsman of rock until the mountain collapsed and turned into rubble.