I just don’t want him to have a good time I just don’t want him to succeed in everything Jiao shouted it’s useless if you

User-uploaded content begins Doomsday Earthwalker Author Baoju Wants to Rise Introduction The cruel end of the world is coming Zombies are rampant Survivors are killing each other for supplies The whole world has become extremely dangerous, but he has the ability to control the soil in the soil at will Shuttle in the middle of the world, so the wretched stream of the end of the world was born.
With his ability to run against the sky, let’s see how he struggled to survive in the end of the world, built the safest underground kingdom in the end of the world, and became the master.
In a dilapidated factory building in a border town in the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia, dozens of men with shaved heads and sturdy builds are constantly moving wooden boxes from the van under the command of a gentle woman wearing glasses A fat man wearing a gold chain said that Zhang Wenjing, the No. 1 arms smuggler in Southeast Asia, was also the gentle-looking female boss who nodded indifferently as she looked at the stack of wooden boxes piled up in the corner of the factory building.
A lot of ammunition popping, popping, suddenly gunshots rang out in the silent factory building, Zhang Wenjing saw the brothers around him bleeding from their heads, and then they fell to the ground screaming, black eating, black copying guy, the quiet woman instantly turned into a mother who went down the mountain Tiger’s many younger brothers also reacted, one by one drew out their guns as if they were facing a big enemy, but they couldn’t see where the enemy was at all, they just saw brothers fall down one by one. The sound sounded like popping beans, but only for a moment, Zhang Wenjing was the only one left in the silent workshop, and she didn’t dare to move, even after going through countless battles, this woman was so frightened that her legs became weak at this moment, and there was a rush of footsteps From the silhouette of the sun, Zhang Wenjing saw a young man with two pistols walking in briskly.
This man didn’t have the high-handed demeanor of pretending to blow away the gunpowder smoke after firing the gun, but the anxious expression on his face.
Who are you? I don’t want money.
I’ll let you go.
Zhang Wenjing tremblingly said that the man walked in front of her. Zhang Wenjing finally saw clearly that this man looked like a handsome young college student. Good-looking and immature, but this young man with a face that hasn’t grown up just took dozens of people’s lives in a flash. There is no sniper, the sniper is just him. The sniper rifle is just two pistols.
Zhang Wenjing knows that he has met an expert! Kaka was silent for a while, this sound suddenly sounded in the silent workshop Zhang Wenjing felt that this sound was very familiar The mechanical watch on the wrist has a very urgent tone, but the words are clear.
My name is Li Guan. I don’t have time to explain too much to you. What you have to do now is to follow my instructions and do things. There are still 20 minutes left in the universe.
This wave of light will cover the entire earth by then Most of the humans and animals on this earth will become irrational and only know about killing and eating instinctively.
After twenty minutes, the world will become a purgatory. Survivors who have not lost their irrationality will be slaughtered on a large scale. Zhang Wenjing is stunned.
Look at this psychopath, but you are interrupted before you can speak. Don’t speak.
Your name is Zhang Wenjing.
Your ancestral home is Inner Mongolia. When your parents divorced in junior high school, you rebelliously ran away from home and wandered into the Golden Triangle. But I, Zhang Wenjing, was stunned. Others don’t know all about her past.
Only she knows about it. Even the police in mainland China don’t know about it. This man named Li Guan interrupts you again.
The base where you stored a large amount of munitions and advanced military equipment.
Your underground base is only known to you and some of the dead. But only you know the password and the way to enter the underground base.
How do you know Zhang Wenjing? Crazy and excited, said who betrayed me Li Guan hurriedly said that there is no time to explain too much to you, I told you these are just to express a meaning, I know everything about you and everything in the future, don’t treat me as a crazy person from now on You have to believe every word I say. In five minutes, countless light clusters will appear in the sky, illuminating the entire earth, and everyone will be unable to open their eyes. In eighteen minutes, when the light clusters disappear, the catastrophe of annihilation will come. On average, out of ten human beings who come to the world, only one person will not be affected and become a survivor, and the remaining nine will become irrational walking dead. After a few days, this walking dead will be named Zombie and you just happen to I am the unaffected survivor out of ten people. I need to cooperate with you.
Zhang Wenjing thinks that all the words in my ears are simply a fantasy.
How is it possible? But I still wonder how you need to cooperate with me.
I need you.
Massive ammunition, your massive ammunition can be exchanged for a promise I made to you. What kind of promise? Zhang Wenjing asked curiously, what kind of joke was he making? My arsenal can already arm a regiment.
He actually just exchanged a promise for Li Guan, saying very seriously.
My promise is to keep you alive in the apocalypse hahahaha Zhang Wenjing laughed mockingly Li Guan seemed to have completely ignored this kind of ridicule and continued to say that you still have seventeen minutes to save your life, within seventeen minutes you need Hurry to the roof of this factory as soon as possible.
There is a cistern on the roof. All you need to do is soak yourself in the cistern. Don’t show your head and don’t make any noise. Wait quietly and I’ll come to you in ten hours.
Remember that zombies can smell your smell