I know what I can do I know what I can’t do I know where I’m going I know what I’m going to do and

After returning home after graduating from a well-known foreign university, Dr.
Zhong resolutely chose Chinese medicine taught by his grandfather to treat diseases, which surprised everyone.
What is even more surprising is that Dr.
Zhong succeeded in using traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is not witchcraft, but a system. Science is on the way to realize the ideal No one is alone Author self-defined label Doctor Zhongtian Article Chapter 1 The Dilemma of Chinese Medicine July 23, 1999 Dr. Zhong stood confidently at the gate of Huaxia Medical College wearing a windbreaker On the podium, he used chalk to write down the theme of his speech today on the blackboard. The dilemma and development direction of Chinese medicine.
There was an uproar from the audience. Their faces were dark. They spent a lot of money to set up such a platform for Doctor Zhong, and invited so many big figures and representatives. Doctor Zhong told them that Chinese medicine is not once again advocating that Western medicine can save people, and Western medicine can save the world, so as to further promote them in China. Doctor Zhong did not respond to the reaction of the representatives of the MEMSIC Group.
As a genius who went abroad in the 1980s, he was the first graduate of Harvard Medical School. He still has some confidence. Doctor Zhong pointed to this title and used his unique A deep voice said that the current dilemma of Chinese medicine comes from several aspects.
First, Chinese medicine is slow to take effect. This is the biggest difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine. As a patient, the most expected thing after getting sick is the rapid recovery of the disease.
Chinese medicine gives people the feeling of procrastination. Second, Chinese medicine is inconvenient.
This inconvenience comes from the inconvenience of boiling medicine in all aspects.
The pain when taking medicine is not like western medicine. The voice is lower, giving people a mountain-like steady way. In the end, I want to say that the biggest problem with Chinese medicine is that Chinese medicine lacks a standard. Doctors in Chinese medicine vary from good to bad. Chinese medicine is too good or too bad.
It is generally not like Western medicine, as long as there is an instrument test result, the doctor’s experience will play a small role. Western medicine is excluded for surgery. Chinese medicine diagnosis pays attention to observation, hearing, questioning, but it also lacks a standard that is not enough to quantify.
It is basically subjective experience. Chemical formulas can produce medicines in a standardized way, but traditional Chinese medicines can’t.
Years of origin, preservation conditions, brewing conditions, these all affect the efficacy of medicines. When Zhong Yi’s words fell, the audience was all surprised.
He was blatantly tearing off the fig leaf of Chinese medicine. All the big shots present.
Whispering to each other, they don’t know what Dr. Zhong will say next.
The representative of MEMSIC Pharmaceutical Group is in a very complicated mood at the moment.
On the one hand, they appreciate that Dr. Zhong’s explanation of the ancient medical technique of Chinese medicine is not standardized enough; on the other hand, they are afraid of what Dr. Zhong will say next. Something happened, so the dignitaries of the MEMSIC Pharmaceutical Group exchanged glances and interrupted him.
The representative of the MEMSIC Pharmaceutical Group ordered Dr. Zhong to sort out his thoughts on the stage and was about to continue talking.
Next, I will explain my views on the development direction of Chinese medicine.
Zhan Zhan Zhi Zhi Zhi Zhong doctor’s words came into the microphone but did not come out and should be sent out The voice came out, and then the host of the scene urgently announced that because of various aspects of venue security, Dr.
Zhong’s speech ended here.
Dr. Zhong shook his hands unnaturally, and looked towards the audience like a sword.
After seven years, I understand these shameless tactics of the Americans, but this directly proves that the Americans are afraid that he will continue to talk, and the Americans are afraid that he will continue to do it, because as long as he continues to do it, it will bring huge damage to the American pharmaceutical group. Let’s wait and see, Dr. Chung is on the stage, talking with his lips to the big shots of the MEMSIC Pharmaceutical Group, and walking down. The representatives of the MEMSIC Pharmaceutical Group urgently want to communicate with Dr.
They don’t understand why Chung, who graduated from Harvard Medical School The medical association went to promote traditional Chinese medicine, and they urgently wanted to communicate with Dr. Zhong, wanting to tell Dr.
Zhong to follow their path and to follow the standards of western medicine, but Dr.
Zhong went straight to the exit when he stepped down from the stage. If you don’t give me face and don’t let me finish my sentence, then I won’t give you face. Doctor Zhong thought with a cold face that Mexin Pharmaceutical Group is doing everything in the world, but this is in China. It doesn’t work here. After learning that Dr. Zhong refused to communicate, the bigwigs of the Mexin Pharmaceutical Group sneered and already put Dr. Zhong on the target list. Dr. Zhong is 29 years old this year and has short, neat hair. At this moment, he is riding a bicycle to work at the Health Bureau. The collar of the white shirt is slightly open. The cuffs of the shirt are rolled up in the middle of the arms. A pair of serious eyebrows and big eyes add a trace of calmness to his cleanliness. On the side of the road, an old lady sits on the roadside with a sweaty face. Panting loudly and red, Dr.
Zhong was passing by her on a bicycle. Many pedestrians on the road saw the situation of the old lady, but they all pretended not to see and left. At the peak period, the reform of state-owned enterprises is now at its peak.
Everyone is trying their best not to be laid off and to keep their jobs. Where is the time to meddle in other people’s business? I don’t care. Of course, someone is in charge. Doctor Zhong stops the bicycle. He hesitates for a few seconds. I looked at the watch and the working hours are not enough, but the symptoms of the old lady’s illness are not deceiving.
As a person, Dr. Zhong thought about it for a few seconds, and he didn’t care about it, but as a doctor, he couldn’t. So Dr. Zhong stopped the bicycle. Stepping up to the side and asking grandma what’s the matter with you, the old lady waved her hand bravely when she saw someone asking her. Grandma Wen, you can’t sit here, I’ll help you sit aside