I know you too well When we divorced you were just a waste You were just a puddle of mud You suddenly rose up This

In the attic he rented, there was a portal leading to the treasures of other worlds. He rewritten his destiny.
He won all the sprint gold medals in the Olympic Games.
He won the Nobel Prize for Literature.
Intel planes were destroyed, Boeing was destroyed, he became the god of sports, the god of literature, the god of music, the god of film and television, he dominated all fields of the world, starting from the Olympic champion, legend Wang Huannian, do you have any special services in a massage parlor in Wang Huannian? It’s a regular place, there’s no special service.
The project I’m doing is called Happiness Papa Papa. Please tell me what Happiness Papa Pa is. I’m going to sue you, Wang Huan, what are you doing? Another customer complained about this month’s salary, do you still want it? Besides, you are a man pretending to be a chaste and strong woman, Wang Huan said, but he is also a man. The manager said that there are many beautiful girls in our club. He is not looking for a girl, but he is looking for you. It’s not obvious.
Deduct 200 salary, this is the company’s It is stipulated to deduct 200 for one complaint, and then the manager said, Wang Huan, you are short of money recently.
Certificate The runner-up in the national sports meeting went to the club.
The massage guarantee is a gimmick.
Our business is booming, and you can make more money.
Wang Huan raised his head and said that it is impossible. It’s just the runner-up of the club.
Look, you deserve to be so poor.
Manager Wang Huan said, I’m going home early today to cook. Can I take a few hours off? I can see that he is a little limping when he walks.
First, I went to the vegetable market to buy a pound of good ribs, and I bought a grouper, four crabs, and several kinds of vegetables. The total cost was several hundred yuan.
When I passed the flower shop, I bought a bouquet of roses. One hundred yuan I bought a box of chocolates when I passed by the supermarket, and I spent another one hundred. I bought a bottle of red wine and spent three hundred. Now it’s so easy to lose him without spending a thousand yuan. It’s only a thousand yuan, but it’s not that he lives extravagantly because today is his wedding anniversary. His father-in-law, mother-in-law, and brother-in-law’s family are coming to eat at home.
After buying these things, he got on the bus for more than half an hour before arriving home.
Greenland Garden is a very nice neighborhood.
At the beginning of the century, it was a new type of community.
There was a swimming pool, tennis courts, and greenery. The house price was quite high. After entering the community, many people greeted Wang Huan. Ah, Wang Huan didn’t say much, smiled and nodded in response, and slightly avoided other people’s eyes because These gazes are usually filled with pity. If it’s ridicule, it’s okay.
You can still look coldly at it, but pity and sympathy are the most tormenting people. Use the key to open the door and enter the house. This is a three-bedroom, two-living room house with a total of more than 130 square meters. Very sophisticated and good taste My wife hasn’t come home and there is no one at home There is a huge wedding photo on the wall My wife Yu Ziqing is one of the best beauties and she has a good figure She is a middle school teacher in the city’s No. 2 Middle School The most beautiful female teacher in it. Her father is a civil servant. Now she is a deputy director. Her mother is a doctor and the chief physician of the department. The family is very respectable, and Xiao Qing graduated from Beijing Normal University, which is considered a prestigious school.
Wang Huan was born in a rural area and has not studied much. Didn’t even finish high school and her grades are poor.
Ordinarily, the two are very unsuitable. Yu Ziqing has such a good condition. Why did she marry Wang Huan? There are two reasons.
He was once the runner-up in the National Games two years ago, and the coaching staff believed that he still had great potential. He might be the future star of the Huaxia track and field team, and he might even hope to win a medal in the Olympics.
But two years ago, he The dream was shattered, a car accident occurred in a car accident, the calf was severely fractured, and he had to end his sports career. The country did not treat him badly. He was recommended to go to a university, and it was a key university.