I think she is taller than me if I don’t make a complete comparison I will never accept her then do you believe me Baimeng

The author, Wild Heart, whose name is Lei Zhen, is tall, handsome, stern, and has thunderbolt legs. The young master has abnormal military strength and a very high IQ background. In the eyes of everyone, he is a wild child and a poor boy. Even he himself did not expect to be able to reunite with his parents after being separated for eighteen years. His father is already the chairman of Lei’s Group, the richest man in Xijing, and his mother is the mayor of Xijing, a metropolis with a population of tens of millions Powerful opponents stepped on their feet to create a shocking army of beauties.
Chapter 1: Xijing is the largest economic center of China. Nikki Gallardo, under the envious gaze of the security guards, drove into the Qingshengli community and parked in the motorized parking space. There were two people sitting in the car. On the passenger seat was a beautiful and extraordinary girl with a childish face. He looks like fifteen or sixteen years old. In the driver’s seat is a hulking man.
His muscular muscles are about to tear the half-sleeved shirt on his upper body. His face is resolute. Sirius, you are waiting for me in the car. He lost his temper like every time you came, he never gave you a good face, last time it was even more extreme, he actually wanted to throw you off the balcony on the sixth floor, I’d better go up with you, Sirius is very worried, you better not come with me He will be even angrier once you show up, as if I brought you to him for a demonstration, anyway, he is my brother, he won’t hurt me She is the adopted daughter of Mr. Lei Yungang, the chairman and president of Xijing Leishi Group.
She is fifteen years old this year. She has a beautiful face like a fairy descending to earth.
She has a slender body, enchanting skin, snow-white noble temperament, and a rare beauty. She has been around since she was twelve years old. People in the circle call Xijing the most beautiful loli Xijing is a super metropolis with a permanent population of more than 10 million, including a floating population of more than 30 million.
There are not a few billionaires, and there are countless people in the tens of millions. The richest person in Xijing is, of course, Lei Yungang, the president of the Lei Group.
His wealth exceeds 50 billion. He doesn’t bother to participate in various rich rankings, but everyone in the business circle knows that he is the real richest man in Xijing.
Living in a luxurious villa in the eastern suburbs, every time I come to this dilapidated community, I feel uncomfortable, but she still has to come because it is a task entrusted to her by her parents.
The dilapidated building does not even have access control. The trash can next to it smells of rotten watermelon. Wan Xueqi frowned, pinched her nose and walked in.
Her high-heeled sandals stepped on the concrete stairs and made a creaking sound until she reached the sixth floor.
Her white and slender jade hand reached out and was about to press the doorbell, but she hesitated. A smart girl, her IQ is as outstanding as her beauty, leaving too many people in the dust, but she is indeed very embarrassed at the moment, thinking about it for a few minutes, but there is no good reason.
I can only pray in my heart, my brother, don’t treat me too fierce shabby In the two-bedroom living room, a boy carried a plate of watermelon from the kitchen to the living room.
He is Lei Yungang’s biological son, Lei Zhen, who is 18 years old this year. His appearance is stern, he is tall, he is tall and strong. The half-sleeved red shirt and distressed jeans are not classy, ​​but his body is revealing. A bit cold and arrogant.
Sitting on the sofa is a very beautiful girl who is full of flair when she smiles.
Although she is sitting on the sofa, it can be seen that she is a very tall girl. She should be on the left and right. Sister Lin eats watermelon and Lei Zhen fills it up.
Put the watermelon plate on the tea table, just sat next to Lin Zi, the doorbell rang, she must be here, you go and open the door, Lin Zi smiled, Lei Zhen’s face sank, walked slowly to the door, paused for a moment, and then opened it After entering the door, the little loli really is you, are you here to eat farts again? Lei Zhen sneered and said Wan Xueqi’s delicate face was blushing, floating and angrily staring at Lei Zhen for a moment, then relieved and sighed, anyway, your sister is here, you can let her Waiting for you in the corridor, you can also let her sit in the living room and drink a glass of water, of course, if you have the heart, you can let her eat your farts, who made her like eating your farts so much? Lei Zhen was almost speechless and snorted coldly.
Lori, come in, you must be thirsty, I just cut the watermelon brother, you are doing well today, don’t let me eat farts, eat watermelon instead, Wan Xueqi walked into the living room and saw that beautiful nurse Lin Zi, didn’t she feel that way? What’s so strange that Wan Xueqi even thinks that her brother Lei Zhen had an affair with the beautiful nurse Lin Zi? Lin Zi’s breasts are so big. Maybe brother Lei Zhen often uses his big hands to measure her breasts? The picture in Wan Xueqi’s mind It’s very ambiguous, but it’s very sweet, Sister Lin, you’re here too, Xueqi, sit down and eat watermelon Lin Zi smiled and picked up a piece of watermelon and handed it to her Watermelons are better than farts. Watermelons are better than farts. The last time she came to Lei Zhen to persuade Lei Zhen to go back to the villa in the eastern suburbs to reunite with his parents, she got a fart. That time Wan Xueqi said a lot to Lei Zhen, but Lei Zhen always had a cold smile on his face. His smile is like the condensation of frost, which can almost freeze people. In the scorching heat, Wan Xueqi was trembling from the cold. Lei Zhen told her that you don’t have to persuade me, I won’t go back.
Your words are just a fart in my ears.
So he really put a fart.
Wan Xueqi will never forget that fart. Watermelon tastes much better than a fart.
It seems that I will like to eat watermelon in the future.
Thinking about it, Wan Xueqi will soon put After eating a piece of watermelon, it seemed that he didn’t plan to eat it.
He took out a champagne to wipe his hands, and smiled brightly. Lin Zi felt that it was inappropriate for her to stay here.
She got up and touched her trousers with her hand.