If anyone notices the birds count them carefully no more no less ninetynine are white birds fighting for souls the entire cemetery has just buried

The endless dark clouds covered the entire sky, accompanied by the mournful crows, and the heart-wrenching rain fell on the gray earth one after another, thus giving birth to countless monsters. There is no vitality in spring, but there is even more depression and silence than autumn. There is no passion like fire in summer, but there is coldness and ruthlessness that is more palpitating than winter. The harsh climate of the four seasons dominates this world. The highly poisonous and dirty gas fills the entire space. The scenes of beasts galloping in the field of bones, which should have been extremely tragic, indeed show a strange harmony here, as if everything should be like this.
Natural selection, survival of the fittest is the eternal rhythm of death here. It composes The rise and fall of countless races, the success or failure of the valley, filled the valley with towering blood trees rising from the ground, making the already narrow space instantly crowded.
With a roar that shocked the world, the whole valley began to shake violently until the mountain wall collapsed and the bottom of the valley cracked. The extremely huge creature climbed out of it, and in an instant, all the blood trees swayed from side to side according to its movements, and its momentum seemed to blow a violent hurricane. When the huge creature stretched out its four claws, as it once again raised its head to the sky and roared, the sky rolled and thunder rolled. The interplay of voices resounded like dense drumbeats in a radius of thousands of miles and a width of thousands of kilometers. The dense blood tree with the body of a black turtle grows on a hard shell with a miserable green giant like a snake’s head. A blood-red eye occupies the entire sheet.
Under its neck is a ferocious big mouth. Looking at his body, four powerful black flesh pillars support the whole body. For the next time, the surrounding space is completely dominated by this giant monster, which roars like crazy. Its huge body swayed from its mouth, and its huge snake-shaped head started as an angry roar, but it slowly turned into a tragic roar. The surrounding air trembled with the bursts of roars in the entire space, and a prehistoric breath came spontaneously.
Roaring until a certain moment, stinky bastard, you are not over! A clear and helpless voice came from afar. In an instant, the dark clouds shook and the thunder disappeared. Looking in one direction, how come old friends haven’t seen each other for a long time and don’t know how to say hello? Following these words, a handsome young man in black robe appeared out of nowhere, staring at it playfully with big bright eyes. This should be an ordinary sentence. The greeting was even a joke, but upon hearing these words, the gigantic creature seemed to be pulled from head to tail like a tendon, kicking its long neck that was originally hidden in the turtle shell, and popping it out suddenly, the blood-red one-eyed cautiously stared at the tiny creature in front of it.
Body, what do you want, what do you want, don’t be so nervous, okay, I’m here to treat you with good intentions, the black-robed boy’s big eyes blinked innocently, he shrugged his shoulders helplessly, he looks like he’s definitely a good guy, a huge monster Hearing the words, he snorted coldly, and the dull voice appeared unusually depressed.
Forget it, I can’t please you, oh, don’t say that, it hurts my feelings. Heaven, material and earth treasures are all floating clouds. It’s just our brothers. friendly and negotiable The black-robed boy blinked at the behemoth, laughed haha, discussed it well, almost gnashed his teeth, the behemoth shook his head in pain again and said contemptuously last time you said that, I lost a whole black jade tree The last time you said that, the rotten grass that I spent ten thousand years of painstaking efforts to cultivate was emptied by you, so what kind of brazenness will your good negotiation this time be? The brazen black-robed boy heard this and smiled.
Messenger of the Netherworld, you are overthinking this time, I guarantee with my holy devil heart that this treatment will never cost you a single cent.
In the big bright eyes, there is a sincerity that the behemoth has never seen before. The performance of innocence and innocence is even more incisive and vivid. Well, since you have guaranteed it with the heart of the holy devil, let me believe you once again, so the giant known as the Nether Envoy once again agreed to receive treatment. After all, the only thing that can save him from the pain and suffering is the eyes. This time, the black-robed boy, I will completely let you out of the sea of ​​suffering. The black-robed boy was chanting brokenly, as if he was comforting the Nether Envoy, telling him not to worry. The source of the evil smile inadvertently revealed by the corner of the robed boy’s mouth was located on the huge snake’s head. I saw the black-robed boy standing on top of it with his legs spread apart.
Under his feet were rotten scales exuding black stench. The handprints formed in his hand, and in an instant, thousands of purple lights shot up into the sky, and they all penetrated into the dark clouds in the high sky. After a long time, accompanied by thunderous explosions, tens of thousands of dark beams of light descended from the sky and pierced into the Nether Envoy one by one at a speed invisible to the naked eye. The source of the disease roars even worse than the previous tragic roar The huge tortoise roars unbearably painful left and right How could it be so painful Qingtian Wang What did you do to me Roaring in grief and anger The ghost envoy tried to mobilize the original divine power After several attempts to expel the ten thousand rays of light from the body, I found that I could not use my divine power at all. Hahaha, the success of the plot and the mockery of the Nether Envoy made the black-robed boy laugh out loud, then flew up and disappeared for tens of thousands of years. Your brain is already rusted and you don’t care about the excruciating Nether Messenger. After a few breaths, the black-robed youth known as Qingtian King appeared on a barren mountain surrounded by black mist. Huh, I didn’t expect the Nether Book to be obtained so easily.
The Xuanming Turtle Clan It’s a race of idiots that don’t live up to the name.
Just when King Qingtian was still complacent about getting the Nether Book, suddenly a colorful glow broke through the layers of black fog and fell behind him.
What you want is in my hands now.
How can you think hard? King Qingtian seemed to know what the glow behind him was, and he shook a dark green book in his hand without looking back.