I thought Xiaoxuanxuan was my sister who told you not to give me a younger sister at that time If I had a younger sister

Chapter 1 Waiting for you is the best thing I’ve ever done in Zhonghai City in March.
It’s warm and cold in the morning. It’s still sunny in the morning. Now it’s gloomy and chilly. Shi Jiujiu just put on a thin knitted cardigan, almost Frozen, she walked quickly into the dessert shop and sat down in her old place. Putting down the notebook in her pocket, she breathed a sigh of relief, and the heating in the shop was turned on enough, so she calmed down. It’s suitable to be in a daze.
From time to time, Jiujiu sits down and squints her eyes, intentionally or unintentionally, looking at the men and women on the road. Miss Shi, is it still as usual today? A question pulls Shi Jiujiu back from the fugue, and the person in front of her is smiling The service girl from Jiangnan speaks so softly and sweetly that it makes people so soft that she nods her head slightly when Jiujiu returns with a shallow smile, which is regarded as the default when she sees the little girl bouncing and turning around to leave.
When I opened my notebook, Jiujiu was a regular customer of this dessert shop. I just sat for a day and had been familiar with the staff in the store for decades. The most authentic Hong Kong-style dessert shop in Zhonghai, a time-honored brand, took advantage of the boot time to look around. Surrounded by the mango yellow tone, the warm decoration style is not luxurious, but it is pleasant enough for petty bourgeoisie. When you slide the mouse with your right hand, Jiujiu clicks the left button, and the emotional column of a magazine website appears.
The upper left corner is star-studded.
The button anthony mailbox In layman’s terms, Shi Jiujiu is a confidant elder sister who specializes in answering questions about gender and emotional issues, and using Ke Yixuan’s words to describe her, she is a liar who can’t walk and tries to teach others to run. Shi Jiujiu Nine don’t think about it, who doesn’t want to have a big man around her, it’s okay to kick her feet, but she’s not single, she’s been single at home, there’s only one chow lion covered in fluff, with a noble and glamorous face, the only good thing is that there’s a table outside the house that can be moved Ke Yixuan’s cash machine can make Ke Yixuan’s eye-catching. Shi Jiujiu has really made a name for himself. With his sturdy and aggressive style of writing, he can hit the nail on the head with his psychological analysis. Jiujiu can prescribe the right medicine for trivial matters, and the cure rate is as high as 95%. Based on this time, Jiujiu quickly became popular with more than 100,000 followers.
Also known as the horror author who beats readers with a whip.
Open mailbox Unread mail Coming like a wave, it is a wonderful thing.
Shi Jiujiu is like an upright voyeur who can know what kind of stories are buried under those gray and indifferent expressions that shuttle around every corner of the city, such as a young boy. Just graduated from university but looking for comfort and experience in a mature woman A woman who gave up her job and left her hometown came to her boyfriend’s house in a different place, but heard the sound of a man and a woman colliding during sex.
Just bought it with a gay man in Zhonghai The big house finds out that he is a twin. In short, it is a hodgepodge of all kinds.
Shi Jiujiu has published a book before called I love you only when I am sick. It’s just a collection of the letters she’s dealt with. In fact, feelings are things like this. After time, everyone will become an expert. Shi Jiujiu thinks that the meaning of this book is that you know how others fall, so that when it’s your turn, you will fall. You can also comfort yourself wow, someone fell worse than me, but someone fell worse than her? No Shi Jiujiu sighed inaudibly, Miss Shi, please take it easy Before she reads the two emails, the waiter brings desserts There is a table full of mangoes, mango sago, mango coconut milk, mango granules, etc.
When Jiujiu wiped away the momentary unhappiness in his mind, he moved the mango halberd to the front and prepared to feast on the golden and soft The sweetness of the meringue hides a faint milky aroma. Shi Jiujiu scoops up the mango slices that have escaped into the vanilla ice cream with a silver spoon. Once you enter it, it is mixed with fresh cream. It is smooth, soft and quite runny. The rich mango flavor melts on the tip of the tongue.
Liu Xiang Ji carefully selects the materials and never uses the low-cost Luzon awns, but the Filipino flying dragon awns that are 30% more expensive, so Rao is an old-fashioned person in the dessert industry. She was a little drowsy after the belly, she didn’t want to go home, she was alone, she was too lonely, so she just lay down on the desktop and took a nap. At this time, there was a very eye-catching title on the laptop screen.
Is there anyone in the world that you will never forget? Spinning slowly at the speed per minute, the charming female singer casts away the manic and angry negative emotions and sings the old days and old lovers with the most simple and true dull voice Slowly forgetting his words and actions, he smelled faintly of tobacco, music wafted up from the heating, and Shi Jiujiu squinted his eyes, and soon drifted into sleep in a daze, with disheveled hair and flushed face, Shi Jiujiu fled in embarrassment from a high-end hotel Rushed to the road and stretched out her arms to stop the car that was about to drive in front of her. When she looked flustered, Jiujiu glanced at the black number behind the blank red letter on the white background of the license plate, and it became a mess in her mind.
Fortunately, the owner of the car was good at technology. Five centimeters ahead of her, she stopped suddenly, help, help me, and I couldn’t help but rush to the car window, slapping hard and screaming, like a madman, looking back at the hotel gate from time to time, terrified, the man in the car’s side face is sharp and angular When the word fortitude is cold, Shi Jiujiu is flustered and confused at the moment, where is he interested in admiring the man’s appearance? It was her brother, Shi Baiyu, at the moment when she was crying so anxiously that she was almost caught, a man pushed open the car door and dragged her in.