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The non-existent British writer Azikka Chapter 1 Few people like the smell of disinfectant in the hospital. If she had no choice, Mei Fang would not want to drag Shu Ke to see the psychiatry department.
Perhaps it is because of the psychiatric department.
The equipment is very human.
The sofa outside the Hua clinic is very big and soft, and the whole person sinks into it as soon as he sits down.
It’s hard not to relax, right? Let me tell you, it’s ridiculous.
Now who would be treated as crazy because of talking on the phone for too long? In short, it’s me.
My friend is too nervous and nervous to drag me here. No, I’m not angry. I just think it’s a waste of time.
Thank you.
Then call me when you’re free. Fang, you have seen the tall, thin, long hair, the one with a bit of dyed hair is the one who lost her nerve and dragged me to the hospital to see the psychiatrist.
Haha, you guessed it right, she insisted that I talked on the phone all day.
Is it too exaggerated to go crazy Hey Lu, guess where I am right now I am wrong Is it wrong I am not in the hospital I tell you it is a bit embarrassing and cool I am going to see a psychiatrist later haha Haha, laughing fart, it’s the first time I’m being treated as a neuropathy, I’m a little nervous, the wrong answer is me, Wang Shuke, even though we’ve only met once, do I have such a sense of non-existence? Anyway, the point is that I’m telling you, I’m super bizarre now People in the hospital have to wait to see a doctor, guess what kind of department I see? If you happen to have something to chat with, say a few more words. When you meet friends who are busy or pretending to be busy, say a few words less. Mei Fang crosses her legs and flips through beauty magazines, staring sullenly at Shu Ke who is chatting on the phone from time to time. What are you doing? What? I specially asked for a half-day leave to escort you. Ye Meifang really wanted to roll up the magazine and knock on Shu Ke’s head to wake her up from the hot phone. Before I knew it, the names in Shu Ke’s phone book were almost typed.
One-third of the throat is finally a little uncomfortable. Shu Ke stopped calling and quietly played games on his mobile phone. First, Tetris, then tennis, and then mahjong.
It took less than five minutes for Shu Ke to get tired of it, so Shu Ke started using it. Go online to the exclusive website of mobile games to research and see what other small games can pass the time. I have played many games.
Almost all of them can be downloaded. After downloading, I still go to the mobile chat room.
Suddenly, Shu Ke seems to have made up his mind. As if fingers were flying on the button, exit the mobile phone network and re-enter the dialed number in the calling function, press down and down, press the call button, Mei Fang’s phone rings, it’s Eminem’s new song, hello Mei Fang? Shu But in a low voice, Mei Fang said coldly that there are people who are sitting so close but insist on chatting on the mobile phone. Do you think it is more suitable for the doctor to see people like this than shopping? Lah, I just want to say that anyway, the call rate of the mobile phone is set by me to be the same price for as long as I can eat.
I don’t want to say more, Ye Wang Shuke, you really have a problem.
Mei Fang immediately pressed the phone in her hand and reached out to snatch the phone, which is more precious than Shu Ke’s life. Press the power button and force it to shut down.
Too much Shu Ke frowned and was robbed of her mobile phone. This little girl is really angry.
I’ll tell you I’m sorry when you take your medicine obediently and you recover from illness. Now you don’t come here.
I’m serious, Miss Lin Meifang, I still have a lot of mobile phones in my bag, you just pick one to play with, I’m the latest model, I’m going to wait for you to see the doctor, and I’ll return it to you just as the two girls are about to start a relationship A fierce battle for mobile phones. The registration marquee on the counter is flashing. The nurse who sees everything in her eyes speaks to the microphone. The patient on No.
072, please go to the consultation room. Get up and hold Shu Ke’s hand and walk towards the consulting room.
Chapter 2 Please sit down. This doctor is very young and must not be thirty-five years old. He is clean-shaven and looks like a model student.
He is a bit handsome and wears a decent brown color When looking at the patient’s medical record with glasses, he looks so focused that he doesn’t look like a seasoned veteran. This first impression made Mei Fang a little unconfident. At the beginning, she used the hospital’s online registration system to help Shu Ke with the psychiatrist. As for who? It doesn’t matter if you look at it, anyway, you will definitely agree with what Mei Fang wants to say to Shu Ke, don’t rely on your mobile phone so much.
Half a minute later, the young doctor finally finished reading the medical records in front of them.
He raised his head and smiled and asked, who is Miss Wang Shuke? Shu Keshu nodded nonchalantly. Today I’m here for psychiatry. May I ask why she feels uncomfortable? She talks on her cell phone all day long, even when I’m next to her.
Maliciousness I have researched this on the Internet and it is called mobile phone dependence or mobile phone addiction syndrome Shu Ke blushed, the young doctor didn’t say yes or no, he just looked at the blushing Shu Ke and asked if you are like this, and kept talking about mobile phone Shu Ke Nodding with difficulty, the expression seems not so convinced. I really like to talk about mobile phones, but I should not be qualified to have that kind of dependence or addiction. How should I say it? If I am sick, I should feel sick, but I don’t I think it’s all normal, Nian Meifang couldn’t help interjecting, that’s not normal. The young doctor laughed and said that patients usually don’t think they are sick. This is the commonality of our psychiatric patients. I need to talk a little bit more to convince me Shuke immediately said that in the current world, more and more people are using mobile phones, chatting, sending text messages, playing games, reading and receiving letters, taking pictures, listening to music, and I work in a communication company