I want to go to the stars where there are people take me there okay Caressing Arinas big head the voice is still amiable Dad

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The catastrophe of Hegu II galaxy civilization planet Ai Rong sent an interstellar aircraft carrier to rescue and rescue. After the rescue, Ai Rong escorted the earth survivors back to their homes, which triggered a interstellar love story. Introduction Introduction The word count of this chapter is the latest update time How much mystery and awe does the vast and boundless space bring us in dreamlike reverie? Are the creatures on earth who have broken out of the cocoon really so lonely in the Milky Way or even in the universe? It is very close to us, and even made us who were once confused have the urge to reach within reach. If the stars are really golden beads, then we can really pick them up, because it means that they are not far away, but it is not the case.
Most of them are huge stars similar to the sun, so far away from us that we can hardly even imagine the starlight we see in the night sky. Maybe it has been emitted from them at a certain moment before we were born, and years have passed by the time the starlight reaches our eyes.
In the past few years, decades, hundreds of years, the earth is just a small planet in the solar system. If the sun is regarded as a volleyball, the earth will be relatively small as a grain of millet, but the seemingly huge sun is only in the Milky Way.
An ordinary star, the Milky Way, has a diameter of ten thousand light-years.
If we still regard the sun as a volleyball to compare the size of the Milky Way, then the familiar objects around us are beyond measure.
Only by reducing the sun to a grain of sand, can the diameter of the Milky Way be corresponding.
As small as the diameter of the moon’s orbit around the earth, don’t underestimate this distance.
It would take about a month to travel by a civil aircraft. Such a huge space makes the Milky Way contain billions of stars similar to the sun, and the planets revolving around the stars are due to The volume is relatively too small and they cannot emit light and heat.
With the current level of technology, it is even more difficult to see them at a glance, but I believe that the number will also be countless. As far as we can observe today, there are billions of extragalactic galaxies similar to the Milky Way. There are billions of stars in them. What a huge number of planets and planets? Needless to say, planets similar to the earth and even living things are very likely to exist. Taking a step back, even if the natural environment of the earth is different or even completely different from the earth’s natural environment, can’t they be different? Breeding life? Maybe earth civilization should not be lonely. Maybe extraterrestrial life and even intelligent life are common.
Maybe if measured by the grand space of the universe, they are around us. Probes discovered the earth and its creatures in the solar system. In the year of A.
D., the mission of intelligent creatures composed of the star Ai Rongxingya and the planet Nissa flew into space and visited the earth to express their love to the people on earth. Our friendly message: Earth humans and extraterrestrial intelligent creatures made the first sexual contact. The Earth human special envoy team embarked on an interstellar journey and took the most advanced spacecraft sent by alien humans to the star Ai Rong. In 2011, the human beings sent representatives to Ai Rong, the headquarters of the Interstellar Community, to sign an agreement to officially join the Interstellar Community and become the fourth member of the Interstellar Community.
The intelligent organisms of the Big Kui star joined the star community and became its fifth member. At that time, among the many planets and moons that the star community has been able to detect, there is a common planet that has biological existence. In this biological planet There is an intelligent biological planet, and in a corner of the Milky Way, a picturesque and magnificent interstellar biological network unimaginable by the predecessors has been formed. People on the intelligent biological planet have not only created their own world with wisdom and hard work.
Civilization has opened up the vast interstellar world with the spirit of earnest exploration, and we earth people have become one of them by virtue of our own civilization and technological behavior. On the known biological planets, because of their generation age, planet volume, natural environment revolution Different aspects such as rotation period and biological development history make each network of interstellar biological network have different shapes and colorful forms.
Each planet has its own biological group and development mode, and the civilization of each intelligent biological planet The degree is also different.
The five intelligent planets are arranged in order according to the degree of civilization.
They are the fourth planet in the second galaxy of Ayla and Hegu. The surface area of ​​the earth is light years away from the earth. The surface area of ​​the second satellite of the beautiful umbrella planet in the Sirius galaxy is light years from the earth The history of human civilization in 10,000 years The population of 100 million Earth Orion The third planet in the solar system The surface area of ​​100 million square kilometers The third planet times the earth’s surface area light years away from the earth, the history of intelligent biological civilization, the population of 10,000 million years The level of science and technology continues to improve, and the interstellar community is still growing.
The more advanced outer space technology makes the interstellar communication of intelligent creatures more frequent, which promotes the gradual formation of interstellar language, interstellar text, and interstellar measurement unit. Since then, the real interstellar era has come to a vast and vast Where is your end in the universe Mysterious and magnificent galaxy How many unknown worlds do you have