I looked back at him like this Jiaming nodded I stretched my waist I thought it was something wrong isn’t he still in the rescue

Looking out from the huge and bright window of the library, I can see the blue sea in the distance, rising in the spring breeze. The sea gulls spread their wings and tempt people to be lazy.
I sat in the library and memorized a little fatigue. This is an old habit. One word I see is a feminine noun.
Fate, fate, bad luck. Someone patted me on the shoulder. It was Xiao Dan’s sister who lives in my upper bunk. I followed her out of the reading room.
Xiao Dan said to me why are you still sitting here for the report meeting? It will start immediately. Pack up your things and follow me. I was taken aback.
Then I remembered that there is a very important report in the department this afternoon. The report of the seniors who came back from studying abroad at the three major interpreter training bases in Paris must have been exposed to the sun in the afternoon. I was so confused that I forgot such an important thing. I quickly packed up my books and ran to the lecture hall of the French Department with Xiao Dan. Cheng Jiayang, who is giving a report, is also well-known in our country’s number one foreign language school. He is now the parent of a senior official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the beginning, he was a senior translator who graduated from our school.
His father was French and his mother was English. Cheng Jiayang lived in a trilingual environment since he was a child. In addition to these unique conditions in the legend about Cheng Jiayang, he is also smart, diligent, humble and hard-working.
It is a pity that this person is in our hands When I entered school, I had already gone to Paris to study abroad at the three major schools.
The teachers talked about him in class.
The girls would lean on their cheeks and meditate. The boys were not convinced and said that the teachers were old anecdotes.
When I arrived, the lecture hall was already surrounded by three floors inside and three floors outside. What made me angry was that there were not enough seats for the students in our French department, and there were many students from other departments living opposite us.
The girls from the English department actually slept all the time I have enough reason to think that their ulterior motives are not in the wine. This group of nympho heard a faint voice calling my name and Xiao Dan’s name.
Between people, I saw my roommate Bobo on the other side of the lecture hall calling our good brother in the past. She In the shameless eyes of the people, we took a seat for us, but the people here are tighter than meatball stuffing. How can we get by? The report has not yet started. I don’t care about many people.
I drag Xiaodan, jump on a row of tables, and forcefully pass other people at a high place.
I am a language learner and I know that the richness of language all depends on the vastness of our great motherland. The foreign language elites from all over the motherland bring the language essence of their hometown at the same time. The road is difficult and quite long.
On the way, the noise disappeared, it was quiet, it was quiet, and then there was thunderous applause. I knew what had happened. The star who gave the report made everyone look forward to it.
The cat’s waist is almost crawling. Let’s take a few quick steps and finally pounce on the breath-holding Bobo. I quickly sit down and stroke my hair, straighten my clothes, calm my dantian, stabilize my mood, and then open my eyes full of faith to look at the star. It turns out that this is Cheng Jiayang, me. I also sketched his image in my heart, a humble gentleman, a wise scholar, an experienced literati or He is a handsome guy, but his appearance is beyond my expectation.
Standing in front of the podium is a very young boy, tall and thin. He is wearing a very casual and soft beige casual outfit, but it has a taste of being in the wind. His face is very white, and I can’t see his facial features clearly from a distance, but I can only see a pair of black eyes that are shining and smiling slightly. He has black curly hair that goes over the ears, so he has a more or less feminine temperament, which I like.
Most of the girls in this lecture hall were unwilling to blink their eyes and their hearts drifted away, and then they heard him say whether I speak Chinese or French. The voice is low and cold, like water in a deep pool. I heard someone muttering, “It’s up to you My little brother has a low voice and poor consciousness.
This is the first time I have met Cheng Jiayang’s Qiao Fei. At the request of the Foreign Legion, Cheng Jiayang finally gave a report in Chinese. He introduced his study abroad experience in Paris III. He studied intensively.
Etiquette training outside the exam, diplomacy skills, and simultaneous interpretation practice at several large conferences in Brussels and Strasbourg. The next part is free questions from students. What I just proposed at the beginning is still some well-behaved three major courses in Paris.
Set up the study abroad route, translation skills, etc., but soon changed their way under the guidance of some nympho. They started with life in Paris with ulterior motives, and asked about customs and customs.
These topics that have been chewed up on travel programs are finally being booed. I don’t know whose voice is calling out in the crowd, Brother, have you wasted the opportunity to find a French girl as a lover? I feel really angry, but I’m already curious to death. I think Cheng Jiayang, you must not answer Cheng Jiayang smiled and handed over the microphone The fingers on the other hand are slender.
He finally said in French. If I said no, would I be too sorry? I said angrily, why did I tell you, then I thought about it, Cheng Jiayang was born with a noble and elegant temperament, a man as white as snow and green onions, which makes people yearn for me.
When I think of him like this, I sit in front of a big mirror, put on makeup, paint my face with snow-white eyebrows The hair grows on the small face and almost flies into the temples.
The lips are smeared with bright red, so the hair is so black that it is almost blue. The hair is raised high and shows the neck. Tightly wrapping her young body, she looks charming in the mirror and smiles again and again.
Opening the door, you can see the lights and feasting.
This is the most prosperous nightclub in the city. I am one of the many sexy girls here.
My name is Feifei, and my name is Casablanca.