I stopped and knelt down on the ground please let me go you never let me go Yao Tianjun walked over his face was full

Do you want to get rich overnight and become a master? Do you want to have countless fans? The Huangquan show is waiting for you to join.
Please prepare to sign up.
Sitting on the sofa in the rented house and looking at Yao Tianjun on the phone with an angry face. This is called Huangquan The show was actually developed by his parents.
The original name was Qunxing. After the show went live, it became popular overnight and attracted many actors and even many old actors to join.
But because it offended people, it was forced to take off the shelves and he was also banned from the entertainment industry. After being blocked, the Stars show was put back on the shelves, but it became the Huangquan show.
It is obvious that someone took away the hard work of his parents and destroyed all their hopes.
But the most painful thing for Yao Tianjun was the mysterious disappearance of his parents. On the eve of the disappearance, his mother called him When the phone came, the words were full of panic, my son, I beg you, don’t come to us anyway, and don’t go to the Huangquan show, don’t go, before Yao Tianjun asked his mother, he hung up the phone. After that, his parents seemed like It’s as if the world has evaporated, Yao Tianjun has been searching for a month like a madman. It’s as if the world has evaporated. The disappearance of the parents must have something to do with the Huangquan Show. Only in this way can the actors in the show find out the truth.
No matter what, he wants revenge. The owner of Huangquan Show will pay the price.
Congratulations, you have successfully signed up.
Please go to the West Street Residential Building to audition before 3:00 p.m. Is the residential building number of Yulong Community Yao Tianjun glanced at his mobile phone and said that West Street is not far from here, anyway, go there and have a look. After ten minutes, he walked to West Street and came to Yulong Community, but saw dilapidated buildings. The location of the audition It turned out to be here, Yao Tianjun frowned slightly, but he still walked in.
There was no one here, it seemed that there was no one around the demolition building, which made Yao Tianjun very suspicious whether he was being teased by someone. When he came to the building, it was the west side of the fifth floor.
The door was closed. Yao Tianjun knocked on the door tentatively, and then the door was opened. An old man with gray hair opened the door. You are also here for the audition.
The old man said yes, Yao Tianjun nodded and came in.
Although he was confused, Yao Tianjun walked into the door.
With the door closed tightly, he looked into the room. It was very dark and there was no light. An elderly woman in a striped sweater sat on the sofa.
In addition, there was a thin and low figure. Girl with scraggly hair and pale face, everyone is here, let’s look at the phone.
The old man suddenly said, Yao Tianjun was stunned for a moment, and looked at the phone.
He had already released a mission when the Huangquan show appeared. Who murdered my love reality show? The heroine Yuan Xin has not been going well in her career recently and her love life has not been going well.
She always feels that her husband is cheating. Her mother-in-law and father-in-law treat her equally very badly.
The record caught her attention. Looking at the endless script on the phone, Yao Tianjun was confused, but at this moment, Huangquan Xiuchang made an explanation. This is a reality show. Your performance is appreciated by many people. Each of you is assigned a random identity according to the assignment.
The identity of the impromptu performance, the more realistic the performance, the more popular it will be with the audience, and the higher the pay, no lines, everything depends on yourself? Looking at the phone, Yao Tianjun muttered to himself, but his heart is full of excitement.
In terms of acting skills, he will never compare Anyone worse than anyone else has also seen the prompt on the phone The white-haired old man looked around and muttered to himself, since it is a reality show, where is the camera? The camera must not let you see it, otherwise it would be unreal.
That’s right, the old man nodded. At this moment, the mobile phone rang. During the random identity assignment, Yao Tianjun’s mobile phone soon displayed a reminder that your identity is Yan Yuanzheng, you are Yuan Xin’s husband, you have a successful career, and Yu Xuanyang is the company. The executive is young and rich, you have a bad temper, you have a college student lover Wu Lili, you always want to get rid of Yuan Xin, a crazy woman, your acting goal is to hide your mistress, kill Yuan Xin or divorce Yuan Xin, see the phone Task Yao Tianjun was slightly taken aback.
It seems that his role should be a scumbag who abandons his wife and finds a new love. The reminder from the show, everyone became serious and began to think about what lines to say next.
After all, it was an impromptu performance.
Everyone was very serious.
Ten minutes passed.
With the reminder from the Huangquan show, the reality show started. The first thing to move is Woman, she has dark circles under her eyes, and she is depressed. She looks fiercely at Yao Tianjun. Husband, please explain to me what is going on with this phone number. In her hand, it is a flip phone, which is a brand that has been discontinued for a long time. There is a hint of impatience on the weak face, the whole person looks indifferent and cold, are you suspicious and annoying? I have said it many times, this is my business partner, business partner Yuan Xin’s eyes are full of coldness, she sneers and points to the phone screen Said that I investigated your chat records, you called her day and night, don’t think I don’t know you sat on the toilet at night and talked sweetly to her, you investigated me, Yao Tianjun became angry from embarrassment, his eyes were full of panic, but soon he calmed down, his eyes were full I have nothing to say to you. If you doubt me so much again, I can’t live this day.
No, you have to make it clear who that woman is.
Yuan Xin grabbed Yao Tianjun’s arm and refused to let go.