I squeezed my eyes at Chen Bing please don’t say a few words I’m nervous Looking at Nomi she kept her mouth straight dont take

Source 80 e-book uploaded in Xiuzhentang time Word count I was born with evil bones I have been plagued by disasters since childhood and I have a pair of yin and yang eyes that I hate but my grandma said my fate is very noble and my future is immeasurable Shen Nanci Everything is fate no matter what How I just want to be your wife Cheng Xiaoqi I don’t believe in fate, I only believe in myself I want to love you forever Gu Chongming If your choice is not me, I’m willing too As long as you’re happy, everything is worth it with me The story of Xiaobai upgrading from weak to strong to fight monsters Chapter 3 I was born on the third day of the third month of the lunar calendar in 1985 at twelve o’clock in the morning on the third day of the third month of the Chinese lunar calendar Yan’s belly is pregnant with a baby boy. Every time the grandma hears it, she can’t close her mouth happily until the first few days after the birth.
The doctor in the village listened to the fetal heartbeat and said don’t worry, he must be a big fat boy.
Things made my grandparents and father happy, but my mother was not so happy. She liked girls in her heart, but she couldn’t show a very disappointed look due to the atmosphere at home.
It is said that my mother started it on the morning of the second day of March. My stomach hurts but I can’t give birth for a long time. Grandma is in a hurry and keeps urging my mother, Xiuyan, to work harder.
Boys can’t be born on the third day of March! Today, the baby must be born to me. The third day of the third month of March is the same as the Qingming Festival in some areas, and there is a folk saying that the third day of the third month of the third month is the day when the queen mother becomes enlightened It’s better that my mother passed out from the pain and woke up again covered in sweat, her lips were dry and chapped when she shouted, her voice was extremely weak and hoarse, no, I can’t give birth, I won’t give birth, I won’t give birth, Xiuyan, that can’t be said This frustrating remark, mom still accuses you of holding a grandson, and you try harder.
The tragic cry from the delivery room spread outside, and what my dad heard was a terrified trembling aunt and grandpa who couldn’t stop their hands.
My father’s elder brother and sister-in-law Grandma has three children My father is the second oldest My aunt looked at my father neither sitting nor standing and said contemptuously, Big brother and sister-in-law, look at the worthless appearance of the second brother, which woman does not look like this The aunt who made him nervous went on to say, isn’t it said that Yan’er has a handle in her belly? Can you not be nervous? The uncle’s family has two children. The boy is eight years old and his name is Shen Huanyuan, and the girl is six years old. The waist is straight. Dad didn’t pay attention after listening to them. They still walked back and forth outside the door thinking that it’s been a day.
Why haven’t I let the whole family down? It wasn’t until midnight on the third day of March. I was born later and I am a girl and I came out cross-legged.
Cross-legged means that the knees come out first. Modern medicine can explain that the fetal position is not correct. My mother also sewed five stitches.
She hugged me and told my grandma.
The sentence is the face of a girl’s grandma Seeing that I wasn’t crying, the old lady who just pulled me away didn’t mean to hug me.
Seeing that I wasn’t crying, she slapped my butt anxiously, and I actually giggled. There was a slamming of sleeves and the door slammed loudly. Grandma happened to meet the grandma and uncle who rushed over when she went out. Grandma excitedly asked the eldest sister, Yan, if the girl had given birth. Dad also grabbed grandma’s arm and asked, “Yes, mom.” I didn’t hear the baby crying. Why did you come out? Did Xiuyan give birth? Because it’s already early in the morning. Grandpa, aunt, and aunt all went back to sleep at home.
Only my dad was standing outside the door. Watching my dad and the grandma and uncle who came all night talk about whether I gave birth to a girl’s movie or came out with a smile Chapter 1: The mother ordered my dad to not care whether I came out laughing or crying, he only heard the girl’s movie These four words froze on the spot on the spot. I really hope that the greater the disappointment, the grandma and the uncle looked at each other.
The uncle stepped forward and said, “Good girl, good girl, good girl, this girl is so caring.
Our family likes female dolls.
” Next time, there is a baby girl, grandma is not happy after hearing this, your rare baby girl, you give birth to your own, our old Shen family wants a boy, you rare baby girl, you take it back and raise it, your family name is Ji Uncle immediately makes grandma choke I’m speechless, I took a deep breath in embarrassment, no matter what, I’m considered an elder, it’s too much to say, grandma has not spoken, but seeing her attitude is really annoying The sons are together, our family absolutely disagrees. The two children said they liked each other. We saw that Dawei was also good to her, so we reluctantly agreed. How come, after marrying into your family, it becomes a machine for inheriting the family? If you don’t have a male baby, you’re a sinner.
You, I don’t like to hear what you say, but you reluctantly agreed with us, Dawei.
What if your Yanzi married into our family, it would be considered high-ranking.
It’s too hurtful, even if you’re unhappy, you shouldn’t be so obvious in front of my mother’s family, so I reached out and grabbed my grandma’s sleeve and said, Mom, you’ve been busy all day, go back to sleep, and tell my dad a show My dad has time to give me a name after she gave birth. Huh, I really think I’m willing to take care of your business.
Grandma flicked her sleeves and left in a huff, mom, don’t be angry with me.
Turn around and say to grandma that it’s okay, I’ll go in and see the beautiful girl Dawei, find a room for your elder brother to sleep, it’s already midnight and we can’t go back today, grandma opens the door and enters the house while giving orders, Shen Dawei replied in the back, the room is full of people bloody smell