I said hello to Liu Zihan who knew that Liu Zihan suddenly grabbed Ye Wenwens arm Parents said that Ye Wenwen was so angry that

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Just when she recovered, she was called by the director again.
It turned out that half of the people in the office had the flu.
Ye Wenwen had no choice but to rest at home. While wiping her nose with a paper towel, she was so busy looking at Xiao Liu next door that she had a boyfriend to pick up and drop off Ye Wenwen.
She was envious and helpless.
Her childhood sweetheart boyfriend, Liu Zihan, was a policeman on the train.
It depends on the schedule. Fortunately, Ye Wenwen is a careless person and doesn’t take it very seriously. In the past few days, Ye Wenwen always felt that Liu Zihan was weird. I’m busy.
I’ll call you later, but Ye Wenwen waited there for a long time, but Liu Zihan’s call never came.
Liu Zihan would send her a text message in the dead of night to greet her carelessly. I’m very worried.
I don’t know if Liu Zihan’s feelings for her have faded or most couples are like this. When the relationship is stable, it will slow down. The place in Tada County is a newly developed scenic spot, of course there is no scenery, but because it has only developed a lot of infrastructure and has not kept up with it, the director asked her to take a look at the environment in advance and then negotiate with the local hotel to see if the other party has it. This time, they are planning to receive a group of guests from the province. The director did this just to be on the safe side.
Ye Wenwen didn’t want to go, but the director had already spoken, so she gritted her teeth and brought some cold medicine and chocolate to replenish her energy. I went there, but there was a leak in the house, and Lian Yeyu waited until finally talking about everything that needed to be talked about. When she was driving back home, she found that her period was ahead of schedule, and unknowingly, she had dyed a piece of her trousers.
It would be troublesome to send her off. The driver who came over was a 40-year-old uncle, Ye Wenwen, and it was hard to tell the driver, Lao Wang, that I could only keep an eye out for any shops nearby that sold things, hoping that there would be a place that sold trousers, so I could change into a pair of trousers. On both sides of the road, there are not even shops selling things.
Even the villages are not. Finally, Ye Wenwen came to a fork in the road. Finally, she saw a lonely supermarket.
The scale was not small, it was two stories high, but it was built very crudely. The slab-style building is made of square red bricks and cement. The supermarket is probably newly opened. Even the signboard has not been hung yet, but the door has already been opened to start business.
Ye Wenwen hurriedly asked Lao Wang to stop the car at this place.
Lao Wang is an old driver. Knowing that this kind of unreliable supermarket is the most expensive thing, it may not be good, so I persuaded her to say Xiaoye, the things here. You’ll be in the city in an hour. Let’s buy it in the city. Ye Wenwen dares to throw it into the city to do business. She covered her trousers with a satchel and smiled and said it’s okay, Master Wang, just wait for me at the door. After finishing talking, she jumped out of the car.
This place is really broken. The road in front of the supermarket hasn’t been repaired yet. It’s all khaki-colored dirt roads, and there are so many potholes that Ye Wenwen almost tripped over. Don’t look at this place, but you can enter the supermarket.
A while ago, Ye Wenwen noticed that there was a car parked at the gate, and the license plate looked like it had the prefix of Beijing.
Just buy something and leave.
It’s just that this supermarket is newly opened. Except for two salesmen sitting on chairs chatting, there are no people there, and there are few things.
Many shelves are still empty. The weather is hot and stuffy recently.
There is no air conditioner in the supermarket. There are two high-power ceiling fans hanging on the roof, blowing there. When you enter the door, you can still smell a pungent smell of paint.
Ye Wenwen went inside and first picked up two bottles of water. The water is not a serious brand.
She didn’t buy this because she was thirsty. It’s really necessary to carry something when I go out for a while, and Master Wang is still here. She has to bring something to others, but she seriously wants the sanitary napkin and the pants that can be replaced, but she didn’t see it.
Ye Wenwen is in a hurry. In a hurry, I found the salesperson and asked.
I guess the salespersons are all from nearby villages who speak a dialect.
Ye Wenwen went to the basement to find it. Only then did Ye Wenwen notice that this supermarket also has a basement.
Actually, it’s not strictly speaking.
The basement floor is a slope. People can go down the slope, where the terrain is lower than the ground, and then turn down the slope, and then you can see a few rows of shelves. The shelves below are full of toilet paper, toothbrushes and toothpaste. What kind of daily necessities are in the rows of shelves just down the slope.
There is a salesperson in charge of the basement sitting lazily by the shelf. Seeing Ye Wenwen go in, she yawns listlessly. The basement is cooler than the top. Only then did Ye Wenwen understand that this second-floor supermarket probably sells food and local specialties on the two floors above ground. The daily necessities that can be stored for a long time are all stored on the basement floor. Ye Wenwen hurried over to find sanitary napkins and other products. There are a few kinds of pants, sanitary napkins, etc.
Unfortunately, they are not her usual brand.
The pants are not at all.
When picking things, Ye Wenwen noticed that someone was also picking something on the back shelf, but she didn’t care much, just focused on picking. It’s a reliable sanitary napkin.
Looking at the production certification and hygiene license on the package, Ye Wenwen suddenly felt dizzy.