I know that the thing you swallowed was a living thing and if you want to ask for help you can try to break free

Chapter 1 This is a magical comment.
This is a magical comment.
When you write the characters and worlds you want to travel through, your dreams will come true immediately. Congratulations, you are the first person to write a comment. Mulu’s note Since you are the first commenter, you have randomly obtained the sign-in system. Please check it.
Umm, what’s the matter? Has anyone turned off the light? Why can’t I see anything? Could it be that I’m blind and I always feel my body is limp Something is wrong, slippery and not slippery.
The round creature that looks like a combination of pudding and jelly is moving up and down. He is just an ordinary orphan student who was browsing the novel review area in the dormitory and saw a magical thing. He entered the name of his favorite character, Limulu, and the recently pursued Chinese manga Douluo Dalu.
After his eyes went dark, he didn’t know anything.
It was detected that the current world he was in was the current area of ​​Douluo Dalu. The sign-in system for the Star Dou Great Forest has been activated. Congratulations to the host for successfully signing in to the Star Dou Great Forest. The great sage has started the great sage sign-in system.
The Star Dou Great Forest. I have really traveled through the Star Dou Forest. Even if I do, can you give me a pair of hands and a pair of feet? Ah, it’s best to have a pair of eyes too. I’ve turned into a ball now. It’s really uncomfortable. The man felt a little unbelievable, but at this moment, another clear and sweet voice that was completely different from the mechanical voice just now appeared in his mind.
Lime does not have the concept of hands, feet, eyes, etc. You are really a great sage. Answer I am a great sage. After hearing the answer, Shi Aotian suddenly became excited. Great sage, what is the situation with me now and what the hell is the sign-in system? AnswerThe sign-in system cannot be described and cannot be answeredAThe soul power has been opened, please observe your own situation.
As soon as the great sage’s voice fell, the slime felt a special force smoothly running through every corner of the body, making it extremely comfortable. I don’t know. Should I be happy or should I be happy? After all, it’s my own cheap comment.
But after all, I should change my name to Limulu now. After all, this is the only way to fit my identity as Shi Aotian Limu.
Limulu said to herself After a while, as if thinking of something, I asked the great sage, the great sage, I have any abilities, and I will report to me. Answer Predator stomach bag mimic analysis, isolation, pain, self-regeneration, physical attack, natural influence, invalid, abnormal state, invalid after repeated confirmation Limuru finally determined that he basically inherited all of Limuru’s abilities. Although it was only the initial ability and did not have the power after evolution, it was enough for Yada to take off, but what made Limuru a little helpless was that his eyes were still pitch black. I can’t see anything Great Sage Why I still can’t see is there any skill that can let me see my surroundings clearly and I seem to use my mind to talk to you now Can you let me learn to speak directly Answer please improve my soul power get soul power Knowledge skills and language system improve soul power Limuru trembles all over, a huge exclamation mark appears on the head to improve soul power, it seems that I will not be able to go out for a while, but I have come here, so I can’t do a good search. Well, Limuru put himself into a funny face, and then began to slide his body forward, but it was too boring to slide his body slowly. Thinking of this, a huge exclamation mark appeared on Limuru’s head again, and then he used ejection Wuhu Limulu once again put on a funny face and began to jump and walk. His speed was many times faster than sliding.
Slowly, Limulu’s control of the body changed from the original jerky and uncoordinated.
He has become more and more proficient, even flipping 180 degrees in the air, 360 degrees, 108 turns, and other operations are already basic exercises for him.
Although Limulu couldn’t see the surroundings, he could sense the existence of soul power, so he directly turned on the foodie mode. When he sensed something with soul power, no matter what it was, he directly turned on the predator to engulf it even if it was powerful. Mulu himself didn’t know what he had swallowed.
Anyway, he would eat whatever he wanted. These things were swallowed by Limulu one after another, which increased his soul power a lot and the speed of devouring became faster and faster.
The deeper Limulu went, the more treasures there were. He didn’t let go of any of them. Under the guidance of the great sage, Shi ate everything and started his foodie career.
Limulu even swallowed a lot of it.
The soul beasts that strayed here, the century-old soul beasts, the thousand-year soul beasts, etc.
, have swallowed too many Limuru himself. Even the ten-thousand-year soul beasts have been swallowed by him.
There are too many inexplicable ones, and he has also learned a lot of other abilities.
Among them, flying, hardening, and heating are his favorite abilities. It’s just that Limuru’s soul power has not yet reached the standard.
According to the great sage, he only has it now, which is equivalent to seventy-seven thousand. The strength of a thousand-year-old soul beast is nothing more than the strength of a thousand-year-old soul beast.
With this strength, it is impossible to activate the soul power perception skills, and it is also impossible to speak. You can only communicate with the great sage with your thoughts, so Limuru can only continue to devour and improve her soul power.
Half a year has passed like this. Shi can eat everything. Lime devoured all the soul-powerful things in the entire underground cave.
It’s a pity that the sign-in system has never appeared since the time travel, except for the first time. This makes Limulu a little bit Speechless great sage, can you tell me if the sign-in system has crashed and why it hasn’t been triggered for the second time? Answer Can’t be observed Can’t answer