I still overestimate myself at Sky Blue Academy as long as he looks like he doesn’t need to deal with the problems but he needs

Author Qiu Ling copywriting This is a future world without women, an interstellar era where mermaids replace women’s functions. He is a mermaid, but he wants to become a real person. He believes that love does not distinguish between a mermaid and a mermaid. What is more important is that he was a mermaid in his previous life.
Straight man, he likes soft girls, so his boyfriend married a beautiful mermaid, and he was dumped, so in order to prevent the broken-hearted him from hurting the mermaid, he was sent to the desert to perform missions, so as not to be discovered, so as not to lay eggs.
The mermaid in boiling water went to the desert, so he became the first mermaid that was almost dried out. He was rescued by his brother’s boss and friend, but his identity as a mermaid was still not discovered, so he started to play dead again, finally. One day he was abducted by the future emperor. Yalan is not a mermaid, not a mermaid. Adrian walks on his legs and thinks he is not a mermaid? Mecha Magic Moment protagonist Tang Yalan Adrian supporting role Yin Feng Others gave birth to other soy sauce parties who got dumped He has to move to the dormitory and can no longer live in the same dormitory with his so-called boyfriend because his boyfriend is going to marry a mermaid The handsome man slapped the table with his slap, his eyes were full of anger, but it made people feel that he was extremely dazzling and agile, and he took the memory of his previous life to travel into an egg, that’s all, it turned him into a mermaid. Fortunately, he was in the egg.
He got the inheritance, which made him born with two legs. Everyone thinks he is a human being, not a mermaid. His unusually beautiful appearance often makes people mistake him for a mermaid, but as long as they hear his name, everyone will sigh, so it turns out that this is a mermaid. The young master of the Tang family can’t blame everyone for always thinking like this.
Yalan’s appearance is more beautiful than those mermaids who are known for being weak and beautiful. In a room with no one else, Yalan kicked the chair beside this woman and disappeared. In the era when mermaids replaced women, even though the success rate of mermaid transformation has reached 80%, people are still unwilling to give up their legs and become fragile mermaids. There is always a price to pay for transformation, even if the fish tail is turned into a mermaid with drugs.
The legs can only be used once a day to maintain the legs for a maximum of eight hours, so Yalan, a mermaid, is an outlier. He can use spiritual power to maintain his legs all day long. In the past twenty years, his legs have not turned into fish tails. There are more than a dozen natural mermaids that have been in alliances for more than a dozen. Those natural mermaids are the offspring of transformed mermaids.
Their physical fitness is only a little better than that of the transformed mermaids, but they are still very weak, and Yalan’s quality is not much worse than that of normal people. Without everyone knowing the truth, he has earned a lot of points. I believe he will be able to apply for fish surgery in more than ten years.
As Yalan’s robot butler, I am very happy to suggest that those people outside are betting when you will become What about the mermaid, your sister has traveled well from the 21st century to this inexplicable interstellar age without soft girls. He is wronged enough.
Now I still want him to fuck those men.
He is a normal man and he wants soft and cute girls.
Ya Lan Countless This time I yelled in my heart that I was broken in love, and you are still saying that the robot IQ is too high for surgery, which is also a flaw. Look, the words are still hurting him, the master, and the world will not let him live.
Xiao Yalan, if you become a mermaid, he should The words that will marry you Seeing his master sitting there sad and angry, it is even more pleasant Even if you don’t love him as outsiders imagined, this robot also knows how to bully him. Of course, this is mainly because of his guilty conscience.
In his previous life, he was less courageous than in front of everyone, so he didn’t dare to lose his temper.
Mermaid, mermaid, you know in your head that you are a robot.
The incomprehensible robot language automatically attributed this to Yalan’s anger and depression.
Yalan is a man, how can he care about the precious mermaid? So the master can only vent his dissatisfaction in the room. The expression of the robot is too rich.
Why? He felt that it was laughing at him. He gritted his teeth and Yalan felt resentful because he was dumped by Yin Feng? Feng chased and pestered him for two years before he agreed, who knew he would marry a mermaid before he arrived half a year ago, he said that he could only let him down for the sake of his family, and even said that if he underwent surgery to transform a mermaid, he would not have to break up. After leaving the room, Yalan became that handsome mech genius Tang Yalan again.
In fact, he once protested against the name with his father, but in the end, under the coercion and lure of his father, the name could not be changed.
Wanting to give birth to a little mermaid, from the elders to the servants of the Tang family, they also want to have a mermaid in the Tang family, but at the moment when everyone has chosen a good name for the mermaid, Yalan broke her shell with her legs, so this name It was imposed on him yo put on smoked makeup Tang Yuze Tang Yalan’s second brother is unrestrained and handsome Many mermaids like him very much The Tang family is a big family no matter it is before the end of the world or in the interstellar era after the end of the world There are many families They all want to marry the mermaid into the Tang family, so there is no need for the young masters of the Tang family to marry the mermaid by earning points, but the people of the Tang family still work very hard. Tang Yuhao is Tang Yalan’s eldest brother. The heir Adrian’s left and right hand Yalan pulled the corner of his mouth slightly, and then he remembered that he didn’t sleep all night last night, not because he was unhappy about breaking up with him, but because he was not a real person, so he searched the inheritance memory again, trying to find a way Let the mermaid become a human, but he still couldn’t find him, so he thought he should improve his strength as soon as possible