I wont agree but now Liu Feifei is really perfecting herself like this she hurts like a knife in her heart a woman is such

Chapter 1 It’s Absolutely Impossible The most convenient way to know a city is to find out how the people there work, how they fall in love, and how they died. But she stands still, but now she is covered with scars, palm-sized black giant mosquitoes in groups in the sky, centipedes about three or four meters long on the ground, crawling back and forth at a rapid rate, and the plaque on the road is deserted. Huge spider webs of seven or eight meters long and short on the cars weaving every corner of the city, the spiders in the center of the web are also the size of a washbasin, but their prey is not mosquitoes but people. A convoy of more than a dozen vehicles is rampaging.
The first thing to enter this abandoned city is a BAIC Warrior, which has obviously been remodeled. Two abandoned car doors are welded on the front of the car. It pushes forward against the old cars on the road until it can’t move anymore. The train stops and a woman gets off.
Hurry up, hurry up, we only have two hours. The first team, the second team sprays insecticide, and the third team stays on the ground. The woman wears an assault jacket, wears a motorcycle helmet on her mountaineering shoes, and wears a white towel around her neck.
She is armed to the teeth.
Bang bang bang, there was a sound of closing the car door, 20 or 30 female team members came down from the convoy, all of them were armed very tightly. Seconds to ignite the torches and check the clips.
The first team is in charge of air defense, the second team is in charge of the ground, move quickly, we don’t have time There are too many women, ordered loudly, then took out a fiery red crystal the size of an egg from her bosom and looked to the side, Xiao Fan, come here today, you are the leader, we are not allowed to follow up, no need to talk nonsense, now Liu Feifan is the only man in the team, he is cold He replied, holding a meter-long military thorn in both hands, walked to the front of the line without saying a word, his girlfriend just committed suicide yesterday, and the culprit was this woman, Ke Yi, what else do you want? Ke Yi strode around angrily Pushing both hands in front of Liu Feifan Qin Yue’s death is my fault, but I have already killed that beast with my own hands, I have paid myself to you last night, but the killing is just a nod, what do you still want from my old lady? The people looked at each other for a few seconds, Liu Feifan avoided Ke Yi’s gaze, slightly lost his momentum, took the last fire crystal in the team from Ke Yi’s hand, put it in front of his eyes, and glanced at the egg-sized moist leather watch with streaks of blood red The rift took a deep breath and put it in the palm of my hand to crush it. Yesterday my girlfriend kept her innocence. Today I will rely on it to keep my girlfriend’s life.
When he came out, Liu Feifan raised his head and let out a roar. Before Ke Yi could order a group of centipedes to rush forward, he was an awakened person whose body quality was twice as high as that of an ordinary person. Only the awakened person could use the power of crystals and the power of fire crystals.
That is, within an hour, the user’s body is covered with a layer of faint red flames. It is harmless to the human body and will not ignite clothes, but it is a fatal threat to the creatures of the last days.
Liu Feifan killed five or six end-apocalyptic creatures in a row.
Although they were afraid of fire crystals, they would instinctively resist if they felt threatened.
The giant centipedes on both sides of the street bowed their bodies like snakes and waited until Liu Feifan approached. Suddenly shot hard at the opponent, feeling the heat from the opponent’s body, they fell off one after another.
The female team members who came up from behind immediately made up their swords and made a squeaking sound like breaking glass. Hurry up, everyone followed Ke Yi and trotted a few steps to catch up with Liu Feifan. The team turned around a block and came to the main road. There were gunshots and screams. Hundreds of humans were desperately running around looking for cover, but they usually opened a shop door, and a lot of spiders, centipedes, or something else spewed out. Carefully trapped by spider webs and corroded by strong acid, these people have white towels tied around their necks. They are all Fallen Leaf Legion stationed in Spring City, but just over 30 minutes ago, the entire center of Spring City was hit by a meteor rain. Most of the awakened people were injured. This is the reason why Liu Feifan’s Ice Team took the risk to come here. The fire crystals, crystals, gold crystals, soil crystals, and life crystals that humans have discovered so far all came from the interior of these meteorites that hit the earth. Today they came to find the legendary life crystals to save Qin Yue.
Everyone calm down. Ke Yi subconsciously touched the white towel around her neck. The top and bottom of the ice ball are now disguised as members of the Fallen Leaf Army. Now that they are so confused, they should not be caught. I found that Ke Yi squinted her big eyes and continued talking for a while.
If there are people from the Fallen Leaf Legion who want to join us, let them join the team first, and then kill Xiaofan while they are not paying attention. The legion and the ice group are deadly enemies. A month ago, the ice group and many sisters were directly killed and captured by the Fallen Leaf Legion. The two parties were at odds.
Sister Dai Tianke had a formed team there. A female member pointed at the corner of the street. There were more than a dozen men from the Fallen Leaf Legion surrounded by a group of centipedes and spiders. The leader waved his torch and shouted, “I am the leader of the regiment, Zhang Jun, which regiment are you from? Hurry up and support Xiaofan, let’s go and kill them, Ke.” Yixia ordered Liu Feifan to nod slightly, changed his backpack, reached out and took out a beer bottle inside, which was a gasoline bottle, plugged it with a cloth strip, lit the cloth strip on the bottle mouth, and threw it in front of the centipede group. After opening a mouth, Liu Feifan shouted, Captain Zhang, be careful, the humans in the last days are very cautious. If Liu Feifan shouted directly, they might not believe all of them, but he threw the Molotov cocktail first, and then called Zhang Jun and a dozen other men. He turned his head all the way for the first time bang bang bang