I hurriedly said please come in please come in Lu Yutong Give the cake to Zhuang Yijian to taste The little girl grabbed it honestly

More free good books are available in 80 e-books, please support the genuine copyright to the author. Chapter 1 I climbed over the wall and jumped down, and I was greeted by a dog with a ferocious look and a very deep whining sound. I wondered why there would be a dog. Why did it stop barking when I was outside the wall, so I stuck to the wall and didn’t dare to move. After a while, it didn’t seem to want to rush up to bite me. I wondered if I could discuss it with it. After a while, I said, Wangcai, Wangcai, it’s me, I’m your brother, don’t tell me to go over there, Huahua is still waiting for you there, Wangcai must have understood what I said, barked, rushed up and bit my trouser leg I scolded in my heart, “Fucking your old mother, you didn’t get rid of it a few times.
” At this moment, someone heard the movement, and the lights in the room began to light up one after another.
It seemed that I couldn’t run away.
Yue forgot that there was still a dog hanging on his trouser leg, how could he jump up? Before reaching the top of the wall, he started to fall down. In desperation, he grabbed the edge of the wall with his hands and hung on the wall like this.
Brother Wang Cai still didn’t seem to want to let go.
I fucked it again, the old mother swung her leg hard like swinging on a swing, and finally threw it out of the wall. It seemed that the fall was not light, so I climbed over the wall and jumped outside, thinking to run for my life.
Feeling unwilling again, I came back and dragged this half-dead dog along. The next day, I called Xiaobai to eat dog meat hotpot together. What the hell are you looking for? There is a dog at home.
You don’t know. Xiaobai said, I don’t know that the person known as the number one flower picker in the south of the Yangtze River is afraid of dogs. Let’s go next time and bring a meat bun inside the bun.
Put some anesthetics and I said I am a flower picker, not a dog-beating team, okay? Xiaobai said not to beat the dogs first.
Why did you pick flowers? I thought about it and thought what Xiaobai said made sense. It’s the map of the Liu Family Courtyard The house in the circle is Miss Liu’s residence. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll put the map away without even looking at it.
Tell me first if the Liu Family has a dog. Xiaobai sighed. If your father knew Taught you to be such a flower picker, my son must die of rage, so let’s make it right, you’re done, bring it out for me, I said, get out, see how I feel You must get it right next time, otherwise it will be too fucking embarrassing. Of course, after the robbery, remember to rob her mother’s money again, otherwise there will be no food. I climbed over the fence and jumped down from the fence.
Didn’t I have a dog? I took a look at it in the moonlight.
The terrain went straight to Miss Liu’s boudoir, now it’s dead of night, only the moonlight is like water, occasionally a breeze blows, and thin clouds cover a little bit of the moon.
In the room, I jumped up to the window sill on the second floor.
I couldn’t wait to open the window and jumped in. The room was kind of dark and I took two steps inside.
I always feel that something is wrong, as if I forgot to do something. Right, I haven’t blown the mist yet, so I hurriedly took out the mist I’m as stupid as you, I put away Mixiang first, and then gently retreated to the window. A huge black figure suddenly rushed out from the side and hugged me.
Hugged me tightly and talked while shaking me dead man Why are you here now I was startled again She is a woman Before I could think of something to say she hugged me and dragged me to the bed This sister is so fat Kong Wu’s strong arms strangled me so hard that I couldn’t breathe, so she dragged me to the bed and threw me on the bed. I gasped and just wanted to say, sister, did you recognize the wrong person? My sister’s huge body crushed me. At least two hundred catties came up, and I was about to spit out my gall. My sister couldn’t help but gnawed on my face like a wild boar digging sweet potatoes after being hungry for three days.
I was so crushed that I couldn’t move. Well, if this gets out, how can I mess around in the rivers and lakes in the future? I have to figure out a way, or I’ll have to tap acupuncture points on my body.
Fortunately, my father taught me. I freed my right hand and tapped on the Yangguan point on my sister’s waist.
I was hit by this point. The whole body must be sore and weak. I poked it and didn’t respond.
When I touched it with my hands, I could still feel the waist.
There was fat everywhere.
I couldn’t help but try to poke everywhere. I couldn’t get it right. Plus, my sister’s skin is thick and fat. My fingers are about to break.
She didn’t respond at all. In fact, the reaction was still some sisters said oh boy, what are you poking around? I almost spit out the dog meat I ate last time.
My sister continued to say that they are waiting for you for dinner Didn’t eat your dead head.
I’m only here now.
I really want to die. After I finished speaking, I wanted to eat meat buns for dinner.
I hurriedly said, I know you’re hungry.
I’ve brought you some supper. Really, my sister lifted my body, and I immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Hurry up. Take out the meat buns from her bosom, she crushed the good meat buns into pancakes, my sister grabs them, you are so kind, son, how do you know that I love meat? After speaking, you unceremoniously rode on me and ate it, beside me Panting and saying this, I could see that after a while, my sister fell on me with a bang, and the smell of steamed stuffed buns in my mouth took a lot of effort, finally crawled out from under her, wiped the sweat from her forehead, and looked at the bed With this pile of meat, I can’t help feeling that it’s not easy to be a flower picker. I don’t know how my dad got through it.
Although he didn’t enjoy it, he still had to charge for the service. I searched my sister for something valuable. did not find