I hope it was my granddaughter Ye Qing who said this you don’t have to worry if Qin Haodong is really your son sooner or

Source 80 e-book uploaded to Cultivation Hall Time word count Immortal Emperor was reborn and became a generation of medical saints and even directly became a baby daddy Her mother is as beautiful as a fairy, a good daughter Fei is clamoring to find a second mother and a third mother This child is too sensible hahaha No.
1 Emperor Zhang Xian was reborn Late at night in the intern dormitory of Jiangnan Hospital in Jiangnan City, a young man who was sleeping soundly sat up abruptly. When he saw the surrounding scenery clearly, his heart was full of turmoil.
This is the earth, am I going through a catastrophe? Am I coming back here? Emperor Qingmu Tang Long, one of the five immortal emperors in the cultivation world, unfortunately fell under the Nine Heavens Thunder during the crossing of the catastrophe, and there was no body left. What Tang Long didn’t expect was that he was reborn on the earth, even though he has always been cynical.
Playing life, but he was ecstatic to be able to return to the earth and be reborn. He was originally a lost employee on the earth. Because of his wood-type physique, he was brought to the realm of comprehension by the real Otoki who strayed through the earth for five hundred years.
Became one of the five immortal emperors in the cultivation world, but he still misses the earth very much.
Unfortunately, he can’t find the way back. Unexpectedly, after the failure of crossing the catastrophe, a ray of primordial spirit returned to the earth.
His dream of many years is not right.
All he has is a broken primordial soul.
Where did the body of God come from? Tang Long slowly closed his eyes for a moment and understood what was going on. Under the thunder of the Nine Heavens God, a ray of primordial spirit broke through the void and returned to the earth.
Unconsciously, he completed the fusion with the owner of this body. With the strength of Emperor Qingmu’s soul, even if there is only a ray of remnant soul left, he is thousands of times stronger than ordinary people. After fusion, he will naturally dominate and become the new master Tang Long. I can only say sorry to the original owner of this physical body until now. Let’s see what his wish is. Help him fulfill the soul of the physical owner.
The soul of the physical master has not dissipated, but has been fused by Tang Long’s powerful soul to retain a complete memory.
His name is Qin Haodong. He is an orphan who was adopted by an old doctor of Chinese medicine. He is now a senior student of Jiangnan Medical College. He is the first person in the world of medicine to practice the Aoki Longevity Kungfu, which can also be tempered and improved in the process of curing diseases and saving lives, but finding parents can only be done slowly and step by step, depending on fate. Started a new life, by the way, I don’t know what time it is now, his primordial spirit came from the shattered void, I don’t know what time it is now, he touched the dilapidated rice phone by the bedside and glanced at it, it showed that it was the Huaxia calendar year month number, he was taken by Yimu real person It is the Chinese calendar year, month, day, and less than five years from now. No matter what time he is, Emperor Qingmu dominates the cultivation world. Since he was reborn, he can’t be an ordinary person.
But now that his cultivation base is gone, some of the magic weapons are gone, and he has to start all over again, and he has to hurry up. Qin Haodong sat cross-legged on the bed and began to practice the Aoki Longevity Kung Fu.
After a long time, he exhaled lightly and his eyes flickered.
The spiritual energy coming to the earth is still too lacking. Based on his primordial spirit during the tribulation period, he can only reach the middle stage of Qi training, and he has not even completed the foundation building. Qin Haodong shook his head, but he had no choice but to be patient and take his time. At that moment, the phone next to Rice rang, and he glanced at the call from the chief physician, Ma Guoqiang. This guy is notoriously greedy and lecherous in the hospital. He tried to molest a female intern in the office yesterday. Qin Haodong happened to call today.
It must be nothing good, thinking that Qin Haodong still pressed the answer button, Ma Guoqiang’s ugly male duck voice came from the phone, Xiaoqin is short of people in the emergency department tonight, you need to add a class Qin Haodong said, Director Ma, I just took two shifts and should rest today It’s nothing to be worthy of the internship opportunity given to you by the hospital. After Ma Guoqiang finished speaking, he hung up the phone directly.
Qin Haodong immediately understood that the old pervert started to make trouble for him, and he wanted to mention the internship. The matter in the file obviously has a threatening meaning, but there is no way for the internship appraisal to be held in Ma Guoqiang’s hands, and he still wants to promote Chinese medicine. He can’t just take over this physical body and leave a disgraceful stroke. He got up, changed his clothes, and walked to the emergency room.
There was a sneer on Ma Guoqiang’s big fat face when he went to the phone. He had been attracted to that girl for a long time, and finally found a chance to make a move, but it was destroyed. This made him very unhappy.
A poor student with a background just happens to be on duty tonight.
He wants to show this intern who doesn’t know how deep he is. Let him know who can’t provoke Qin Haodong in Jiangnan Hospital.
When he came to the emergency department, he immediately became busy.
This is the department with the most workload in the whole hospital. Moreover, Ma Guoqiang deliberately made things difficult for him and asked him to do any work, even the work of tying up bottles and hanging water was arranged for him.
Looking at Qin Haodong who was so busy, Ma Guoqiang was very proud and walked over with a big belly.
You must have the consciousness of an intern, you need medical skills, you need experience, you need experience, you should do more rough work. Qin Haodong glanced at him indifferently. In fact, these tasks are nothing to him.
Very good, of course, Director Ma, the reason why I became a chief physician when I was less than forty years old is considered a highly respected doctor in Jiangnan Hospital, and the director thinks highly of me.
What is the reason for the superb medical skills Ma Guoqiang said? The nurses all secretly laughed that his medical skills are far inferior to the ability to flatter horses. All the sweepers in the hospital know that his ability to get into the position of chief physician has nothing to do with his medical skills. His teachers, Zhang Tian and Zhang Tianhe, are second to none in Jiangnan City. Highly skilled medical experts