I just slept with two ghost girls they were fascinated by me don’t worry I knew that Lao Zi was so popular after his death

Do you dare to dismount the Eastern Yinsi Great? Let me learn the name of the cat from the Yinsi Great A heart-shattering song faintly came from the door, like a duck that was broken in love, hanging itself on a tree when it was disheartened, and roaring at its ill-fated fate, a figure stood under a dignified crooked-neck tree He lowered his head but couldn’t hide his melancholy demeanor. His eyes were blurred, with a kind of disillusionment and wisdom.
Passers-by could not help but glance at them, leaving a sigh and hurried away. The breeze slowly disturbed his smoothness like silk. I am a king, but how did I end up here? The man lit a cigarette, puffed out the clouds, looked at poetry and the distance, and recalled the ups and downs of youth. The East should receive guests.
There was a shout from the roast chicken shop, and the customers who ate chicken in the shop laughed. The owner of this shop is dishonest, the name of the shop is dishonest, even the kid who delivers food at the door is dishonest, but the chicken is very serious.
Boss, can you stop using the word pick up? Have you considered my delicate self-esteem? Dongfang came with a cigarette in his mouth. His eyes were faint and resentful.
The boss is a big fat man, as fat as a plump bun with his eyes squeezed into slits.
Dongfang, life is like a dream. It’s one but I’m the king, Dongfang gave him the eyes of a king, so what can the king not give me, a bronze worker, the fat boss noticed that the king in front of him was a bit lonely Live up to your beauty, bravely show the world your demeanor, right, take me to fight pesticides at night, your gorgeous sister, Dongfang, rolled her eyes, and she is shameless enough. This unscrupulous boss is even more shameless. The food delivery has a feeling of blood boiling. It’s like going to the big sword. But for the ordinary-looking Dongfang, he likes others to praise him for being handsome.
Ahhhhhhh, beauty and wisdom coexist, Dongfang rode an electric motorcycle and rode away. The three words “cock” on the clothes on the back were unusually eye-catching, which attracted many girls’ drivers’ minds.
Individual tastes and unique tastes silently watched that figure. I don’t know what I’m thinking. The Xidayun brand electric motorcycle whizzes by Dongfang wears sunglasses and shuttles through the traffic.
There is a trace of confusion in his eyes, which is the confusion of future life.
I hope that one day my son will be as excellent as the sun rises in the east and the scorching sun is like fire. It’s a pity that I can’t describe it in one word. The Yangtze River is full of tears.
Destiny is magical. For example, it wants you to become a hooligan.
There will also be gods in life who will take care of you and make you change before you know it Dongfang was born in a bronze family and lived a bronze-like life, but he has the heart of a king.
He believes that a pheasant can become a phoenix. A chicken can do it. Why can’t he do it? Am I not as good as a chicken? Men have to control their destiny. Our goal is to compete with pheasants.
With high ambition and ambition, he has also completed a big step in life.
I work in a chicken shop, but my invisible wings and my invincible golden finger have nothing to do with you. How could we be in love with me? The electric motorcycle drifted away. At this moment, Dongfang’s cell phone rang, and when he saw that it was his mother calling, his expression changed and he returned to his cynical look. Mom missed me again, brat, did you find anyone at work? Can you do it in Yanzhou? Come back and take an exam in the county to be a civil servant. Good drought and flood. Mom, you look down on your excellent son.
I’m just working. I’m just telling you a secret. There are three foreign companies crying and begging for my salary. I drive one higher than the other. Oh, it’s so troublesome, you brat. You know how to brag about the leaders of foreign companies and you’re not blind.
Would you find a second-ben ugly boy with no work experience? Damn, can you stop using the word ugly? No mother thinks her son is ugly, you boy don’t like to hear the truth, you are ugly, you have to admit that you look at your sister, the one I gave birth to is also beautiful, I can’t figure out what I ate when I was pregnant with you, how could I be so ugly? The nurses who delivered the baby were crying in fright, Mom, can we change the subject?