I know who it is Su Xing didnt say it directly this time but just sold Guan Zidao good guy how can you guess it

Chapter 1 Blowing up the soul ring at the beginning of the game and reawakening the soul is a third-level innate soul power of coins A Martial Soul that can make people rich The Su family is the Awakening of a wealthy businessman of the Heaven Dou Empire by virtue of the coin Martial Soul and a certain business acumen. Another identity is the Awakening of the previous life of a traverser. But why would a schoolmaster travel to Dou? Luo Dalu came to Su Xing and didn’t know, but after so many years, he had already accepted the fact of time travel. The only thing that makes Su Xing a bit unacceptable is his martial soul and innate soul power level. Innate third-level soul power follows the rules of Douluo Dalu.
It is almost impossible for Su Xing’s qualifications to cultivate to the level of Titled Douluo, let alone become a god.
When he was young, he knew that he had awakened such a weak martial soul. After he woke up, he went to Notting College to find the master and asked how to cultivate to reach the level of Titled Douluo.
After inquiring about Su Xing’s identity and martial spirit, the level master directly asserted that it is impossible for Su Xing to cultivate to the title of Douluo, even the soul saints have extravagant hopes for Su Xing. Disappointed, he hoped that he could join the master’s sect like Tang San, hoping to borrow So after building a good relationship with Tang San, see if you can get some benefits from Tang San.
Who knows that Su Xing’s request was directly rejected by the master at that moment, Su Xing realized that the master’s acceptance of apprentices also depends on aptitude, even though the master’s own aptitude is not good. However, he insists that he is theoretically invincible and is unwilling to teach Su Xing, who is of ordinary qualifications.
Su Xing also has arrogance and feels that the master is wrong.
Feeling Yu Xiaogang’s disgust, Su Xing also gives up the idea of ​​apprenticeship. Of course, it’s not just about hating the house, but Su Xing.
Tang San and Xiao Wu also felt a sense of alienation and perfunctory. It’s a perfunctory way to call her big sister or something.
If you want to get closer, Xiao Wu will ignore you at all. After waking up, you realize that when your talent and strength are not enough, people like Tang San, Xiao Wu and others are not at all. I won’t pay too much attention to you. Maybe you can pay the price of time and slowly get in touch with Tang San Xiaowu and the others. But Su Xing, as a schoolmaster in his previous life, also has his own arrogance and dignity.
Yu Xiaogang was very upset, but Su Xing also knew that if he practiced like a normal soul master, the result would not be too far from Yu Xiaogang’s assertion, so Su Xing decided to rely on himself, and now a year has passed in a laboratory dedicated to Su Xing Zhong Suxing is holding a record sheet in his hand. The records on it are all the experimental records Su Xing has done in the past few years. The summary is all about some experimental records and results of soul masters, soul power and soul rings. There are also some Yu Xiaogang’s theories on it, such as After the soul master level reaches the bottleneck, if you continue to practice without absorbing the breakthrough of the soul ring, you can still increase your soul power.
Although the original book has explained whether Yu Xiaogang’s theory is correct. Since the actual verification, of course, Su Xing did not verify it on himself. All of them bought slaves with money and came back to conduct experiments.
Su Xing’s father relied on money and Su Xing was really smart since he was a child. I have found my own way to become stronger. At this time, Su Xing looks excited and excited, but it soon becomes calm. Then my road to become stronger starts with blowing up the soul ring.
Even though soul rings come with soul skills, they are very powerful. The increase in strength is very strong, but it has certain obstacles for the soul master to control the soul power.
I want to perfectly control my own soul power.
The only way to become stronger is to blow up the soul ring. If you wake up from the soul ring, if you are outside If someone hears it, they will definitely laugh out loud and think that the person who said this is either a fool or an idiot, but this is an iron-like fact that Su Xing has repeatedly verified Use the soul skills attached to the soul ring to release the attack and wake up.
Only then did you realize why the soul masters in Douluo Dalu have mastered such a magical energy of soul power, but there are so few self-created soul skills. The soul skills are very difficult, not much to say, after everything is ready, Su Xing slowly sits cross-legged and meditates, a yellow light flickers, a yellow soul ring, a century-old soul ring floats at Su Xing’s feet with the release of Su Xing, this is a 400-year-old soul ring back then The Su family paid a lot of money to help Su Xing get it, but now Su Xing wants to blow it up. The ring explosion is the profound meaning of the Haotian School’s magic skill, the Great Sumeru Hammer, but the ring explosion is not difficult.
The soul ring is blown up.
In the end, he can use the bursting power of it to wake up, of course he can’t do it, he doesn’t need Haotianzong’s ring explosion, there is a danger of destroying the soul ring, but the awakening just wants to destroy the soul ring, he doesn’t need the accompanying soul ring The skill Broken Boom followed Su Xing with a low drink, and the yellow 400-year-old soul ring that appeared on Su Xing’s body suddenly exploded with a bang.
With the ring explosion, there was also a powerful wave of soul power scattered around Su Xing as the center, and the momentum was amazing. Ignoring the movement caused by the ring explosion, but silently thinking about my current state of soul power. Sure enough, after the ring explosion, there is no restriction on the soul ring, and the manipulation of soul power is more convenient, and the soul power on the body has not decreased, but the soul ring is temporarily gone. Can’t use soul skills anymore, it’s similar to Haotianzong’s profound meaning, Haotianzong’s exploding rings are actually temporarily releasing some soul rings from controlling their own soul power, and only those of Haotianzong can display their self-created magic skills Osumi Hammer, so in fact, anyone can blow up the ring, as long as there is a self-created soul skill. Others didn’t do it.
It’s just that the self-created soul skill is not as powerful as Haotianzong’s Great Sumeru Hammer. Fried rings are not the same as theirs even