I promised your mother As long as you are happy even the stars in the sky will pick you up for your father as long

He looked around the room, and the antique green sandalwood screen, willow wood, and red chairs were full of historical furniture. Before Lin Yu could figure out where he was, a sharp pain came from his head, followed by a large amount of information flooding into his mind. It is a parallel world. The dynasty in which it is located is about the same time as the reign of Emperor Yingzong of the Ming Dynasty in China, and he himself became the heir of the Liao Prince of Liaodong County in the Yu Kingdom. Fuck, he passed through Lin Yu’s heart, and his face was full of disbelief.
He stretched out his hand and pinched his thigh fiercely.
The real pain from his leg made him sure that he was not dreaming but that he had truly passed through. Standing beside the bed is a woman in Tsing Yi watching her bend her waist and take small steps to show her bright wrists in the light gauze eyes containing spring water and clear waves of hope Cut the root of the onion as if it contains Zhu Dan’s frown and smile that touches the heart and soul. Lin Yu was stunned before he could speak, but the woman first exclaimed that the prince woke up. On Shuang’er that day, Lin Yu was only a doll in the street. Seeing Shuang’er selling herself to bury her father, Lin Yu bought it back to be a housemaid when she saw how pitiful she was.
Shuang’er, how long have I been asleep? The state of mind stopped Shuang’er, Shuang’er quickly replied with a happy expression, son, have you been asleep for three days? Has it been three days? Lin Yu nodded slightly and muttered to himself. Lin Yu, a five-good young man in the 21st century, once aspired to either wear a jersey to win glory for the country, or wear a medical uniform to save lives, or wear a suit to strategize, or wear a military uniform to guard one side.
Now Lin Yu has become the son of Liaodong in the Dayu Dynasty Hongtu’s good opportunity, how could he let Shuang’er take me out for a walk? I just recovered from a serious illness, and I seem to have a lot of things that I can’t remember clearly.
Lin Yu put back his ambition and turned to look at Shuang standing by the bed Er Shuang’er heard the words, and immediately went forward to help Lin Yu, but just as Lin Yu and Shuang’er were about to leave, there was a burst of messy footsteps outside the wing room, followed by a middle-aged man who entered from the front door. His unruly figure is like an eagle in the dark. He is cold and arrogant, but he is arrogant and aggressive.
He is alone and exudes a strength that disdains the world. He is Lin Yu’s father, the elder of the two dynasties of the Dayu Dynasty, and Lin Hongtao, the king of Liaodong. Yuer, you are awake. If you don’t wake up again, all the doctors in Liaodong will be buried with you. Lin Hongtao came up and hugged Lin Yu, feeling his father’s love, but Lin Yu gently pushed him away from his father’s palace. How much money is left in the world? Lin Yu thinks that making a difference in this world, money is of course indispensable. In this troubled world, he needs to raise troops, garrison food, rest the army, raise soldiers, wait for time, and move in the future.
If there is a chance, the Lin family can rise up and become emperor in this troubled world.
Wouldn’t it be nice, the man’s ambition is to make contributions in all directions, to dominate one side, to stand in front of Lin Yu in the side room After hearing his son’s question, Lin Hongtao couldn’t help but look sour. It looks like you can’t remember Yuer.
Shuang’er at the side said that the prince’s son had just recovered from a serious illness and was mentally impaired. Some things seemed to be forgotten.
Luo Shuang’er looked at Lin Yu again and continued, saying that you bought all the money in the son’s house.
When Shuang’er said that at the end, Shuang’er blushed and lowered her head, that shy look made her so cute Lin Yu couldn’t help but feel happy when she heard it Exchange all these real estates for silver and precious banknotes, I am going to do something big, Lin Yu said swearingly, I thought Lin Hongtao would readily agree, but Lin Hongtao sighed for a long time, Yuer, it seems that you really forgot what you bought Those shops have been closed down for a long time, and now no one cares about it.
The money of our palace is basically lost by you. Cough it was spent. I also want to use this to force you to give up the position of the birth son.
Your mother left early, but as long as the father is there, this matter will not happen.
You should rest well after recovering from a serious illness.
The noble man is here in the capital. The father has to receive it in person and cannot get out, etc.
I’ll see you later.
Lin Hongtao left in a hurry after he spoke earnestly. Those who don’t know may think that Lin Hongtao doesn’t care about Lin Yu, but they don’t know that Lin Hongtao made Lin Yu the son of Liaodong in order to ask the emperor to use half of the Liaodong army.
It was at the price of being incorporated into the Kyoto military system that the Holy Majesty’s consent was obtained. It can be seen how much Lin Hongtao loves Lin Yu. Looking at the sad back of Lin Hongtao’s departure, Lin Yu is a little silly.
Lin Yu seemed to realize that something was wrong.
Could it be that he was a prodigal? Although Lin Yu has many memories in his mind, some of them are missing Shuang’er. Am I a prodigal? Lin Yu set his eyes on Shuang’er and asked.
Shuang’er nodded and shook her head, not daring to answer.
Seeing this, Lin Yu continued to say, Shuang’er, you are telling the truth, son, then you don’t care about the crime.
Shuang’er carefully said that regardless of the crime, Lin Yu’s guarantee. Shuang’er was relieved and she said bluntly. To be honest, son, you are more than a prodigal. Not only did you squander all the money in the palace account, but you also sold all the valuables in the palace.
Shuang’er hesitated for a moment, then continued, and you also agreed to the princess and the princess.
Master Yao’s bet said that within seven days, he would double the money he spent and earn back, otherwise he would give up the position of son to Master Yao.