I ran thousands of miles for no reason how tiring I was I held Ah Jiu’s hand and sat on the two adjacent seats I

The author of Ziyang, Fengyu Jiuqiu, copywriting, five chaos, strife, ghosts and ghosts, and ghosts and ghosts, and the supernatural sympathy for the suffering of the world. Relevant opening books must read 1. This book is an orthodox Taoist practice novel.
It only takes the background of the five random years. It respects history, but does not delve into the details and does not accept discussions. 2. The language in the Wei and Jin Dynasties is different from the present. If it completely follows the ancient system, it will affect the reader’s reading. It is easy to understand and does not accept accusations.
In the winter of AD, five tribes of Hu tribes successively invaded China. After AD, the Western Jin Dynasty perished.
The kingdom of Liang in the northwest is also ruled by the Han Chinese, but it is weaker than that of Zhao and Jin In the remaining seats, there is only one young man sitting upright and listening to the lecture.
The other seats are all empty. In the afternoon, heavy snow falls and the sky is getting dark.
After packing up the stationery, the handsome young man walked up to the old gentleman and bowed to the old gentleman.
The students heard that the war in the north is tense. Xiyang has become a land of countless eggs. What are your plans? Violent and cannibalistic, you stay here and you stay here. The young man said in a low voice, if the barbarians want to kill him, then he is, if the barbarians want to eat, then he will be fine.
I want to move my family to the south, the sage Yun Junzi does not set up a dangerous wall and respectfully invites you to go with me.
This is also my father’s meaning Tonight, you should go earlier. The old gentleman raised his hand to see off the guests.
The young man sighed helplessly when he heard the words.
He took out a small bag the size of a fist from his bosom and handed it to the gentleman with both hands.
From time to time, preaching and resolving doubts is for the teacher’s duty, and you are supported by month and month.
You have never been short of silver. This old man must not accept the old man’s wave of hands, Mr. Wan Zi cherishes the young man.
Don’t let the old gentleman say in amazement that the young man heard the sound and didn’t look back.
The silver must be kept, otherwise the old gentleman will not be able to make a living in the future. The old man was lame and it was inconvenient to chase him, so he could only loudly tell the young man to turn around and bow before he turned around and went out. Outside the house, there was heavy snowfall.
A servant in sackcloth was waiting in the snow. After passing the study inkstone paper in the boy’s hands, the boy’s name is Mo Wen.
He is now seventeen. His father runs the largest drugstore in the county. He is the only son in the family. The family servant’s child’s original surname is Wu, because the homonym of Wu and Wu is disliked by merchants’ families, so everyone in the Mo family calls him Xiaowu. Handed it to Xiaowu, thank you, young master, Xiaowu thanked him for taking it, Mo Wen nodded slightly and continued to move forward. Due to the years of famine and war, food was extremely scarce.
Two meals or porridge Tomorrow you are going to get married and I don’t know if the second miss of the Lin family is good looking or not Xiao Wu follows behind Mo Wen The woman’s morality is the most important Appearance is not important Mo Wen said that his marriage was decided by his parents The woman is Lin Ruochen, the second daughter of silk Zhuang Linxiang, and the Lin family is also a daughter of merchants.
She is delicate and strictly abides by etiquette. She does not go outside, and people naturally have no way of knowing her appearance.
The second lady of the Lin family, if she looks like a steamed bun, you will have to do it. Mo Wen presumptuously picked up the steamed stuffed bun that hadn’t been eaten yet, and smiled. Xiao Wu walked away with a smile. The county seat is not big. Binding and loading the car, Xiao Wu returned the study books. Mo Wen ran over to help Mo Wen walked through the outer hall alone and entered the inner courtyard.
The women in the inner courtyard were decorating the new house with lanterns and festoons. Although they were doing something festive, everyone looked anxious. The reason for the uneasiness is simple. Zhao Guo from the north is about to call.
The Mo family wants to marry Mo Wen and Lin Ruochen before moving south. Zhao Guo is a country established by the barbarians. Most of the area is under his rule.
The state of Jin established by the Han people is currently retreating to the south of the Yellow River.
Xiyang County is one of the few states and counties left by the state of Jin on the north bank. At present, Zhao’s southern border wars are urgently needed to ensure the safety of the villagers. Well, we are ready to escape. We have to go south on the ice when the Yellow River freezes. After seeing my parents, my father kept Mo Wen and brought sacrifices to the Mo family ancestral hall. Not far from the north, the father and son entered the ancestral hall and worshiped their ancestors first. After the ceremony, the father was not in a hurry to leave. Instead, he took out eight gold cakes from the bottom of the lunch box and buried them in the underground of the northwest of the ancestral hall.
Mo Wen offered to help but did not ask him much.
I understand that my father’s move was to leave a way for his family to go south to seek refuge.
It was just a helpless move. After the war, he still had to return to his hometown.
On the way back, the sky was getting darker and darker.
In the evening, the wind rose and the temperature dropped again.
Although it was freezing cold, the villagers in sackcloth were extremely happy. Because the colder the sky, the thicker the river freezes, the sooner everyone can leave this place of right and wrong