I tried my best to get into the crowd but I was squeezed out let me go let me go its my man lying on

She is the daughter of a wealthy family who was persecuted by an adulterer, her family was ruined, and she died tragically. She came back to life again with the memories of her previous life, and returned to a world-sensational wedding. She is his empire’s little wife. The whole world knows that Gu Xintian is Huo Jinyan’s little sweetheart on the tip of his heart. He loves her deeply to the bone marrow more than his own life.
Someone asked Ms.
Gu how did you reach the pinnacle of life step by step and become the most powerful woman in the world? Gu Xintian calmly answered me three Every brother is a big boss, that’s why you are decisive in everything you do, and you are arrogant in everything.
I haven’t finished talking yet. My husband is Huo Jin. I’m hasty.
Born Huo Shao’s Overbearing Little Sweetheart Author Lu Qiwan Gu Xintian, Go Die A woman in a coquettish dress is holding a gun in her hand and heading towards where Gu Xintian is.
A beautiful smile She is laughing at how stupid and sad she has been all these years She slowly closes her eyes Waiting for the cold bullet to pass through the chest Death is a relief for her Elder brother is depressed and self-mutilating Third elder brother is missing Father jumped off a building Mother died in love There is nothing more tragic in this world than these But all these misfortunes are caused by her cousin Bewitched by the scumbag Man’s deception In the end she gave the Gu family’s property with both hands She ruined her family because of scumbag men and women She regretted why she couldn’t open her eyes to see whether the people around her were people or ghosts Now she understands everything and it’s too late It’s too late Bang bang bang A few gunshots fell on her I thought I was going to die, but I didn’t feel any pain on my body, but I was splashed with sticky bloody liquid.
She opened her eyes slightly and looked in disbelief at the extremely beautiful face that appeared in front of her. Familiar yet unfamiliar face, the man was shot several times and fell down along her line of sight. She hurriedly stepped forward to help her and stretched out her hand to grab it, but nothing caught Huo Jinyan. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she shouted his name loudly, who is this man? Her husband in name is the man she once wanted to get rid of even if she died, but now he stands in front of her and uses his flesh and blood to block the bullet for her. She always thought that in Huo Jinyan’s eyes, she was just a dispensable substitute, because because I love you, he had a hard time saying these words, because the five short words of “I love you” shocked him.
Her heart, Gu Xintian, was stunned because Huo Jinyan, who loved her so proud and arrogant, actually said that she loved her.
Gu Xintian just wanted to ask the doubts in her heart, but saw Huo Jinyan took out the wallet from the pocket of his suit, opened it, and there was a picture of the girl in high school.
The person in the photo is Gu Xintian. She doesn’t understand why Huo Jinyan keeps the old photo of her in high school and always carries this wallet close to him.
He never allowed anyone to touch it before.
Huo Jinyan looked at her with distressed eyes. He didn’t want the girl he loved to shed tears.
He wanted to reach out and wipe the tears off her face, but his hand stopped in midair.
She stopped because she said she hated him touching her. He put down his hand and a bitter smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.
The bitterness in his heart was hidden under the smile. Huo Jin said, why are you so stupid, why did you save me? Do you know that I stole your company secrets? It was Fu Xinghe who made your company face such a big financial problem. Gu Xintian was crying hoarsely.
At this moment, she really hated herself and hated herself for living in the dream that the scumbag made for her so that she couldn’t see how good Huo Jinyan was in reality. Zhang was so heartbroken that he couldn’t breathe, I know I don’t blame you, that’s what I give you willingly and willingly, I’ll give you everything you want, Huo Jinyan said affectionately, and just after he finished speaking, he spit out a mouthful of blood Gu Xintian reached out and wanted to wipe it off for him. No matter how much you wipe it, you can’t wipe it off. The blood slowly flows out of his mouth like a continuous spring. He actually knows everything.
He doesn’t blame her, and he is willing to help her.
How much he loves and hurts her to do all this.
Pay Xintian, I’m here Huo Jinyan, I’m here? Looking at Gu Xintian’s appearance, he frowned slightly, he didn’t want her to shed a tear, but now her tears rolled down like broken beads and dripped on his face Xintian I’m sorry I didn’t stop your father Huo Jinyan in time.
It’s not your fault.
You don’t have to say sorry. The person who should say sorry is me. She knows what Huo Jinyan wants to say. He wants to say that I can’t stop Dad from jumping off the building in time. It’s not his fault if she didn’t steal it.
Huo Jinyan said that the company’s secrets would not make him useless. Besides, father was forced to death by other shareholders. In the final analysis, it was her fault. She listened to the deception of the scumbag and ruined the Gu family.
If there is a next life, I will still find Do you still want to continue to love you? After Huo Jinyan finished speaking, the whole body was limp in her arms.
The photo in her hand also slipped to the ground. If there is another life, I will find you and continue to love you, even if you don’t even look at me gently. Huo Jinyan died because of her, Gu Xintian.
Gu Xintian couldn’t bear all this heartache and couldn’t breathe.
She cried into tears.
It wasn’t until this moment that she realized that the person who really loved her was this mighty Huo Jinyan.
Why had she never been in the past? Didn’t realize he loved her so deeply for eight years He loved her for eight years, from the moment she first saw her in high school, this love was his whole life and he was loving with his life Her and his love are so deep and heavy that it breaks her heart, but what can I do?