I honestly called my aunt This is Erbao and Fengxi so good wait for me to free up my hands before talking to you yes

I have no chance to live a pastoral life like a salted fish. The Shennong auxiliary system will let you experience a busy and fulfilling feeling.
Master, don’t make trouble. Even if I die of illness and starvation, I will jump off the cliff and I will not farm, let alone eat the delicious food you rewarded. Chapter 1 Master, don’t make trouble at the side of the reeds in Wangjing Village, Xigou, Huaxi Town. In early summer, butterflies dance, bees fly, and grass is fragrant.
The flowers are fragrant.
The young people fishing by the river are sleeping soundly. He is a little fairy, a disciple of Shennong, because he was too lazy and delayed the important events in the fairy world, he was relegated to the lower world, but when he was reincarnated, countless fairy weapons struck and a terrible explosion happened, his soul was scattered, so he became a fool and his brain is not good.
Even in the village, he was often ridiculed by people, and his parents at home were also quite distressed, but they still gritted their teeth and brought him up.
After repeating the first half of the dream many times, there was a continuation of the dream at this moment. A tall, white-bearded old man in sackcloth and straw shoes carrying medicine The white-bearded old man said with a complicated and tangled expression, I’m safe, my apprentice, you were reincarnated unexpectedly when you were reincarnated, and you were attacked by your enemies as a teacher. It’s also very sad, so even if you go to heaven and earth, you must collect all your incomplete souls. You’ve been in the mortal world all these years. There’s something wrong with your brain.
Soul It’s not complete, so I spent a lot of money as a teacher to reach a deal with the will of heaven and work together to create a Shennong auxiliary system that can help you return to the fairy world as soon as possible.
This system combines some common sense in the mortal world and the secret planting techniques of our Shennong lineage. It’s just too short a time, Master. There is no test, if there are some strange problems, please don’t worry and get used to it. Wang Ping’an immediately became anxious when he heard this The group landed on Wang Ping’an’s body, which had been emptied for a long time, and it instantly filled up.
It felt like a long drought and nectar. It was the incomplete soul that I had been looking forward to for eighteen years, and the Shennong auxiliary system, which seemed unreliable, was blank and simple. Countless images flashed across my past lives and my idiot-like eighteen-year experience in this life. I received too much information in an instant. Wang Pingan’s simple brain felt a little painful. He clutched his head and yelled. Who am I? What happened? Wang Pingan sat up and looked around blankly at the green mountains in the distance and the green water nearby. In front of him was a set of self-made simple fishing tackle without a hook.
Behind him was a poor and dilapidated village. Only then muttered dissatisfiedly that this immortal became a fool when he descended to earth and was attacked by his enemies, Master, don’t make trouble for this immortal, it can’t be this miserable, right? Looking up, the sky is blank, the clouds are long, the warm wind is warm, and there is no response.
Looking down, there is a mess of grass and wild flowers. There are a few worms whose names I can’t name are crawling around on my body. There is no need for any superfluous explanation. Which god descends to the earth and reincarnates? Doesn’t it live a chic and unrestrained life? Why does the script change when it’s my turn? A big yellow dog came from the village.
run to see the king After Ping’an’s figure became more excited, his tail swayed crazily like a big windmill.
Due to his high speed, he swooped from behind and almost knocked Wang Ping’an into the ditch. Silly sparrow, you want to kill me and inherit my property. Listening is the tone of a fool.
This is because of the body.
Even if the soul recovers for a while, it will be difficult to change some of the habits of the body.
For example, when talking with a big tongue, it drools when it sees delicious food.
No matter what Wang Pingan said, he threw him down and then licked his face with his tongue to show his intimacy and enthusiasm. I can’t eat it.
Don’t lick my face. Wait for me to catch a fish for your lunch.
Wang Pingan said he made it from a bamboo pole The fishing tackle was pulled up, and there was only a rope tied to it, no hook, no bait, and no buoy. You ate raw Wang Ping’an was a bit embarrassed to be seen by the dog, obviously remembered to tie a piece of gluten on the rope, why is there no fish in this ditch, it’s too cunning to bully a fool, bah, I’m not stupid anymore Thinking of this, Wang Ping’an is already a little bit pissed off I am deeply ashamed of my own behavior and habits, lying on the grass on my back, grabbing the sparrow’s ears to make it more honest. This is a native dog that was only raised two years ago when it was puberty.
It is very lively because it is too lively.
It’s annoying like a sparrow, that’s why it’s named after it.
The sparrow is very smart. Seeing that Wang Ping’an is not in the mood to make trouble with him, he lies on the side and imitates his posture, with his belly upturned and his limbs curled up in the sun.
Now, walk from the direction of the village. There are two people, a man and a woman.
The village party secretary Wang Deli is in his forties. He has a big belly and looks like a blessing.
When he talks, he always squints his eyes and smiles like Maitreya.
He is very festive. The young man in front of Commissioner Qian is Wang Pingan. The domestic dog is smarter than him, so he took us to find him. Haha, that woman is about 20 years old. Her skin is white and her facial features are exquisite and beautiful.
She wears a business skirt and shows off her beautiful white legs.
She is a poverty alleviation commissioner sent by the town. Need to register some Information about impoverished households and special personnel Wang Ping’an is a well-known fool in the village.
He not only has mental retardation, but also has some mental disabilities. People enjoy state subsidies and care.
Because of this, Qian Duoduo, as a poverty alleviation commissioner, has to take a look at Wang Ping’an’s home after registering the situation in person and then take a few photos.