I remembered that I did hear someone talking in a low voice so I didnt care Xu Ruyuan shrugged his shoulders and pretended to be

After the rain, the sky has been cloudy for a while.
I don’t know if it’s the reason why it’s going to be evening.
The green hills are shrouded in deep white mist in the world, but wherever people walk, they will be covered with dewdrops in the white mist. News It is said that Xishan here will be the place with the freshest air in Yanjing in this severe smog day.
Zhao Ning, who has always loved mountaineering, came here thinking that he could take a few more breaths of fresh air and meander along the way. On the straight mountain road, Zhao Ning is walking in the middle of it fully armed. Her eyelashes and bangs are also stained with mist.
She raises her hand and smoothes her chest.
The strength of the watch on her hand is really exhausted.
After walking to a flat ground in a panic, she leaned against a big tree panting, closed her eyes and concentrated for a moment, then took out a mobile phone from the pocket of the jacket and shook it with her hand for a while, but there was still no signal Zhao Ning thought that if the rescue team didn’t come, she would really die in this deep mountain and old forest. It’s a pity that she hasn’t had enough of the female detective’s addiction. Zhao Ning sighed slightly. It was getting dark. After rummaging around, I only found a Swiss Army knife and a flashlight. It seems that I will spend the night here tonight.
I think she was an urban young woman in uniform sitting in the office drinking milk for breakfast twenty hours ago.
Now, for no reason, he ran to this deep mountain and old forest, wanted to go out, but couldn’t find the way.
His eyes turned around and looked at the increasingly invisible mountain road.
Zhao Ning thought whether he should go straight, stay where he was, or return to the original place.
On the way, she supported the tree trunk behind her with her hands and wanted to stand up, but she thought that the tree trunk that had just been moistened by rain was so slippery that she fell straight down when she lost her center of gravity and slid down the tree trunk.
The palms of Lian Yeyu’s palms were also in hot pain.
Zhao Ning blew a few breaths on the palms, and the coolness was relieved a lot, but the red marks on the palms still made people feel pain. He simply sat on the ground and leaned against the back. No matter how bad the big tree is, she still has to find a place to spend the night tonight, afraid of some wild beasts. Thinking about it, she realizes that something is wrong under her body.
This flat land seems to be man-made. As for the road left by the time, the flat land under her seems to have been dug up and then filled up with soil.
Under the trend of curiosity, Zhao Ning holds a flashlight in one hand and a Swiss Army knife in the other.
First, take a closer look. Look at the flat land, which is rectangular in shape and about 1 meter flat.
Some grass grows sparsely on it. Squat down and pinch a little soil with your hands. It is new soil and there are traces of shaking, which proves that someone has been here recently.
What treasure is under this soil? Of course, this is only a plot that only appears in movies. After all, who would really bury the treasure? Zhao Ning stared at the overturned soil and thought for a long time. His hands seemed to have reached the land before his brain agreed. Pay attention to that curious thing, that’s why she didn’t notice the waving light sources not far away, the saber was directly inserted into the soil, she was exploring the depth and made a jerk The saber seems to have encountered some kind of resistance, not as hard as a rock.
She put the other hand on the hand holding the saber and sent it forward suddenly. It was wood.
Zhao Ning swallowed his saliva. I heard the clear and shallow voice not far away, someone calling her name, the flame of hope ignited her instantly, Zhao Ning immediately turned on the light source of the flashlight, waving it while replying that I am here, I have been here for about ten or so Minutes, the rescue team she had been looking forward to finally arrived.
Her colleagues, Sun Xiaomei and Zhou Haoyuan, were also with her.
I said, you are really good. You have climbed the mountain and come here. Zhou Haoyuan patted Zhao Ning on the shoulder while speaking, Zhao Ning turned his head Smiling a little smugly, Sun Xiaomei next to her came up to support her caringly.
You must know that she was already exhausted. Behind them were several men in fluorescent suits from the fire brigade. Zhao Ning felt guilty when he saw them. Wanting to go forward to thank her, she realized that her Swiss Army knife was still stuck in the soil, and thinking about the wood in the soil always made her unable to let go of her mind. She looked at the rescue team members and asked if they could help me dig the soil here. Open a little, Zhao Ning thought that they should be able to solve this problem, at least the tools they used were much better than her Swiss Army Knife, but within a few minutes, a small piece of loess that was originally covered was dug up and looked exposed.
The scenery came, several people looked at each other, only Zhao Ning, who seemed to be expected, she calmly wiped the dirt-stained Swiss army knife with a square-sized cotton cloth, not knowing who was waiting for someone to speak, and the few people did not speak until Zhao Ning wiped the saber in his hand until it shined.
Zhao Ning leisurely said to inform the bureau that there is a big case. She smiled self-consciously.
Going to Zhao Ning and followed a few police officers to the hilltop yesterday.
A few people along the way inevitably chatted. Zhou Haoyuan always talked a lot. Probably because he saw the magnificent spectacle before the rest of the people yesterday, so now it is said that the gate is broken.
The reservoir can’t stop it, so you didn’t see it? The body was dug up from the upper body, lower abdomen to the chest, and there were flowers like chamomile and gerbera lilies in it, and the whole body was placed in a rectangular wooden box. The inside is covered with a layer of film paper, so it can be regarded as meeting a high-quality artist. Although Zhou Haoyuan said a bit exaggerated, it is all true. The black hiking shoes stepped on the soft soil and dragged a layer of mud. Zhao Ning put his hands in his pockets from the beginning to the end, Zhou Haoyuan’s boastful voice and the sighs of several other colleagues, how can a person have a psychopath to regard killing as an art all the way pointing at the sign of the police logo