I was dragged in by Jiang Haiyang Dad Jiang Haiyang called someone when he entered the door Have you finished chatting You two start by

The original novel is long and the main drama is relaxed. The childhood sweetheart copywriter two teenagers met in a certain mountain village and started a series of stories. The background was about 20 years ago in a village in the north.
When Zhang Lin Dongdong was fourteen years old, a huge turning point happened in his life. His father was gone. Lin’s mother felt that Lin Dongdong was still young and hadn’t told him the cause of his father’s death in detail, but Lin Dongdong knew very well that his father died of drinking. That’s what the neighbors said. Without Lin’s father, Lin’s mother can’t take care of Lin Dongdong alone, she still has to work to earn money, not to mention the cost in the city is high, she decides to send Lin Dongdong back to her grandma’s house in the countryside, no matter what, it can save money, so when Lin Dongdong was fourteen years old In the spring of 2008, Mama Lin sent her back to grandma’s house in a strange small mountain village.
When Papa Lin was alive, grandma despised him and was always dissatisfied with Mama Lin’s marriage to him, so Mama Lin rarely brought Lin Dongdong back these years. The beloved will give him a few cents more pocket money from time to time. You know, my grandma is almost reluctant to buy a popsicle in the summer. Grandpa also passed away early. Grandma lives in a small brick house, which is bigger than two houses.
The one for sleeping is a large kang bed that occupies half of the room, and the remaining half is for cabinets and sundries, while the smaller one is the kitchen stove, a large iron pot with firewood piled in the corner, and the basic structure of houses in the village is like this. Lin Dongdong just arrived It’s very uncomfortable here. There is no city in the village.
The people in the village talk very vulgarly. At night, there are no street lights, and every family goes to bed early.
The lights are dark, only the occasional dog barks, and there is nothing to play.
I really don’t know what’s interesting on the mountain. I heard from grandma that besides the crops, there’s a cemetery on the mountain. I’m sure I can’t go back to the city.
Mama Lin promised to come back often to see him so that he can go to school here. There is a town not far from the village to ride a bicycle.
It takes about half an hour to get to the town.
It’s not much developed. It’s just a bigger village.
Lin Dongdong goes to the middle school in the town to continue his junior high school. Children from several nearby villages come to this school to study, but there are still not many people in the whole school, at least with The city can’t compare to the school, the broken wooden tables and chairs look crooked, and the blackboard is cracked with a crooked seam. The teacher just used it as two blackboards and set them up on the only small piece of concrete in the playground.
A basketball hoop Lin Dongdong doesn’t look down on classmates who have never seen the world.
He doesn’t like talking to classmates.
He has been to school for many days and has no friends. He rides a second-hand bicycle to and from school by himself every day and doesn’t talk to anyone. After school, Lin Dongdong went to push his bicycle under the school wall as usual, when he was about to go home and passed the playground, he suddenly heard a hearty voice shouting, “Hey, who will pick up the basketball for me?” Each of the six boys rolled up their sleeves, exposing half of their arms, as if they were too hot.
The boy standing in the middle turned towards Lin Dongdong raised his chin and said impatiently, what are you doing in a daze? Pick up the ball. This boy Lin Dongdong knows that he is from the same village as Jiang Haiyang.
He is the most eye-catching among the crooked melons and jujubes. He has good-looking features, three-dimensional thick eyebrows and big eyes, and he is taller than everyone else.
He is only in the first grade of junior high school.
I guess it is more than 1.
75 meters. Lin Dongdong looked around and he was indeed rolling. He was holding a dirty basketball, but he didn’t pick it up, it looked good, and he couldn’t control it. These little bumpkins, Lin Dongdong, pushed their bicycles and continued to walk towards the school gate. After that, there was a burst of whistling and chattering, Emma! I don’t listen to you hahaha I’m done talking, it’s not easy to talk Jiang Haiyang is used to being the boss, he really loses face Although he is a first grader, you must know that even the third graders don’t dare to mess with him Jiang Haiyang is strong and powerful There are several sincere brothers who grew up together, and Jiang Haiyang also has three small shops in the village.
His small shop is the biggest melon seeds, drinks, beer, and cigarettes. They sell everything.
Don’t be so fucking blind.
The booing boys put their hips on their hips and yelled at Lin Dongdong’s back to push the bicycle, that told you to pick up the ball, you are deaf.
Lin Dongdong is actually a little scared.
He was bullied when he was in school in the city before, but he is more honest and generally does not mess with people. The bullies in the school didn’t notice that Lin Dongdong was so tough just now, because he has been holding back his grievances since he came to the mountain village.
Now that the toughness is exhausted, he is afraid that if those boys get angry, his small body like a green onion Enough to resist the beating, Lin Dongdong took small steps slowly, struggling violently in his heart, thinking whether he should go back to pick up the ball, but before he could think about the result, Jiang Haiyang came up with a group of younger brothers, didn’t you hear what I said, Jiang He kicked Lin Dongdong’s bicycle wheel like a demonstration in the ocean and asked you to pick up the ball. Didn’t you listen? Several younger brothers surrounded Lin Dongdong in a circle with different expressions. When Jiang Haiyang gave an order, he swung his fist and charged Lin Dongdong swallowed his nervous saliva and tried to calmly say that I didn’t see Jiang Haiyang looked at him in disbelief, the big ball was at your feet, you didn’t look at you, actually Jiang was blind Haiyang usually doesn’t bully others, at most he is domineering, now he feels that his authority has indeed been challenged, his temper came up, he stared at Lin Dongdong condescendingly and said, “Go and get the ball back for me”, Lin Dongdong knew current affairs and knew that it would be fruitless to pretend to be so He lowered his head and responded with a sound to support the bicycle, then ran back to pick up the ball.
The ball was dirty, he frowned secretly, and only used ten fingers to hold the ball and picked it up.