I subconsciously Tie Ningxiang took a step forward the two of them who were already very close were almost close to each other she opened

Chapter 1 The Girl’s Entrustment Standing in an adult shop called Happy Peak on Tingtang Road in Jiangcheng, there is a pale-faced female high school student who is at a loss. The full service is 9,900 yuan. The preliminary investigation requires a deposit of 1,000 yuan.
I looked at my eyes with a cigarette in my mouth. The girl’s palm-sized face looks green against the school uniform, she is thin and thin, and the girl looks very uncomfortable when I look at her.
I only have seventy on me. Can I give you seventy when I have money? Put the seventy dollars on the table and you can leave and get back to you in three days. You can’t be a liar, right? The girl is dubious.
The seventy dollars in her palm has been soaked in her sweat. Trusted by others, it’s us who are trustworthy, truthful, efficient, honest, and confidential.
The purpose of this business, what you said just now, is questioning my professionalism.
I pulled the money from the girl, and I waved her away.
Seeing this, I believe that many people will misunderstand me and think that I am a bully and abduction of young people.
The girl’s bastard is actually not the case. All I do is help her.
My name is Gao Jian, and I am the owner of this adult goods store.
Of course, the so-called owner is just a disguise.
My real identity is a private investigator, searching for dead bodies, business spies, cracking down on counterfeit rights and marriages. Investigating various non-litigation cases and assisting our firm to accept all cases. Returning to the topic. The girl who came to ask for help just now is Xia Qingzhi, a student at a high school in this city.
The reason why she appeared here is because of an unbelievable thing. My brother Xia Chi was a week ago. Missing, I suspect he’s been murdered The girl looks panicked as soon as she enters the door.
Criminal case You should call the police.
How much money can a high school student have? There is no information about my brother, including in the household registration survey. He seems to have evaporated, and all traces have been erased. You mean that the memory of your brother only exists in your mind.
Girls don’t seem to be lying, which is the scariest thing. The place is yes everyone forgets brother only I remember lighting a cigarette I took a deep breath if what the girl said is true then there are only two reasons for that are supernatural events or the girl has a severe schizophrenia in her body There is still a brother’s perverted personality hidden. Did your brother act abnormally before he disappeared? At this time, I can only get more clues by following the other party’s words. When she came back, the girl said she took out a very ordinary card from her pocket.
The crumpled one is almost like a small advert on the roadside railing for repairing sewers and selling counterfeit medicine. Signed an anchor to open your own live broadcast room. As long as you have the guts, talent and time to sit at home, you can turn all your dreams into reality.
The name of the underworld show is unique enough.
After repeated research on the card, I doubt it is a prank by a child. The name of the company Look at the back of the card without complaining. The interview time of this live broadcast platform is at night. At three o’clock in the morning, the interview location was the basement room of No.
Unlit Road.
The series of time and place numbers didn’t look like they were prepared for normal people. Do you think I’m making it up? The girl’s reaction at that time was on the verge of despair.
I can see the disappointment and panic, no one is qualified to draw conclusions without investigation, even for the tens of dollars on her, I have to say this because my office has not received orders for two months, plus the self-service set machine The income of the adult store has become more and more depressed. If this continues, the rent will almost be unaffordable, so I accepted this commission like a prank, and there was the scene at the beginning of the underworld show.
In recent years, the live broadcast platform Some people live broadcast food, some live games, some people play coquettish and seduce pure dicks.
These are all understandable, but from the name of the underworld show, I can’t guess what the main content is. Is it a live broadcast of the daily life of the dead? Shaking my head and laughing, I urged Xia Qingzhi to leave the girls’ high school Born in my adult shop for a long time, I’m afraid it will cause unnecessary misunderstandings.
After all, she is not yet 18 years old. After opening the thick curtain made of military coats, Xia Qingzhi was just about to go out, but she met a woman who exudes female allure.
The woman bumped into me, I’m sorry, maybe I realized that the adult shop is not the place I should come to Xia Qingzhi covered her face with her schoolbag and flew away as if to run away Your stuff, even high school students buy it Buying is someone else’s freedom, and I have no right to interfere. The woman in front of me is indeed a beauty. Her delicate fair ankles are on high-heeled sandals. Her calves are tight and her lace skirt is floating in midair. Face masks and sunglasses can’t see clearly, but I’m used to the people who come here have their own secrets. They don’t want to reveal their identities, and I won’t force them to make money.
As long as they give money, they can say anything. It should be Louis Vuitton in Paris, just with this bag, I paid for my annual rent.
I don’t know what you need, beautiful girl. The store is about to be sold due to poor management.
All products will be sold at a 20% discount. Sorry, I don’t want anything. Just come here The human woman said, taking off the mask and sunglasses Gao Jian hasn’t seen you for five years, you haven’t changed at all The moment I saw that face, the cigarette butt in my hand fell to the ground Ye Bing, she was my first girlfriend when I was in the police academy Her and I will always rank first and second in combined grades, but later I was expelled from the police academy because I was involved in a serial murder case, while she successfully completed her studies and was sent abroad for further studies with the help of her new boyfriend. I haven’t seen you for five years. On the other hand, the sparrow has turned into a phoenix, a goddess fan.
I lit another cigarette and looked at the lingering smoke.