I want to get it back from you Duanmu Xiaolu thought secretly okay I’ll go down now and tell Nana that you’ve worked hard for

Chapter 1 The people on the opposite side of the Peace Elite heard that you are surrounded by us, so you should surrender obediently, and everyone should go to bed early.
An obvious rough man’s voice from the voice changer poured straight into Duanmu Xiaolu’s ears. The mobile phone visibly shook and almost fell to the ground.
Can’t I have something from Yangjian? Startled, Duanmu Xiaolu continued to lie on his stomach behind a wall while turning down the volume of his earphones. I shouldn’t have turned on all the voices. Sure enough, I met a pervert.
I’m so good. I don’t have to give her some special products from the underworld.
If it wasn’t for the final round, there would be only one person left on the opposite side, Duanmu Xiaolu. I don’t want to listen to the voice, but I just turned on the voice and made myself sick. Now it’s the end, there are still people, and the one on the opposite side is obviously a whole team from the beginning. The teammates who were arranged clearly became a quiet box as soon as they landed.
Duanmu Xiaolu can be said to have been fought by himself all the way. That’s right, what you see now is a game called Peace Elite.
The original name was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.
Stimulating the battlefield is called Chicken Eater by gamers, because at that time every time after winning a game, the words “eat chicken tonight” will appear. Even if the name is changed now, everyone still calls this game “Chicken Eater”. In live-action shootout games, players can choose to be one person, one team, two people, one team, or one person team. Many people who are new to this game like to choose one person and one team.
Of course, some people who like to mix have always been Playing on a personal team, after all, if there are many people, the possibility of getting first is very high, and this game also has the function of saving teammates.
As long as you are close enough and your teammates are willing to save you, the possibility of death is still very small. In fact, from Duanmu Xiaolu’s point of view, this game is a bit similar to the game that appeared around 2000.
At that time, everyone was still a child, and mobile phones were not as smart as they are now.
Everyone used desktop computers. The appearance of this game can be said to have swept the whole country, but there are not many people who have a computer who have never played it. Duanmu Xiaolu was still very young at that time, but when she went to her aunt’s house, she saw her cousin playing it, and it was that summer vacation.
Little Xiaolu has become a little sharpshooter, even her cousin who is much older than her is not young.
Her opponents are also from that time, but Duanmu Xiaolu will appear in all gunfight games, whether it is stand-alone or online.
The shadow of Duanmu Xiaolu’s name has never dropped from the top of the list since the establishment of the leaderboard.
When Duanmu Xiaolu recalled the past, the weird voice changer on the opposite side started acting like a monster again. I said that lonely single person, you can get there Already lucky here but here This is your limit, I advise you to come out obediently and surrender, and everyone should call it a day. After finishing this sentence, Duanmu Xiaolu saw a puff of white smoke rising one meter to the east of her. Chapter Peaceful Elite, I mean you on the opposite side You are lucky to be here, but this is your limit.
Don’t try to defeat the four of us by yourself. Even if you have four hands, it’s impossible for you to succeed.
So I advise you to come out obediently and surrender everyone.
Call it a day.
After finishing this sentence, Duanmu Xiaolu saw a puff of white smoke rising one meter to the east of her. The smoke bomb, as the name suggests, can produce a large amount of smoke after recognition. It can hide the figure of the person so that the opposite side can’t see anything. Sometimes you can choose to transfer or stay on the ground.
Anyway, it plays a role in blocking the enemy’s sight.
Many times we use it a lot when rescuing teammates or transferring positions, and many players will throw smoke bombs at the follower. The completely opposite place where you are is to seduce other players to shoot, because many times people’s first reaction is that the place where the smoke bomb explodes is the place where the person hides. When you judge that the opponent is at the place where the smoke bomb explodes, you start When the gun shoots, it directly exposes your position.
Waiting until your bullet is empty, it is very likely that a bullet from the enemy will directly kill you. So when Duanmu Xiaolu saw the opponent throwing a smoke bomb, he did not.
He just shot and shot, but looked around carefully along the place where the smoke bomb exploded, and found no signs of anyone lying on his stomach or moving. From this, it was judged that there was no one inside the smoke bomb, and the final final circle was so big. The range after the smoke bomb exploded is not too careful. I quickly calculated the distance that the smoke bomb can be thrown and the range after it exploded. After looking at the map, Duanmu Xiaolu finally decided that the opponent should be one meter to the east of the smoke bomb explosion site. There are four people, it is possible that four people are together, two people are together, or one person is in one place, and the other three people are together, or the four people are all separated, and it is not impossible to surround themselves. After all, there are only one person left in total. The four people on the opposite side are a whole team, and only you are alone.
If they act separately, the chances are better, but in the end Duanmu Xiaolu denied the idea of ​​the other four people acting separately. Based on the end of the opponent’s just shouting, Duanmu Xiaolu finally decided that the opponent should be three plus one. The tactic is that the caller is in one place and the other three are in the same place, and the person who threw the smoke bomb just now must be the one who used the voice changer.