I myself will let you rest assured that I am not pregnant Ah Chan so rest assured that Su Wanwan said again get up I

Zheshuang slowly took a sip of tea, not sad, but realized that men are like dogs, they can be killed and thrown away, but when she rescued a half-crazy and beautiful dog out of curiosity, she slowly found that the dog is very good. The male lead copywriter Ji Qingya once admired a lady when he was a teenager.
That day when there was a thunderstorm, he thought he was going to die, but he bumped into her carriage and was picked up by her.
After that, for many years, every time he couldn’t survive. When I go down, I always think of that lady, and he thinks that even if I climb, I have to crawl back to her.
I have to tell her, madam, I admire your hero and heroine.
A batch of small dogs are cruel but lived very delicately.
The rich and noble flower of Kyoto.
Zheyun Wusheng was too beautiful. She cut herself a thick forehead-length hair with scissors, covering half of her face, and concentrated on doing her duty.
His Royal Highness felt that this girl was honest and sincere, and knew a few words, so he sent it to her. Although the waiter in the study is a servant girl, he was personally taught by His Royal Highness to read and write, and enjoyed the delicacies of mountains and seas with him.
Later, she was found by her family and became the seventh girl of the Marquis of Shuling.
No one knew everything about her in the East Palace. At the mid-night banquet, she sat at the banquet and endured the troubles from the noble ladies of the aristocratic family.
Suddenly there was a plate of jujube cake on the table.
It was her favorite food in the East Palace.
In a low-key and intimate way, Yunwu came to the lonely place, and everyone was in an uproar.
The first daily sweet article, Donggong life occupies the front part.
After marriage, the daily life occupies the back part. The second double place is Shuangjie. Content tags sweet text one sentence introduction murderous couple’s two-way fishing trip intention hard work is the most important work brief commentary The official driver Yuan Qiaohan begged her for help, and Zheshuang agreed, so Bian and the watchman and Li Er helped Lei Qingya recover her head. Later, Zheshuang succeeded and Li Qingya went away to join the army. People continue to lead the way.
The pace of this article is fast. The hero and heroine are clearly set in Kyoto. People who are hot on a month day feel restless, but Lu Yuanzhi’s restlessness is not because of the heat, but because the beautiful girl who was kept outside by him suddenly cried and cried and said that she wanted a name.
Sitting slumped on the couch, coaxing the outer room Liu Liu to do what to do, to go into the mansion, isn’t it better for the two of us to have fun outside? There are many rules in the mansion, you are not used to it, Liu Liu cursed a coward in her heart, and complained that he is a big man who is afraid The tigress at home, but since she is today If you dare to say this, you have your own confidence, so you hold your handkerchief and sing a big show, calling Lu Lang sadly.
If it was for me, I would not say this, but for our children, I have to find a serious identity for him. Do you want our child to follow me to be a nameless and lowly person? But even if he has a child, Lu Yuanzhi’s reaction is not as happy as she imagined, so he agreed to her to enter the mansion, but was shocked. He almost trembled and said. How dare you hide the fact that I am pregnant with a child God, he must be kicked out by A Shuang Married Zheshuang, a childhood sweetheart, as his wife for half a year. The love between husband and wife has grown up together since childhood.
Even if there is no marriage, the friendship is not shallow.
It’s just that Lu Yuanzhi made a mistake within a few days of marriage.
He fell in love with a girl on the street. The little jiaoniang who sells jewelry is different from Zheshuang’s heroic spirit.
Her delicate, pink voice is like an oriole calling him to buy a hairpin. Lu Yuanzhi fell into obsession. It’s so nice. This voice is very different from Ah Shuang’s naturally deserted voice.
If he made a mistake, he dare not say that although he was curious about an outer room that was completely different from Ah Shuang, he just wanted to enjoy it and didn’t want to be discovered by Ah Shuang.
If Ah Shuang found out, he would definitely be sad. From Liuliu, he still prefers Ah Shuang, so he forced him to break his promise, Liuliu’s voice was no longer an oriole, and it became a broken drum in his ears. It was unbearable, but when he turned his head and saw that Liuliu’s fair and delicate face, which made him happy, was full of tears, his heart softened for a moment.
This is also a woman who loves him, and he also likes her.
It would be great if Lu Yuanzhi could have the best of both worlds. Sigh, stop crying, let me think of a way.
He stands up and prepares to go back to check on Ah Shuang’s tone. The Lu family’s dignitaries occupy half a street in Anping Alley. Although Lu Yuanzhi is married, he is still studying at a young age.
They also went there after school.
They lied to the family that they were visiting friends. When they came back to the house, they came back from the side door and asked the little maid, where is Zheshuang? The young lady said that the young lady should be at the third girl. The eldest young lady taught the third girl how to practice bow. Lu Yuanzhi couldn’t help feeling a little guilty when he heard the words.
When he was hugging the beautiful girl outside, Ah Shuang was helping him teach his younger siblings, and then he was a little afraid. Ah Shuang came from a family of generals. A Shuang beat him up for bullying him.
If A Shuang knew that he and Liu Liu had a child, the bow and arrow would be aimed at Xiao Yuan.