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This is a survival diary of an ordinary person. It was created when the Mayan prophecy was prevalent. An ordinary college student, Shi Lei, without the help of his evolutionary powers, experienced all kinds of dangers and desperations in the apocalypse with his own spirit and body. After several years, he finally became the overlord. Knowing that the emptiness and darkness created by irreversible loss and farewell cannot be filled. At the time when eschatology prevailed, Resident Evil appeared in Shanfeng City.
Shi Lei stepped out of the house to find his parents.
Since then, he has experienced the treachery of human nature and the treacherous safe zone of the world.
He died without reason.
The black hands of the team members stabbing behind the back of the Yutian Villa Food Processing Factory Spring Festival small yard boundless corpses mutated monsters death contest battle for supremacy one city after another battle after battle Shi Lei transformed from the youngest son who was afraid of terror at first to the source of fear Chapter 1 The beginning of the end of the world Year, month, day, Sunday night, continuous moderate rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning, my name is Shi Lei I’m a student today and I’m still alone.
Around 1:00 PM, I found a private supermarket named Xinyuan. It was fairly clean. There was no one else and nothing else.
They were all sealed up, and I took a few lamps from the shelves and placed them in every corner, so as to ensure that there are no dark corners that cannot be seen clearly in the supermarket, and avoid excessive light that attracts the attention of the outside.
The supermarket has only one door, and I put two freezers.
Pushing it over to block the door, so that I can sleep soundly at night without worrying about trouble, eating free bagged roast chicken and drinking free Master Kong green tea, I think I should write something with a pen, so I took a black hardcover notebook from the counter I copied a pack of Yellow Crane Tower coins with a signature pen, which is a small luxury for people like me who are used to smoking blocks all the year round. I was surprised by another huge thunder just now.
Lighting a cigarette with a counterfeit from the supermarket, recalling and writing down the experience of the past ten days After a day of playing, eating, drinking and singing until late at night, the two of us went to open the room again. Xiaoyu fell asleep quickly after being in love. I lit a cigarette and sat there watching TV. Then I saw a piece of news because I was a little dizzy at the time.
I don’t remember clearly. It seems that something happened to a hospital in the United States. It seemed that there was an attack on people. After that, the hospital was blocked, and then the host said a few words, and then the situation in the motherland was fine.
Take out my own online shopping and insert a sentence since I gave up the last one. My waist is no longer sore and my legs are no longer hurting. The Internet is also faster, except when eating walnuts is a bit strenuous, everything else is very good. What are you asking for in the circle, not to mention the photos, let me find one that analyzes the news just now Let’s take a look at the author’s idea that the zombie outbreak is what I’ll say below. Since I love watching zombie movies all the year round, I’m still more interested in the author’s point of view. I searched a few zombie posts. Anyway, the more I talk about it, the more evil it gets I just mixed it with water and washed it to sleep.
The next day, I woke up after 1:00 and turned around to see Xiao Yu was still asleep, drank some water, then did push-ups and sit-ups habitually, and then went to the bathroom to wash up. When I came out, Xiao Yu also got up to wash up and tidy up.
After that, we went directly to the school. The sky began to snowflakes. When we arrived in the class, we saw that there were almost all girls in the class, and most of the boys were missing.
Since I went back last night, I’ve been so crooked that my hands have softened. After all, the girls in Xiaoyu’s dormitory are also good. Xiaoyu is a good student in class. She listens carefully to lectures, takes notes, and gets high scores in exams. I belong to another extreme shame.
I am ashamed and muddled. A morning has passed. Today is Friday afternoon. There is no class.
I went home with Xiaoyu. We both went home and took the same car, but I stopped before her and went to guide the car.
After more than an hour of bumps, I got home and took the elevator.
I opened the door with a key on the upper floor. My parents were not there. I found something to eat from the refrigerator. I called Xiaoyu again, and then I went back to my room to practice the guitar that my buddy gave me half a year ago. The old couple didn’t come back until the evening after they practiced. They found out that they went to the ski resort in the suburbs with my father’s former colleague, Uncle Zhao’s family. I went there yesterday. I just came back today and looked at the shiny faces of the two, so I knew they had already eaten I had no choice but to fool around with a bag of instant noodles.
When my mother saw that I was about to cook noodles, she hurriedly said, Leilei, don’t eat instant noodles. I saw my father looked at me with sympathy on his face, and then he went back to the house to watch TV. I didn’t care, I took the lunch box handed over by my mother, opened it, and my warm touch instantly shattered my son’s noodle. It’s delicious, so I added some more chili.
It’s very fragrant. My mother said excitedly. My mother is the one who can eat the most spicy food in my family, including all relatives.
Generally, as long as she says something that is a little spicy, others will be able to taste it. If it’s too spicy, mom, I’ll still eat instant noodles.
Ordinary dandan noodles are acceptable to me, but I can’t tolerate the ones my mother added chili to. Don’t try this. It’s not spicy at all, it’s so good. Before I ate it, I ate a big bowl by myself. I lowered my head and sniffed it, tears were about to come out, but I couldn’t bear to splash her with cold water, so I said no, this portion is not enough for me. I cooked some instant noodles and ate it together.