I was a bit impatient I said no there would be no trouble you didn’t say she swallowed it all back she didn’t need to

Being self-willed and despicable is disgusting Zi Fu just regained consciousness and opened her eyes, she looked straight at the boy’s indifferent pupils, her neck was so painful that she almost suffocated, she was about to die in the next moment under the boy’s hands Si Jing looked at this again and again And the girl who came up three times didn’t even bother to maintain the usual disguise. The anger rising between the handsome eyebrows and the darkness in the heart also occupied the highest peak.
The extremely alluring face in front of him is even better than that bitch.
His hand tightened unconsciously, as if he was about to strangle her, when the young man suddenly sneered coldly and lightly relaxed his hand, then as if inadvertently pushed him into the lake behind him, the boundless water overflowed until it completely submerged the young girl’s body in Zifu In his sight, the young man took out a handkerchief from his coat pocket, and wiped the slender fingers that had been pinched by her carefully one by one. The body closed its eyes chaotically, and when it was about to sink to the bottom of the lake, soft light enveloped her body. A palm-sized snow-white fox bit her skirt and dragged her up, and Zifu was dragged ashore. The little white fox was behind her.
Circled around her and finally stopped in front of her, clasped her hands together with her two little paws, and said in a trembling voice, Goddess, you must not die. If you die, I will die too.
I don’t want to die The girl coughed violently and spit out the water in her chest. Fortunately, she was a god and soul replaced by a mortal. This time, she must drown and die. Xiaoxue, that person just now is my little purple. The little white fox whose name was named froze. Forget about the naming ability, Xiaoxue, let’s go to Xiaoxue, anyway, even Lord Demon King is called Xiaozi, Xiaobaihu accepted his name in a flash, nodded immediately and said yes, Lord Goddess, he is the reincarnation of Lord Demon King in this world, and he was affirmed Zifu who answered was like being struck by lightning, her expression was stiff for a long time, she didn’t come back to her senses for a long time before she sighed softly, my goodness, what happened to my little darling, Mr.
Yuan, who is kind and now wants to kill someone, really lost him. Mind and her little boy wanted to kill her, which is really sad.
The baby who was raised by one hand is now going to kill her. She feels that she has been hit by endless blows.
It still needs to be slowly while Zifu hugs her legs and is silent. The little white fox very kindly passed on all the plots of the original world to her.
This is a world with a modern background. Everywhere is very novel to Zifu. She has never heard of those things in her memory. I have never seen Zi Fu, that is, she is the cannon fodder female supporting role here. She has been secretly in love with Si Jing since high school.
Because the original mother was Si Jing’s father’s mistress, Si Jing’s mother became a vegetable and was hospitalized. Also had the opportunity to get in touch with Si Jing. After being close to Si Jing, the original body became more obsessed with him.
For this reason, he did not hesitate to use his body to seduce him just to make him look at her more.
In the original plot, Zifu also died in this drowning. Fast time travel to cure the villain, poor little chapter Abyss Redemption Si Jing is the villain of this world.
He once witnessed his father taking Xiaosan home and having sex in the bedroom. When he was twelve years old, he saw his father argue with his mother because of Xiaosan, and then he accidentally pushed his mother down. Si Jing’s father, Si Huang, used his wife’s family background to pave the way for his career, so he still had a lot of fear of his father-in-law.
It wasn’t until his father-in-law passed away recently that he took over his third son who was raised outside.
Entering the house is only because the wife is not dead and can’t get a divorce for the time being, so the mistress always listens to him and asks him to get rid of the original partner. For Si Jing, his grandfather and mother are equivalent to losing all his relatives, and he has completely blackened.
He no longer has the patience to deal with them, but chooses to use the evidence that Si Huang murdered his mother and directly sends him to prison. Falling under Si Jing’s intervention, he soon went bankrupt. Si Huang fell down, but the mistress ran away. What Si Jing hates the most is that she can’t wait to get her skin cramped.
It’s a pity that fate tricks people.
The hero of this world is the son of a top chaebol. An unknown illegitimate child whose mother is Si Huang’s mistress, because her male lead and the villain got married. In the end, the male lead has the protagonist’s halo. The villain missed a move. The male lead got him into prison and imprisoned him for life. Jing Chuandi told Si Jing brightly and viciously that she was her mother’s good sister back then.
Because she couldn’t understand her happiness, she planned to seduce his father and torture his mother mentally. In the end, Si Huang killed her with his own hands. Si Jing couldn’t bear it Strike and finally commit suicide in prison Watch the full episode Zifu almost wanted to kill someone in anger Zifu was holding her pet in her palm Why was the little boy bullied by that old woman What kind of hero or villain has her in her little Zi, no one needs to be afraid In the worst case, she would kill everyone for him.
Feeling the killing intent coming from Zifu, the little white fox wrapped her body for fear of being harmed by the fish in the pond.
After Zifu gradually calmed down, the little white fox bit the bullet and said, Goddess, this world is civilized. The world is bound by the established rules of heaven, you can’t fight and kill at will, it’s such a troublesome thing Zifu frowned and wanted to ask something more, and the sound of approaching footsteps came from the bushes behind her It’s extremely beautiful. Obviously, Su Beichen didn’t expect Zifu to be here. He just felt bored and breathed. Meeting Zifu was a surprise.
Seeing that she was soaked in water, Su Beichen couldn’t ask any more questions, so he took off his coat and handed it to Zifu today. She was wearing a white dress, and the water soaked her all over. The clothes were tightly attached to her body, and the lines of her exquisite figure were outlined.