I want to come to school early to enjoy the glory of learning cant I The classmates couldn’t help laughing even Wan Kejun who didn’t

But if someone thinks she’s easy to bully, she doesn’t mind letting the other party break their teeth, but this bullying is fine, how can you force a fiancé to her? An unrecognized fiancé, I can be funny and make money for a lifetime. I’ll take it home Chapter 1 Mutong Qin Mutong, sixteen-year-old Qin Mutong from Xinmin Village, Heping Township, Quxian County, Shu Province, is wearing a 50% new patterned jacket, sitting bored at the door of his house and looking at the aunts not far away who are busy smoking bacon The sausage aunts are busy with their hands, but they don’t forget to share it with Qin Mutong from the corner of their eyes.
In private, they often exchange a few words about that girl from the Qin family.
Seeing that she is not as smart as before, it is a crime.
I heard that when she fell into the water, she hit her head on a rock in the river and shed a lot of blood. I know this. My sister-in-law was washing clothes by the river at that time, she said.
She saw with her own eyes that the part of the river where the girl from the Qin family fell into the water was all red. Tsk tsk, fortunately, the eldest son of the Zheng family was quick to catch her when she went into the water. Is it a girl who fell into the water? This is a boy who is going to fall.
You see someone is chasing and jumping. You can’t say that. Everyone is from the village. Qin Mutong listened to these trivial thoughts in his ears and felt that his wound was not healed yet.
My head hurts even more, yes, she is the girl of the Qin family that those aunts said, and the original Qin Mutong has disappeared with that falling into the water, and the current Qin Mutong is still the soul inside the shell, but has become the soul from A hundred years later, Qin Mutong didn’t know why she came here suddenly a hundred years ago when she was so good Well, but she herself didn’t care much about these things. Later, she went to a good university, found a good job, made good friends, and lived a more comfortable life than ordinary people. But she never thought that her good life has just begun. In the early 1980s, who did she ask for reason? Tong Tong Tong Tong, a young girl who looked about fifteen or sixteen years old ran over, and your breasts sprained your feet on the ground, so go and have a look. Qin Mutong stood up with a whoosh. Where is it? Quickly take me to call Zheng Qiuli, isn’t it your own land? Don’t you know where the land is? You have to let me, an outsider, take it. It’s not clear.
You have grown up since you were young.
Haven’t been to the ground much? Zheng Qiuli slandered in her heart, but she didn’t say anything on the surface, and enthusiastically led Qin Mutong to the ground, but it’s really not to blame Qin Mutong. She just came a few days ago and has been there for a few days. Lying on the bed, today is the first time to go out to enjoy the wind and enjoy the sun. How could she know where the land of the Qin family is? It is the original body, who grew up pampered and never laid down a few times.
I’m not familiar with it. Fortunately, the land of the Qin family is not far from home.
Qin Mutong Following Zheng Qiuli around a small hillside, I saw Mrs. Qin sitting on the ridge to rest.
Mrs. Qin’s surname was not Qin. Her real name was Han Fengqin. She married from afar. Later, Mrs.
Qin died of illness, and her son, Qin Dazhi, also sacrificed his son when he joined the army.
The daughter-in-law didn’t want to be a widow, and the peddler who came to the village to collect the goods ran away, leaving only Han Fengqin and Qin Mutong, who was just two years old, and Han Fengqin had a tough temper. That day will definitely not be too bad, but Han Fengqin can’t leave her little granddaughter behind. She just raised her granddaughter by herself, not to mention supporting her to go to school.
When people in the village see Han Fengqin, they either call her aunt or sister-in-law. The younger siblings all regard Han Fengqin as the Qin family. Gradually, I don’t know when the younger generation secretly called her Mrs.
Now Qin Mutong is already in the third year of junior high school and will graduate to high school next year. It’s really rare in the village. Although everyone’s life is much better these days, most of the time they still live with their belts tight.
In this era, patriarchal preference is common, especially in rural areas, even the schooling rate of boys is not high. Not to mention the girls.
Some of the girls in Xinmin Village who are the same age as Qin Mutong have just gone to the first and second grades of primary school and can barely read a few words.
More girls have never been to school, so they are like Qin Mutong.
For a girl who has no parents and no mother, she can still go all the way to graduate from junior high school, which is absolutely unique in Xinmin Village.
Most of the villagers don’t understand this, and think that Mrs.
Qin is crazy and spends all her money. A valuable girl threw you at you and said that if you have this money, you might as well raise an adopted son from your own family, or even a adopted grandson.
You raised your granddaughter so well, it’s useless. Qin Mutong, who is going to marry in the future, is also Knowing the original story and the fact that she has been taken care of by Mrs. Qin for the past few days, she accepted from the bottom of her heart that Mrs. Qin really treats Mrs. Qin as her own grandmother. Are you okay, grandma? Before Qin Mutong ran close, he was already yelling for someone in a panic Granddaughter, and Qin Mutong is really enviable.
Who among these country girls didn’t grow up in the fields? She even went to the field to help cut wheat when she was seven years old. Qin Mutong just ran a few steps on the ridge She was regarded as a big deal by her grandma. I’m fine. In order to reassure Mrs. Qin, Mutong walked up to Mrs.
Qin with full stride.