I want to see you right now Seeing you Pu Suyans tone is trembling well then Ill pick you up you wait for me Lin

Holding a scalpel can not only save people, but also kill people. What about the microphone? Besides singing, you’re bad. Chapter 1 I want to be a doctor.
She wants to be like TVXQ and has many, many fans. She said she wants to be a painter. Traveling to thousands of mountains and rivers, she paints thousands of mountains and rivers. The one in front of him said that his dream is to become an excellent pilot and dance with the clouds in the sky, the dawn, the sunset, and the rainbow. She behind her said that she wanted to be a doctor because her mother said that only doctors can gain a foothold in society. When it was my turn, I was a little nervous and stood up at a loss. I can’t see their expressions but I know they are laughing at me now but my dream is really the same as theirs only the difference is that I want to see the color in their dreams instead of just black which can never see the light if I have to I want to be a doctor so that more people who can’t see this colorful world can see more colorful things Professor Wu Assistant Professor Jin Xiuzhu softly called Wu Yanqing who was staring at a pink diary in a daze like this The situation has been common since she became Wu Yanqing’s assistant.
For three full months, she has such a habitual daze at least three times a day. Jin Xiuzhu is very curious about whose pink diary belongs to Wu Yanqing.
Why does Wu Yanqing read this diary every day? Maybe Professor Wu is right.
Peeping girls’ diaries has a special habit.
Of course, if Wu Yanqing was not the youngest professor and doctor promoted by Peking University Hospital, Jin Xiuzhu probably wouldn’t be so curious.
Even Wu Yanqing looks good. After wiping it off, he carefully put it in his bag. After a short while, he returned to normal. He turned his head and looked at the assistant who called him, frowning.
Three years ago today, my younger sister Wu Yanqing wrote down her dream of becoming a doctor for three years. Today Wu Yanqing has fulfilled her sister’s dream, but her sister can no longer see the colorfulness of this world, even if it is a mottled thing? Wu Yanqing’s attitude is not friendly, probably because Jin Xiuzhu disturbed the only time he and his sister spend together Jin Xiuzhu sipped it There was some grievance in her mouth and eyes, she had already knocked on the door many times, but Wu Yanqing was too focused and didn’t hear it, if it wasn’t for the fact that other colleagues in the department had already left work, she didn’t want to disturb Wu Yanqing, knowing what was written in this pink diary was shocking Mystery, it’s time for you to get off work. Tomorrow is your off-duty day.
Jin Xiuzhu is about to cry. The worst thing in the hospital is Professor Zhou Yuan, who is known as the ghost with the most seniority.
Compared with Wu Yanqing at this moment, the ghost is a little witch Seeing the big witch, I know Wu Yanqing probably knows that his professional habits before becoming a doctor have been inadvertently exposed, and his attitude has eased. Many Kim Soo-joo, such as Amnesty, Korean parents have strict requirements for their children’s career choices, such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, or others. His official career is exactly the same as that of his Chinese parents.
Let’s not mention the two for the time being.
Wu Yanqing bought a house of about 130 square meters and a Land Rover Range Rover in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul in full three years after entering Peking University Hospital. One hundred million won is equivalent to more than ten thousand yuan.
Neighbors and aunts all regard him as their own. You can see that one or two cars have been parked and two bags of vegetables and ingredients are in the elevator. Wu Yanqing just freed his hand to press it.
The older aunt hurriedly squeezed in.
Thank you, the child Wu Yanqing smiled politely and said nothing.
After taking a good breath, the aunt looked curiously at Wu Yanqing, a young man who seemed to have just moved in. Just now when she was about to press the elevator, she found that This young man went up to the same building as himself, probably because Wu Yanqing’s polite behavior just now left a good impression on Auntie, and Auntie opened up the chatterbox. It’s a coincidence that I also live on this floor. Wu Yanqing was a little surprised, but he didn’t take it to heart. What do you do? Do you live with your parents? How old are you? She looks good.
She is at least 1.
8 meters tall. She has a straight body and piercing eyes. Unknowingly, my aunt has revealed her eyes and habits of picking her son-in-law all the year round. A girl who doesn’t have a long memory, but according to the old sister, a young and talented doctor has recently moved to this floor Auntie’s posture seems to be willing to give up after digging out her own old background. Like the child of a friend of mine, he is a doctor. I haven’t seen him for a long time. It’s okay.
I also think that the aunt is very kind. This is not flattery.
Although the aunt in front of me is chattering, she looks like my mother. Seeing that Wu Yanqing did not refuse to talk, the aunt’s mind is more active. Your accent doesn’t seem to be from Seoul. I’m Chinese. The Chinese aunt’s eyes flashed with regret, and she stopped talking soon.
It’s not that she doesn’t like Chinese people, but she doesn’t want her daughter to marry to China. Wu Yanqing clearly captured it. The change of auntie’s attitude, he’s used to such eyes. A Chinese wants to survive in South Korea and has climbed to the position of the chief doctor of Peking University Hospital, one of the best hospitals.
Such white eyes and such discrimination are not worth mentioning. The elevator is ringing and Wu Yanqing picks up the phone. Professor, just now a patient came to the hospital.
The situation is urgent. Look, I’ll be there soon. Some people will call from the hospital when they are sleeping in the middle of the night. After all, no one knows what will happen in the next second.