I saw him walk to Liu Heimu with an unhappy face Kicked Liu Heimus leg lightly with his boots said Liu Heimu this is not

In August, a tree in the Hou Mansion of Luyang Township, Luyang County heard a creaking sound.
Under the tree, there were two guards and two servants in the mansion looking up nervously at the big tree in front of them because at this time On the tree, there was a boy who was about ten years old by visual inspection, trying to catch a Maemi hiding among the branches with his own hands.
This boy was Zhao Yu, the second son of Zhao Jing, the second son of Luyang Township, in their house. Go up, second son, be careful under your feet, young master, there is a servant and guards on your left, and the servants and guards at the bottom remind you not to call out, the boy who stepped on a branch of the tree shouted to the bottom in displeasure. Said, I want to catch the biggest one, as he was talking, he seemed to see his satisfied prey, with a little joy on his face, stretched out his right hand, pinched a cicada hidden in a cluster of leaves in his hand, and shouted happily, “I catch it.
” When I caught it, before the voice finished, I heard a click, and the branch under the boy’s feet snapped in response, and saw the boy fall down from the tree with a cry of surprise, and the servants and guards under the second son of the young master rushed towards him with a cry of surprise.
The boy was about to fall, and hurriedly caught him, but the inertia of the boy’s fall still hit the ground, and the servants and guards fell to the ground.
Several servants and guards nervously checked the condition of the little master, for fear that the latter would suffer some trauma, and their little master seemed to have passed out due to excessive fright A servant pointed at a guard with panic and shouted, Zhang Ji blamed you for not being able to catch the young master in time, the guard named Zhang Ji was about to explode upon hearing this, and cursed angrily, shouldn’t it be the fault You bastards, if you hadn’t encouraged the second son to climb the tree, would the second son have fallen down? Hearing this, the servant insisted that the young master wanted to catch the cicada, how dare the servants stop you? To ensure the safety of the young master, the young master accidentally fell down, and you should follow up with Cao An, you bastard, the guard named Zhang Ji was furious and stared at the servant, wanting to swallow him alive While these people were blaming each other, another servant shouted, “Hugh, let’s quarrel again.
The young master seemed to wake up.
Hearing this, everyone immediately stopped arguing. They gathered around the boy, watching nervously, his eyelids moved slightly.” Opened his eyes, the young master and the second son saw that under the tense gaze of several pairs of eyes, the young man slowly opened his eyes and could see that when the young man opened his eyes and saw a group of people around him, he was obviously stunned for a moment.
Looking around uneasily, the young master called the most vicious servant just now, that is, Cao An.
He pushed aside the others and greeted with concern, young master, are you all right? The people around him then looked down at their hands, and there was some elusive astonishment on their faces.
Seeing this, Cao An would be wrong.
Quickly shouted, where is the cicada that the young master caught just now? Quickly find it, the other three hurriedly split up to look for the cicada as if awakened from a dream, leaving only Cao Anshou beside the young man, nervously watching his little master’s condition After a while, then Another servant shouted in surprise in the distance that he found it, and said that he hurried back to the boy, holding a large-looking cicada in both hands, and presented it in front of the boy, but to everyone’s surprise, the boy saw it. The queen of the cicada didn’t show any joy, the latter just looked at the cicada in the servant’s hand, and then looked up at the crowd with blank and puzzled expressions. Seeing this, Cao An’s face showed a bit of panic and asked the young master with concern. Young master, you yelled twice, and he suddenly found that his little master looked at him very strangely, as if he saw a stranger, which made him even more panicked. Seeing the condition of their little master, the two guards couldn’t help talking about Zhang Ji in private, didn’t you just catch the second son? At this time, Cao An also heard the whispers of the two guards behind him.
After thinking for a while, he carefully asked the little master in front of him, young master, did you hit something when you fell just now? The little one refers to whether it was a coincidence He bumped his head and said that he met the little master in front of him, his face was still confused, so he forced a smile and pointed to the tree next to him and explained, young master, do you still remember that we were in the house just now, you heard the sound of cicadas in the courtyard and decided I want to catch the biggest one.
I never thought that when you caught the cicada, the branch suddenly snapped off. It’s also Zhang Ji’s fault that those people were too incompetent to catch you. They must be severely punished when he said that. Zhang Ji was so angry.
The guards glared at him, but at this moment, the two guards did not dare to attack. After all, they also obviously felt that the matter was a little serious. Not only them, but everyone present gradually realized the seriousness of the situation. I don’t know if I just hit my head when I fell down, or maybe I didn’t recognize them because of the shock. Could it be that I hit my head? Zhang Ji and the other guards murmured in a low voice and looked at each other with ugly expressions. For example, Zhang Ji stretched out his hand at this moment. Feeling the hard leather armor on his body, wondering if the second young master accidentally bumped into the hard leather armor on his body when he reached out to catch the second young master just now, after all, he was so flustered just now, he can’t guarantee it if he really didn’t Shen bumped into the leather armor, but when he thought of the hardness of the leather armor, Zhang Ji and Ma Cheng looked at each other and felt a little uneasy. Although this incident was not entirely their responsibility, if the little master really suffered a head injury