I like to hold back I’m different I have to open the skylight to speak out your team had a brawl in the office yesterday

I’m afraid there will be a thousand answers in a thousand people, but before you ask this question, you need to find a time traveler. A time traveler, as the name suggests, is a human who has traveled to other worlds. The intersection of our world and other worlds is in most places. In the story, the traveler opened a plug-in in a different world, changed the world and became the savior, and finally enjoyed fame, wealth and power in a different world and spent his life proudly.
However, this is only possible for the extremely lucky traveler.
The protagonist, Darph Ken Mullin Manbru, was forcibly teleported back to his original world on the eve of his hegemony, ended his military career with swords and magic, and returned to the workplace where he worked hard for his boss.
But before returning to the workplace, you must find a good job A job hello welcome to our company interview hello what’s your name shidalf ken mulling manburu hello are you a foreign expatriate no i’m a local can you say your name again shidal My name is Wang Liming. Okay, Mr.
Wang, what kind of occupation did you do before, and you know it? If you are 23 or 24 years old, we can accept that you have no work experience, but your resume says you are At the age of 30, we need to know about your work experience. My previous occupation was a dark shooter who had just changed from a summoner. When Darf Ken Mullin Manbru lost his resume with his resume in his hand, there were only 30 people here.
Walked out of the factory, obviously had my resume in hand, and asked my name and work experience if I was sick.
When Darfken Mullin Manbru said indignantly, if I could still use magic now, I would have killed you This small factory was blown up, that’s right, Dalf Ken Mullin Manbru’s full-fledged name was not his original name in the original world. His real name was Wang Liming. Then he returned to this world with basically zero work experience. In short, in this world, Wang Liming is a person who has been eliminated by society. Wang Liming seems to have not yet accepted the fact that he is no longer the all-powerful Dalf Ken Mullin Manbrook. Both hands are constantly trying to gather magic that doesn’t exist in this world, but they fail time and time again.
The high-intensity and large-scale destructive magic that was once the most proud of it can’t be used at all.
Cut Wang Liming threw the resume in his hands on the ground and then He picked up his resume, patted it clean, walked to the bus station, and returned home. Wang Liming fell down on the hard wooden bed.
If it were in another world, it would take the lives of a thousand people to forge a bed of souls that would enhance the magic power just by lying on it.
It has been four days since I came back, and I don’t have much money. Wang Liming looks at the date, month, day, and Wang Liming’s thoughts are slightly different from those before the time travel.
The most important thing is that money can be obtained no matter how it is obtained.
The date when Wang Liming leaves this world and enters another world is January. Nothing in the real world changes day and night, so Wang Liming can’t bear to wonder if the love, hatred, and hatred that he has experienced before are all an extremely real dream. It’s annoying that even a little magic can’t be used. Wang Liming is eager to use some magic, but he can’t Failed, he became more and more impatient, he urgently needed to use magic to prove that what he had experienced in the past was not a dream, someone knocked on the door, Wang Liming walked to the door, looked out through the cat’s eyes, did not recognize him, pretended not to be at home, if you want to find I will definitely come again, Wang Liming, go back to the bed, lie down, let’s go in, let’s go in, there is a voice outside the door, Wang Liming heard what they said, and suddenly became nervous, let’s see what they are going to do first, and then say this is Wang Liming. In another world, in order to prevent the enemy from assassinating, the good habit developed is to be close to the principle.
Wang Liming hid in the closet and watched what they were doing through the cracks in the closet. There were a total of four people, three men and one woman walked in.
The door lock seemed to have been pried open. The leader is a forty-year-old middle-aged man with a faint scar on his face.
One of the other two men wears two earrings and has gray hair. He looks about his own age and looks like Shamat.
Another dress is much more orthodox, but the more serious people look, the less serious they are. The woman with the three men has short hair and her eyes, which are half the size of her face, are particularly eye-catching.
All of them are wearing gray suits and gray suits. The Fat Man and the Serious Man looked and touched the ground and the wall. Thinking of the two men doing something like this to his room, Wang Liming made the decision not to renew the lease after the lease expired. The boss does have teleportation.
There are traces of the door. The serious man said to the scarred man, can you seal the portal? The scarred man turned his head and asked the glasses woman that it is a bit difficult.
The energy source of the portal has not been cut off. The glasses woman shook her head.
The energy source is probably in this room.
It must be found as soon as possible to prevent the portal from being activated again.
According to observations, the portal has been activated twice. The scar man then assigned a division of labor and the four began to search for the so-called energy source. After hearing their conversation and actions, Wang Liming had some Surprised by the portal, Wang Liming had indeed seen him go back and forth to another world by means of this portal, and the number of times he used it was twice to go once and return once. This coincided with the fact that the portal had been activated twice in their conversation. There are really people who specialize in time-traveling. Surprise is surprise, but after hearing this, Wang Liming also started to think a little bit. As long as the portal is activated again, I can return to the original world. What Wang Liming can’t get rid of is I am afraid that what I have done in another world will not be able to achieve it in this world for a few lifetimes.