I have already figured out my connection with the old grave and I dont believe that Mo Wei at this moment has the ability to

A wealthy family spends money and quickly get out Parents sacrifice to the heavens and start cultivating immortals These are too clichés, yes, Mo Wei’s life begins with a series of clichés, the end of the road, the great escape, the system comes from the sky, quickly bind the heavens and the worlds to follow you Chapter Waves, I was reborn on August 14th, on the 14th day of the month, the moon is bright, the stars are scarce, the world is brightly lit, the night of Nanli City is gorgeous and colorful, and it looks no worse than the daytime. Ever since the province launched the activity of lighting up our city a few years ago, every time During festivals, the streets and alleys of Nanli City will be decorated with colorful neon lights, floodlights, spotlights, downlights, string lights and other lighting decorations of various materials appearing one after another, rendering this third-tier city as if it were a city that never sleeps. Hanging like a disk in the night sky, the Lishui River meandering through most of the city seems to be lit by those colorful lights.
The river not only reflects the floating light of the city, but also embraces the bright moon in the sky and looks at it from a distance.
Going to the sparkling water seems like falling into the crystal palace of the old dragon king.
Because it is close to the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are no fewer people playing in the water park than in the daytime. The river surface surrounded by rubber dams is wide and stable, scattered with various forms of pedal boats.
In it, there may be a real girl for three or two days, a couple in love, or a parent with a child floating leisurely on the water.
Occasionally step a few times to stagger with others From the night wind blowing, people’s laughter was sent far away. A nine-curved corridor stretches above the water.
There are tables and chairs on both sides of the corridor for people to rest and sit. There are three groups of five groups. Some are facing the wind and enjoying the moon. Whispering and whispering from time to time, some children ran past laughing and wondering who suddenly shouted my mother, look at the big shooting star in the sky! Sure enough, a ball of dazzling white light the size of a fist dragged its long tail and whizzed through the night sky.
Immediately, the whole water park screamed one after another.
This meteor is too big, too fast, and too dazzling, but within a few breaths, its light has covered up the full moon in the sky, and it seems that it is heading straight for Nanli City to the water park.
In an instant, the people on the boats were flying like chickens and dogs, and the boating people tried their best to step on the shore. Those who were far from the shore hid under the pier.
The people on the shore ran around like headless flies. The sound of pedal boats colliding with each other and knocking over stalls The water park instantly changed from a noisy and cozy leisure park to a scene of a disaster movie Everyone on the other side of the river is running for their lives The other side of the river has just been classified as an urban area In the Tianfu villa area of ​​Nanjun that has been built, the asphalted Tianfu Road has not yet been paved.
Mo Wei is also running, but he is already weak at this moment. At this moment, he is at the end of his battle.
The footsteps of the three chasing soldiers behind him are getting closer and closer. The physical strength that has been exhausted for a long time can no longer compete with the gravitational force. The whole person staggers and flees to the mother earth. Just when Mo Wei is about to fall, he seems to have a feeling. He looks up and suddenly sees a ball of light like a burning flame rushing towards him. The corner of Mo Qi’s mouth twitched It’s okay to show a weird expression like this.
Either burn the three behind or burn the four of them to death.
It’s not enough. Even if he just burns to death, he can choose death rather than being caught back to the villa to face He Weinong.
The doctor is right. After all, he still didn’t live past the age of twenty-five, but he didn’t die from the malignant disease like tarsal gangrene, but was killed by a meteor, so that’s not bad, isn’t it? With a relieved smile, they also fell into the darkness, while the people on the other side of the river were all stunned, and it was over.
That thing roared so loudly, and the result was just a flash of white light, like a puff of fireworks across the night sky. It disappeared without a trace and disappeared without a sound. The comet that was promised hit the earth.
I have thought about my last words, but you can show me this.
It’s a little bit of a pity that their lives were saved, but they missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the birth of a meteorite at close range.
Some people said that maybe it wasn’t a meteor, maybe it was just a flare, but this statement was opposed by many people. How could a flare be so big? Besides, looking at the trajectory, it doesn’t look like the thing in the sky just now. It obviously came from a very high and far place.
What do you mean? Could it be that there are such small space vehicles? Some people say that maybe it’s thunder and lightning. Being cast aside by more people, I am still a flying fairy.
This is how your family beat me