I thought you were kind What did I do to give you such a ridiculous illusion Xia Qiu is not right don’t you care about

Source 80 e-book upload Honesty travels all over the world Word count Stomach pain can cure a shot in the head and a silver needle can cure all diseases Immortal myth Chapter 1 Traditional Chinese medicine is not a trick of the rivers and lakes A foggy bathroom with dripping drops of water On the smooth fragrant shoulders, the water droplets converged into a stream, followed the arc of the slender back all the way down.
Such a beautiful scene is Xia Qiu’s lingering nightmare. Xia Qiu shook his head vigorously and temporarily got rid of the nightmare. He opened the door to greet him.
His is a piercing ridicule. Isn’t this a high-achieving student who transferred to the clinical major of Chinese medicine? He went to the wrong place? Why didn’t he go to a Chinese medicine hospital for an internship and came here? Didn’t he look down on Chinese medicine at the beginning? Why did he go to the Chinese medicine major? Not going to be a spy, right? At this time, a handsome man in the corner sneered, why did you transfer to the Chinese medicine major? To be precise, you did something shameful and got kicked out of our hospital, and then was recycled by the Chinese medicine major like garbage in the doctor’s office.
There were bursts of laughter, Xia Qiu tried not to erupt, but the silence did not stop the ridicule. The man with fair skin and handsome facial features was arrested when he heard that he didn’t see anything. It’s a pity that she is as good-looking as my Shanshan.
Girl, a dick like you has never had the chance to see what I saw in my life. Xia Qiu repeated, I saw it clearly just now.
The man who laughed at Xia Qiu suddenly became angry and rushed towards Xia Qiu.
His companion hurriedly stopped him.
Brother Dong, forget it, forget it, this guy is talking nonsense, right, right, brother Dong, don’t be as knowledgeable as this kid, Wei Dong barely controlled his emotions and backed away, he stared fiercely at Xia Qiu, who was talking, be careful, Xia Qiu, who had been suppressed for a long time, didn’t stop and continued.
There is a mole on her right buttock, and Wei Dong who calmed down almost didn’t go crazy.
You, you, shut up for me. The group of classmates who just surrounded Wei Dong to comfort him were all dumbfounded. Boy, this kid really saw Yang Shanshan taking a bath.
That brother Dong is embarrassing, but the frame-up was a success, but the sacrifice was too tragic.
In order to save face, Wei Dong pointed at Xia Qiu and yelled at you. I have always doubted the rigor of Chinese medicine, but Wei Dong’s words have broken his bottom line. Be careful when speaking. Maybe one of your ancestors was saved by Chinese medicine. The theoretical system of Chinese medicine is indeed not rigorous enough, but it is definitely not a quack trick that can be summed up. Wei Dong hahaha Smile and see, this is Xia Qiu, the classmate who scolded Chinese medicine the most.
He has only been studying Chinese medicine for a few months, and he has been brainwashed.
In agreement, there are actually some medical students who have studied clinical medicine for three years. They believe that Chinese medicine must be out of their minds.
Yes, it would be embarrassing for us clinical medicine majors.
Xia Qiu is expressionless.
Everyone who laughed at him in front of the things seemed to be seen through by light in his eyes, but what Xia Qiu saw was neither bones nor skeletons.
It’s not the organs, but the direction of the meridians in the legend.
Could it be that I was really brainwashed by Chinese medicine? Xia Qiu shook his head, and this action fell into the eyes of Wei Dong and others.
They laughed even louder.
Shut up, at this moment, a woman’s voice suddenly came from outside the door.
The voice was clear and sweet, but it was icy cold, as if piercing through the extreme cold, and fell into everyone’s ears. When the door opened, a beautiful picture appeared. The suffocated face has not yet been changed into a white coat, and the black dress can’t hide the uneven body contour.
The plump breasts can only be grasped. The wasp waist is amazingly long. Everything can arouse the most primitive desires of men, but they have it all.
My master exuded a cold aura, but even this could not stop the greedy gazes of Wei Dong and others. Only Xia Qiu’s eyes showed no trace of desire. Liang Wanqing nodded slightly, at least there was a man who was not dominated by hormones. She snapped.
Rebuked, laughed, what laughed? This is the place where patients are treated in a hospital. Who among you saved the patients just now? Otherwise, there is something worth laughing about. Wei Dong and others, who were still arrogant just now, lowered their heads and dared not come out here to wait. I, Liang Wanqing, who makes too much noise during the internship will directly fail the internship class.
Failure in the medical school means that she will be repeated directly.
Liang Wanqing left such a threat to leave. Whispering, it’s the first time I’m so close to Liang Wanqing, she’s just like what the seniors said, she’s an iceberg beauty, she’s so beautiful, it’s a pity that she can’t be a star, even Wei Dong, who has this year’s school belle Yang Shanshan, has to admit that her girlfriend is completely different from Liang Wanqing Not at the same level. When a group of people were behind, Liang Wanqing, who had changed into a white coat, came back.
She glanced around and knew what was being discussed behind the group of juniors.
The family reported to the teacher, Xia Qiu, a clinical student majoring in traditional Chinese medicine, who was participating in an internship.
Only then did the others realize that there was still this step.
They all took the initiative to introduce, but except for Xia Qiu who introduced herself, Liang Wan nodded her head. Leaving makes people doubt whether she has recognized this batch of interns. Could it be that she wants to kill all of us? Leave a good impression on Liang Wanqing and come to the outpatient department. Liang Wanqing led a group of interns to take over a window. You look at each patient first and then tell me the treatment plan for the disease. Liang Wanqing glanced at Xia Qiu. You come first. Xia Qiu’s first patient waiting for him to make a fool of himself is a middle-aged woman