I walked over and struggled to get up trying to rush over to protect me but was quickly kicked by several pairs of feet and

Ever since I was sensible, my family has been quarreling constantly. Every time my father gets drunk, he will call me a bastard for wasting his food. The children in the village also like to ride on my head to shit and piss, even if they beat me black and blue Going back and saying otherwise, what I got was my father’s beating again. Although my mother wanted to protect me, she couldn’t change the old and pedantic customs in the village.
Every time, she silently shed tears and silently wiped the medicine for me.
When I was ten years old, my father was there. There was an accident at work in a small coal mine in the village, and it became paralyzed. After receiving a small amount of compensation, the family completely lost their source of income.
In the second half of the year, my mother suddenly disappeared and never came back.
There are many versions in the village. Some say that my biological father brought it.
After she left, some said she fell into the river and drowned, and some said she left with other men.
I dare not ask where my parents are.
I can only take on the heavy responsibility of the family every day, washing, cooking, and taking care of my father. Cowardly and withdrawn, I walked alone every day and hardly communicated with the people in the village. The next year my uncle brought a girl back from outside and said that she would be my child bride and take care of my paralyzed father.
At that time, my father was very grateful and gave it to me. The uncle made a sum of money and later found out that this girl is not only dumb but also mentally retarded. Fourteen or fifteen years old but only seven or eight years old in intelligence.
I hate her because she thinks she is dark and ugly and can’t speak.
Yeah, gesturing, her appearance made me even more embarrassed in the village. Every time I went out to mow the grass, I would not allow her to follow my other boys to pull her hair and her ears.
Ugly girl diverts the attention of those bad kids and finally no longer bothers me.
Not only that, but I often take it out on her and call her a fool.
Ugly girl deserves to be bullied. Gradually, Ugly girl became her name, and the villagers followed Call her that, but she is an ugly girl who still does her best to take care of me and my father, helps him bathe and wash clothes, and even makes a fire to cook for me. At night, I feel that although she is not smart, she knows how to repay her gratitude. Thank you, my father, for giving her a shelter from the wind and rain It’s just that I look down on her from the bottom of my heart and don’t like her. She always treats her like a servant, but the ugly girl never complains.
Even sometimes when I hit her, she just smiles. Every time I eat, the ugly girl will put her The sweet potatoes and potatoes in the porridge are left for me and my father to drink the clear soup that can reflect her shadow foolishly.
Once it snowed and the rice bowl at home was so clean that even the mice didn’t want to patronize it.
The three of us were hungry.
Then the ugly girl twisted a Chinese cabbage out of nowhere and came back to cook it. After everyone ate it, the family managed to calm down a bit. The family who lost the vegetables the next day came to the door and blocked the door, saying that the whole family is a lazy robber Baby, I was very ashamed and annoyed at the time, so I had to vent all my anger on the ugly girl.
I beat her with a cane thick as a thumb. The first time she cried, her back was full of red and swollen cane marks. something but to The coal mine in the village goes to pick up gangue.
Others pay ten yuan a day, but the mine boss only gives her two yuan. After a month, our family’s firewood, rice, oil and salt are finally settled.
Occasionally, a popsicle seller will come to the village. The ugly girl will buy one carefully and keep it in her pocket.
Waiting for me to come back from school to eat, then she turned around and went into the house to cook, leaving me with a thin back. Two years later, I was admitted to the junior high school in the town, which is about 30 kilometers away from the village.
I signed up for the first time. At that time, the ugly girl gave me a basket full of boiled sweet potatoes and potatoes, saying that it was for me to eat at school. I will never forget the eyes of those classmates who saw me and the ugly girl as if they had discovered an alien. People usually opened their mouths wide in surprise, and then broke out into deafening laughter, so I also got the first nickname in my life.
It rained heavily Ugly girl was drenched and carried a heavy basket on her back gradually being swallowed up by the rain curtain From then on I went back almost once a month just because I didn’t want to face Ugly girl and paralyzed father and Ugly girl never said anything Every time, I would prepare a fifty-cent bill in advance and put it in the clean clothes for me. At that time, there was a boy in the class who was very naughty and liked to fight and bully the weak. When I go back, he will go for more than half of it, and he calls me a buddy, so I dare not refuse, because his village is very close to us. I am afraid that he will tell the situation of my family to the children in the town, and even more afraid of being accused.
People know that I have an ugly and stupid child bride-in-law, so I finished middle school in depression and confusion and barely got into the ordinary high school in the county. I went with that boy who often bullied me. His name was Zhou Hui because my uncle was there.
To do business in the county, I took the money to buy points and let him go to high school to hang out. Just a month after I entered high school, my father died of a cerebral hemorrhage. The ugly girl knelt down for three days. One point is my paralyzed father. Since then, the ugly girl followed me into the county town to sleep under the flyover and pick up garbage.
She was eighteen years old and I was sixteen. After arriving in the county town, I realized how huge the gap in this society is.
For example, there is a girl named Tongtong in our class who is very rich.
She not only wears different beautiful clothes every day, but also uses the latest Apple mobile phone.
Naturally, I am the poorest person in the class. The school uniform mobile phone is also an old Nokia bought by the ugly girl in the second-hand market.
I heard that it only cost 20 yuan.
Every time other students take out their mobile phones to surf the Internet.