I was a little annoyed at the moment when the emperor said this his face turned pale he hurried out to kowtow to explain that

The husband and son-in-law I chose have to eat with a smile. This article is superficial and the author’s level is limited. Writing pictures is a joy. I hope everyone can read the article with ease, so I declined the textual research. Other chapters The osmanthus flowers in the capital of the Dayu Dynasty in August are in full bloom in front of the gate of the Hou’s Mansion. The city is full of sweet-scented osmanthus. At the end of the day, the main gate of the Yongding Hou’s Mansion opens.
Some servants and housekeepers in green cloth gowns are busy laying out the red carpet. Hanging up red lanterns, the mansion looks full of flowers and joy, and there is indeed a happy event today.
The old lady of the Hou Mansion is approaching her fiftieth birthday. Cars, horses and sedan chairs have already arrived at the gate of the mansion.
Some clothes come out from inside.
The wealthy guests were invited to the mansion by the enthusiastic butlers. The Yongding Hou Mansion occupies two streets. The other street leads to the side door of the Hou Mansion. The family members are walking. It seems that the door is blocked at the moment.
There is a long line from the street to the end of the street. The long queue of carriages was blocked for about a moment or two.
The people waiting in the carriages were not in a hurry, but the servants of the Yongding Hou Mansion were already in a hurry and asked the guests to wait like this. How can they do it? It is not only disrespectful but also offensive to make people wait like this.
A butler in a silk gown ran out from the side door and walked along the wall, trying to pick a carriage to lift up to make room for other carriages to move around.
After opening the road, it naturally passed. I walked and saw a relatively narrow and small carriage.
The steward looked at the body and there were no lanterns hanging on the body.
I don’t know which mansion it is, but compared with the large and beautiful cars around, this one is obviously The most suitable butler walked up to ask who is in the carriage.
I’m sorry. You have to lift the carriage to let the nobleman in the carriage please get off. The driver in front of the carriage is a little dissatisfied.
Why are there so many carriages belonging to us? The one who sat in the car was the butler of the old concubine of Prince Jin’s mansion, who accompanied her smiling face and was not intimidated by this title This position is the key to carry it out.
If it is empty here, other cars can move, and they can all go. If you don’t move, all the cars can’t go. It’s a waste here. You say it’s not a problem, right? The driver drives all day long. How can it not be seen that the people who are stuck in the Yongding Hou Mansion now need to find a car to make room for their own car? It’s not their own car at all. The location of the car is the key. He said our car a little aggrieved. The voice of a woman in Lao Li’s car was blocked from the front and back. Let’s let it go. Then we opened the curtain of the car. A maid first came out and then helped out a woman in her thirties. The woman was dressed in dark red.
The patterned makeup and the appearance of the flower scorpion are very elegant and refined. You can tell at a glance that she must have been a peerless beauty when she was young.
The maid helped the woman out of the car. When the empty car was lifted, they could only stand in the direct sunlight on the opposite side because there was a lot of movement There are already quite a few nobles in the carriage who raised the curtains and looked at the old princess standing over there. Some of them were surprised and whispered. After all, all the female relatives were in the carriage. The maid next to the old princess also had a look of grievance, but the old princess had a dignified and quiet demeanor standing there, even though she looked lonely and pitiful, her elegant temperament and indifferent expression, as well as the majesty from the corners of her brows and eyes, made her feel unashamed.
The voices of the female relatives who were peeking in the carriage before and after the venue had some voices of discussion floating over, that was the old concubine of Jin Wang, yes, Jin Wang is also the closest bloodline among the royal family, unexpectedly, the voice became quieter now and ended up being bullied by the servants The whispers of the women’s family members also reached the ears of the old princess, but the old princess was still mature and prudent, as if she didn’t hear it.
The butler brought a few servants to carry the carriage, first loosen the horse’s reins, and then several people lifted the cart and carried it. Out of this alley, several people shouted and shouted and worked hard for a long time before leading the horses away.
The old princess was still standing quietly waiting for the servant girl to be a little bit unbearable. She took out her handkerchief and spread it over the old princess’s head, hoping to block the sun.
But now It’s midsummer, the sun is already very big at this moment, how can the thin handkerchief block the ferocious sunlight? Beads of sweat on the head came out from the car not far behind, a woman with a northern accent said, why is there a woman standing in front of her mother, a lonely woman is also pitiful, her voice is clear and sweet, obviously wanting It is none of our business to ask the old princess to hear that it is none of our business.
The cold voice of a woman with the same accent heard this person’s voice.
The old princess’ face finally changed a little.
It is obviously a humiliation. If I turn around and leave early, what kind of birthday celebration? The northern girl’s voice was full of ridicule, but everyone who heard it could tell that the speaker was clearly teasing the old princess. Just now the woman said coldly again, the old concubine’s head became more and more dizzy, and she felt exhausted all over her body, and finally she couldn’t hold it anymore, and she fell down slowly.
Hu, the maid beside the old concubine was already screaming, stretched out her hand to support her falling body, the old concubine, the maid was crying in panic, and subconsciously raised her head, wanting to ask for help, but the people on the other side of the carriage had lifted the curtain to watch the excitement. They all put down the curtains of the car, as if they were afraid of being asked for help, just when the maids don’t know what to do