I want to go too Rakshasa Ye Sikong sighed heavily Ill go back to my father first Im fine Ye Sikong waved his hand as

The first chapter is for a stutter Then I lost consciousness.
Could it be but where did the Meng Po soup go? It turned out to be a rebirth, depending on the situation, or rebirth into someone else’s belly. It seems that life needs to be green to make life more exciting. So hungry, let’s take some nutrition first. Next to this. The boy actually kicked me, anyway, I lived a year longer than you, but you are a little baby, I don’t have the strength to rely on my feet, this guy steals nutrition, the bastard is strong, anyway, he is also a brother, are you going to murder me in the belly? I just heard that twins have I never imagined that the incident of robbing nutrition actually happened to me. I wouldn’t be so cold.
After a long time, I felt that the other party was asleep to absorb some nutrients, but there was too little.
This kind of days lasted for several months. Today, I finally felt that I could If you don’t go out, you will starve to death. Look at the little fat guy next to you, at least ten catties. Look at yourself, I guess it’s only a little more than two catties. I don’t know if I can survive and commit crimes. Fortunately, the man who murdered his brother had eaten too much and was sleeping, so he took this opportunity to get out quickly.
This is a mansion that occupies a very large area. There are heavy soldiers guarding the house, and the cold wind howls in the middle of the night.
The maids poke their hands and breathe out the heat. Their petite bodies are trembling a little, but they dare not move a little bit.
Tonight, the lady gave birth. It is so golden and reflective that it can blind your eyes. Madam came out with a little force. With the sound of midwife’s help, the woman’s face on the bed was tense and a little pale.
Sliding out of this slippery person was caught off guard and slid directly from the bed to the ground. Perhaps the mucus on the body has a lubricating effect, and it slipped a few feet away.
The midwife has experienced hundreds of battles. This is the first time I have seen it before. I didn’t see it, the child who fell on the ground didn’t cry at all, and even opened his eyes to look around me. This is definitely a rich family, almost blinding his own eyes.
No wonder others say that reincarnation is a technology, just like this time I was born directly.
At the finish line, what are you doing in a daze, why don’t you wrap it up? The midwife didn’t have a happy smile on her face, she even looked dignified. The woman on the bed said helplessly with a soft smile, Mrs. Zhang, let me see the child. After speaking, she took a few steps back.
The maid came to the bed with the child in her arms.
The woman was very happy at first, but her face froze when she saw the joy of her child. Is this his mother? She is so beautiful, although her face is a little bit It’s pale but it can’t hide that unusual temperament. It’s just why this smile froze. I’m so hungry, I’m going to die if I don’t eat some more, I need breast milk, this child may not survive tonight, Mrs. Zhang whispered next to the woman on the bed, although it’s the first time she gave birth to a child, but I’ve seen this child in other people’s homes like this I’m afraid it’s only a little more than two catties.
I was just about to say something.
The woman felt her stomach hurt again. Granny Zhang’s eyes lit up, God bless, and the other one felt so uncomfortable seeing himself far away from his biological mother.
Can it become like this? I’m so hungry that I don’t even have the strength to cry. Wow, a loud voice suddenly sounded like the god of war.
Congratulations to the lady.
Congratulations to the lady.
The woman on the bed breathed a sigh of relief, it seemed that the appearance of this big fat man gave her new hope, and this big fat boy also opened his eyes and looked around with curiosity.
Putting the two children together forms a stark contrast. One is as skinny as a bone and the other is white and clean.
Hurry up and stutter! I’m dying! My eyelids are almost hard to open. This kid actually smiled slyly at himself, it must be on purpose.
Zhang called someone to heal the woman. Looking at her son, she couldn’t help shouting that it was all the flesh that fell from her body.
This is an ominous omen, I’m afraid I’ll anger my wife, this is an ominous omen I’ve heard Mrs.
Zhang’s words, my wife is loose, my husband is busy with promotions, if I become Guangzong Yaozu, if I fail, I’m afraid I’ll lose my head, if I let my husband know that the child will die at birth In this way, but this is my own son, there is no other woman.
Before she finished speaking, Mrs.
Zhang said in a low voice, woman, don’t worry, leave the matter to me, and only the young master cried out just now.
The eldest son did not The servants outside thought that the woman had only given birth to one child. As for the maid in the house, she could handle it well. Speaking of this, the woman on the bed seemed very complicated. My husband is distracted by this matter.
After all, the child is about to die at this juncture.
The child is unknown.
Seeing the woman acquiescing, Zhang Po picked up the scrawny child. What is this old woman with a stern face going to do? I’m not a good person, don’t be fooled by her, I’m just a little hungry, just give it to grandma, I took one last look at that brother, who actually looked at me with a smile and left this place I thought I was born at the end, but now I feel that I really do Born at the end, there is no process at all Watching this wicked woman put herself on the side of the road