I said it lightly I will pay you a little interest every day from now on Tan Xiao was made harder by his breathing tremblingly

The copywriting experience is mixed with the entertainment industry. This job is either good-looking, good at acting, or good at work, but Tan Xiao doesn’t care about any of them when he debuted, but there are a group of movie kings and actresses who act as background boards for him. The people who eat melons on the Internet are very confused and forced to go around to find out who is the name of the benefactor behind it.
When the cocoons are exposed and the melons fall to the ground, it can make a cold-hearted iron rooster spend a lot of money, which may be true love. The reading guide is narrow-minded and must be rewarded with a sick face. The main attack of gold is suffering from unlucky things. A Dou star who can’t get popular even if he praises him.
Two-way secret love for each other.
Everyone suspects that he is 80% sick, the story of Mr.
Jin, who has a double stroke from his head to his soul. He is incurable, but he is cold and warm, but he can be blackened, but he is neurotic and self-righteous. He is an idiot and a brain-dead fan.
Excessively high, too high, jumping into pits, need to be cautious Content labels have a special liking for sweetness, strong and strong entertainment industry protagonist Du Ningxiu Tan Xiao supporting role other protagonists in the same series are favored by each other A brief review of the work Du Ningxiu was bullied everywhere when he was young without parents One day, the younger brother suddenly disappeared, until they met again ten years later, the situation of the two was completely reversed. The 30-year-old man was poor and scarred, and almost faded from his bright and unrestrained appearance in his memory, but he was finally qualified to be like him back then. The two protagonists love each other and support each other. The warmth and sweetness of daily life is touching.
The little Gong is paralyzed in the front and the back is complaining. The contrast is cute and cute.
The skin is sweet every day, falling in love is the right way to open it, there is no blood, there is no misunderstanding, and the daily life expects the author to sprinkle more marshmallows on a warm love article.
Chapter 1 Are you stupid? He made it clear that he did it on purpose. Tong Fei painstakingly applied medicine to Tan Xiao, and at the same time couldn’t stop cursing. It’s amazing to have someone backing him up. He really doesn’t treat us as human beings. If he slaps you, why don’t you just hold back and tell the director? Tan Xiao frowned. Enduring the stinging pain of the potion penetrating into the skin, he was silent and let him scold him.
When Tong Fei finished his busy work and sat down in a hurry, he raised his eyelids and said in a muffled voice that my job is to get beaten. Why are you so angry? Sentence made me laugh, you also know that your job is to be beaten, then I don’t understand you did a good job in the martial arts gym, and suddenly you went to be some kind of martial arts substitute, and let me see you every day.
Mom is going to be mad at you Tan Xiao still doesn’t speak, he kicks like a gourd, he can’t fart, Tong Fei is so irritable, his face is blue and purple, to put it bluntly, he still feels distressed After cursing for a while Sit with your butt next to Tan Xiao Dissuading him from his job as a stand-in, let’s go back to the martial arts hall, won’t the coach’s position be reserved for you? Tan Xiao didn’t say anything for a long time before he said that there are always fights everywhere. Tong Fei took a deep breath You can’t let that bastard Xiong Tianlin beat him up, and if you’re so arrogant, you’ll hit me back. What a floppy little white face. You can poke him to death with just one finger.
The star is amazing.
Give it to him. The capable Tan Xiao lowered his eyes and slowly got up and said that he couldn’t bear Ji Nian taking his anger out on me, I’m just a Xiao Wu, who would take me seriously? He was so angry that his teeth ached for that little shit in here. Tan Xiao was a martial arts substitute for a high-risk professional with his head tied to his waistband. Every cent he earned was real hard-earned money.
This kid resigned from a good martial arts job Don’t work as a gym coach every day.
Don’t treat people like a cow or a horse. It’s not for the sake of fame or profit. Tong Fei thinks he’s mentally ill. Knocking a stick doesn’t even make a sound Tong Fei really can’t do anything about him The pie hits the spot. I received a background board role for the hero’s younger brother as a bodyguard in a big idol drama.
It can be said that a decent line of the crew has been mixed in, but it’s less than a page. The broken character design is just a cross scene What the doglegs talk about the most is what does the young master tell the young master, have you worked hard, is the young master called Miss? You are not as good as a chicken at all. Tan Xiao is his roommate in the shared room.
He is stable and has a good temper.
Tan Xiao would squeeze the subway to pick him up and make him some sober soup and clear porridge because of the role socializing. The two of them became good buddies who talked about everything, so the good buddies suddenly asked.
Tong Fei, who is not short of handyman in his crew, thought he was going to work part-time to earn extra money, so he took him outside the set to find him a random errand to do. It happened that the assistant director was smoking outside the set that day and saw Tan Xiao’s face suddenly. Dazed and surprised, he ran over and immediately asked the young man if he was interested in acting, let alone Tong Fei.
Even Tan Xiao himself was fooled. He was thrown into the crowd of passers-by for a second, and the faces of passers-by disappeared.
The assistant director fell in love at first sight. That’s even more nonsense than him, Tong Fei, who became famous in the 18th line. As a result, when he was pulled into the crew, Tong Fei immediately understood.
Similar to Ji Nian, the character is a superpower, and most of the plot is about saving Mary Su’s heroine’s bitterness, pretending to be cool and handsome