I haven’t heard of this name before so I turned my head to look at the gossip master Yue Lai Yue Gao Ao Yue Lai

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Please delete it within hours of downloading. It cannot be used for commercial purposes. Text wedge update time Leng Yan walked into the downtown building.
The elevator room was empty and he was the only one.
The smooth stainless steel reflects her slender figure.
The black stockings wrapped in beautiful legs are wrapped in stiletto boots.
The tight-fitting black short leather skirt exposes the navel and shoulders.
The black leather tube top sets off the sexy figure of Lengyan even more. Alluring long eyelashes, deep eyeliner, bright red cherry lips, cold flames, that small face looks even more lovely and surprisingly gorgeous because of this makeup, the whole person is like a delicate and ostentatious black rose, and you can see it by raising your eyes slightly The needle-eye camera in the corner of the elevator occasionally flashed a little blue light.
She knew that from the monitoring room in the building, she could see every move of her. With a slight flick of a finger, a silver light flashed past, and there was a muffled sound. The needle-eye camera was on. The corner of Leng Yan’s mouth curled up slightly, he took out the phone from his handbag, quickly pressed a series of numbers, and said in a charming and charming voice that Shenqiu will soon be your death It’s all why listening to the hysterical cry of the other party, Leng Yan’s expression remained unchanged, only a flash of disgust flashed in his eyes, and he said that we will never be soft when dealing with traitors, Shenqiu, don’t worry, for the sake of my colleagues, I will still keep you A black rose with a whole body, you will have me sooner or later Don’t blame me for not reminding you The other party’s voice trembled because of excitement I won’t betray the organization so you don’t have to curse me like this I am different from you Leng Yan’s voice is cold and a bit sarcasm Leng Yan I love you At this moment Leng Yan has already cut off the phone Leng Yan watched the elevator go up to the 16th floor, the 17th floor is about to be the 18th floor, suddenly the elevator stopped slightly with a jolt After staying there, I heard the sound of crackling.
When I raised my eyes, I saw a flashing blue camera protruding from another corner of the elevator.
The chirping sound inside made Leng Yan alert. A silver needle appeared in his hand again.
As soon as I took the shot, I heard a deep voice, Leng Yan, I love you, Shenqiu. Leng Yan’s eyes widened. Leng Yan, I didn’t betray the organization.
Who would believe it? The heart of the team member who died tragically began to ache. Following the death of the team, her own sister Ning Ning, I was framed, not me. You have to believe me, I love you so much, and I love Ning Ning, how could she be sent to death? I don’t believe it. Leng Yan didn’t want to listen to Shenqiu’s words any more, and banged on the elevator door vigorously, but it was in vain. Leng Yan’s chirping sound resounded and Shenqiu’s voice disappeared into the crackling sound.
Professional killers like them have been trained to be useless since they were young. Emotional creatures in their lives are either alive or dead, you die or I die, even if the former lover Shen Qiu said such words, Leng Yan would not I don’t feel surprised at all.
If there is friendship in this world, it’s probably only family affection. Because Condensed had a premonition of danger and quietly replaced Leng Yan so that she didn’t get involved in danger and survived, and that was her first mission. To take revenge, no matter who Leng Yan looks cold, he is stuck in this elevator room with smooth walls like a small square box. If there is any passage, it can only be there.
If the guess is correct, there should be a man-made inspection hatch. The light in the elevator room will be destroyed, and everything will be plunged into darkness. But is there any other choice for Leng Yan? Put the leather skirt on A pull at the waist reveals sexy thighs, but Leng Yan no longer cared about these unsightly appearances, took two steps back, took a slight run-up, and then jumped up, the person was already hanging in the middle of the elevator, facing the inertia of Leng Yan’s hands The dagger stuck firmly into the crack of the elevator door, and then the figure slightly borrowed his hand to cushion the handbag and punched it, destroying the light on the top of the elevator, and the elevator was suddenly plunged into darkness. Cold flames swung in the air and fell down. Because I couldn’t adapt to the sudden darkness for a while, Lengyan’s eyes stared wide open. At this moment, there was another crackling sound, and then a faint blue light appeared again. Damn Shenqiu even installed a camera in the elevator room Leng Yan, your skills are still as good as before. It’s a pity that you are afraid of the dark, so you lost your strength in the dark, and you still can’t get up.
I love you so much I don’t want to do anything to you You just have to believe in me I’m not a traitor It’s all over Maybe it’s just the beginning Leng Yan’s voice Cold answer For this revenge Leng Yan is in the dark After staying for a month, she went from screaming and going crazy to being weak in the dark for a week. She was not human anymore, but she didn’t give up and didn’t come out of the darkness. Instead, she gradually learned indifference and patience in the darkness.
Even every time she wakes up from the nightmare of condensing the corpse that has become a stump, her face is expressionless. She has adapted to the darkness and even been able to live in complete darkness. It was already a month later when she walked out. In that dark room, Leng Yan already knew that her heart had changed The screeching sound on the wall of the elevator makes people vomit, if a small elevator wants to trap me, you really underestimate me