I said softly to Xingbei if you have any ideas just tell me Zhen Zhu was silent for a long time and said in a

If there is a chance to reincarnate in the six realms of reincarnation, she must find ways to make him fall in love with her again, willing to die for her.
After the day of reincarnation ends, she can go back to the day before his death, but if she fails, she will also die. Will she pay the price of her life? Will Zhen Zhu choose Xiang Xingbei without hesitation? Can be turned into softness around the fingersContent TagsBroken mirrorReunionPast life and present lifeSearch keywordsProtagonistSupporting rolesOther gold medal editorsEvaluationThe heroine and her husbandXiang Xingbei have been married for ten yearsBecause of the nature of her husband’s work, she gets divorced because of the nature of her husband’s work.
The wife finally accepted her decision.
After leaving, the heroine decided to go abroad and start a new life.
Before leaving, she learned that her ex-husband died in the execution of a mission. Only after she died did she know that she still loves deeply in her heart.
In order to change the fate of the world, the heroine brought Memories experience the third life and reincarnation Xiang Xingbei, who is like a stranger, met and fell in love with each other, and finally returned to modern times, saved his lover’s life, and recognized his own heart.
It connects the story of the heroine through the three generations for the line. The image of the hero in the three worlds is shaped by flesh and blood.
How to be attracted by the heroine and then fall in love is a point of view.
He vomited up all the things that went down in his stomach this morning, and finally vomited so much that even the bile came out Zhen Zhu lay on the slightly cramped iron bed in the cabin, her eyes closed, her face pale, she swore to wait for this After coming back, she will never take any ship again in her life. As the hull of the ship trembled slightly from the huge waves, she felt dizzy and dizzy.
Zhen Zhu’s face turned pale, and her five fingers tightly grasped the railing of the iron bed and opened her eyes. I leaned over and vomited a few more times, but I couldn’t vomit anything anymore, girl, you can’t do this, I will talk to Lao Li again, and I will take this supply ship with Zhen Zhu to a certain place in the depths of the sea.
Sister Zhang, who was visiting her husband on Jiaodao, was arranged to live in the same cabin as Zhen Zhu after boarding the ship at the age of forty. Visiting the husband who was newly married and forced to separate. When he learned that she had been married for ten years, he was surprised. The younger sister called Zhen Zhu and saw that Zhen Zhu was not feeling well because of the same family.
He took good care of her. Zhen Zhu knew that he was seasick during the trip. I have made full preparations before, and all the seasickness medicines are all ready, but the result is useless.
From the first day on board this ocean-going ship sailing on the sea at a speed of fifteen knots, even if the sea is calm and the sea is calm, she will stand on the deck.
Feeling dizzy and wanting to vomit a few days ago, she was basically lying on the bed. Since yesterday, as the ship went deeper into the open sea, the wind and waves intensified her seasickness.
visiting relatives A person in charge of the genus knew that Zhen Zhu’s husband had learned that Zhen Zhu’s seasick reaction was severe, and was afraid that she would vomit and become severely dehydrated.
Last night, the doctor on board specially brought her a bottle of salt water.
Zhen Zhu shook his head feebly. Don’t bother him anymore, I’m fine, sister, please help me take the medicine, I’ll be fine after taking it, and I’ll fall asleep Sister Zhang hurried to get the medicine and pour water to help her sit up Seeing that the basin on the ground in front of the bed was stained with dirt, she got up to clean it up. Sister Zhang has already pressed her on the pillow.
What else do you move? Just lie down and don’t move. I’ll do it.
Zhen Zhu looked at her busy figure and felt very sorry for not waiting for her. After cleaning up, I came back and said that I have been bothering you for the past few days. I’m really sorry. Sister Zhang waved her hand. Why are you being polite to me? I’ll let someone get you what you want to eat. No one can say no to the dishes cooked by the food stalls in my hometown.
Thank you, sister. I don’t want to eat. How can I make it if I don’t eat? It’s like I was pregnant with my son back then. Otherwise, where is the strength of my hands and feet? I really can’t eat Zhen Zhu.
I don’t care if I have no energy. Then I’ll make you some porridge and some side dishes later. Sister Zhang sat by the bed and wiped the cold sweat on Zhen Zhu’s forehead with a towel and looked at her carefully. I shook my head for a moment, girl, you are so seasick, every time you come back to see your man, doesn’t he suffer? It’s easy, it’s easy like mine.
It’s almost 20 years and I’ve become a deputy. A few years ago, I said that the country needed it, and I was transferred here to do administration. I haven’t seen each other once in a year.
The salary, subsidies and allowances are all in hand.
Three thousand nine hundred and twenty-five yuan The old man in the family is in poor health and the son is in junior high school Relatives spend money everywhere If I hadn’t set up a food stall to support this day She sighed I had quarreled with him and quarreled too Two years ago, I left the fight and said that the country will lose you alone. If you continue to do it, I will file for divorce.
He finally agreed to quit, but it really got to the point where he lets go, but I can’t bear it anymore. It is not easy to be able to identify one thing and do what you want. He is a big man who usually bleeds and never makes a sound, so he surrendered to me like this. Can I really force him to do that? It’s just that I’m angry, as long as he knows that I’ve worked hard for him, it’s fine. She wiped the corners of her eyes and smiled.
Look at me, you’re uncomfortable. I’m still talking to you so much.
I’m not afraid that you will bother you to sleep. I won’t bother you anymore.
Zhen Zhu was a little fascinated when he heard it, and then he shook his head, no sister, it’s okay to talk to you