I have achieved a great career but I hope she will marry well she said otherwise he would not have offered Na Ren to the

When Rejing woke up, she felt as if her whole body was on fire.
Before she could open her eyes, she heard someone sobbing and crying beside her. Who is it? After thinking about it for a while, I realized that it was the little palace lady Pomegranate, so she really traveled through time.
Jing, who likes to read novels, has read a lot of Qingchuan articles, but never thought that one day, she would be able to cleanse the army. A Jinghao recalled what happened before time travel. At that time, she was on the way to travel during the summer vacation. Because she saw someone falling into the lake, she didn’t know why, so she just jumped down to save him, but she didn’t expect that she saved him in the end. She lost her life, but lost her life because of lack of physical strength. When she woke up again, Jinghao thought she was saved, but when she opened her eyes, she found that her eyes were not the snow-white ceiling, and the people who took care of her were not medical staff. Realizing that something is wrong, it can’t be that someone is joking with her.
After all, the scene can be faked. The memory that suddenly popped up in her mind can’t be faked. She is indeed dead but alive again in another person’s body. The original owner’s surname is Dai Jia and her name is exactly the same as Jinghao. She doesn’t know if it’s because of this reason that she survived in the original owner’s body. Jinghao only knows that the original owner’s situation is very bad. Offended Borzigit, who was also a beautiful girl at the time, has been regarded as a thorn in her side since then. Just hearing her surname, you can know that this Borzigit has a lot of background. She is the Prince of Horqin Darhan and Ta Prince Heta is the Empress Dowager’s nephew, that is to say, this Borzigit family is also the grandniece of the Empress Dowager like the Empress Dowager, and she is also Kangxi like Concubine Tong Jia. A person with a strong background like my cousin played against her, and the original owner who was targeted by her had a hard time.
In the end, under the frame of Borzigit, she was directly thrown into the cold palace.
Everyone in the palace knows that the original owner offended Bo. Erjijit’s family, even if she fell ill in the rain, Feng Qian, the eunuch guarding the cold palace, would not be willing to invite the imperial physician for her.
There was only a loyal little maid, Pomegranate, guarding her at that time.
Already burnt to the point of deliriousness, she didn’t have time to think about anything, told Pomegranate to wet the handkerchief and give her a cold compress, and then she passed out.
It’s getting more and more serious, she’s too unlucky, she just died not long ago, she managed to travel through time, and now she seems to be about to burp again, it’s not Jinghao’s pessimistic thinking, but even a high fever in the 21st century can easily affect her health and lifespan What’s more, the medical technology is very backward in the Qing Dynasty, and Jinghao can’t invite an imperial doctor, and no one can prescribe her medicine. If the fever continues like this, her life will be gone in minutes. If only she had antipyretics, it would be fine.
Jing thought to herself that she hadn’t lived enough in her previous life, let alone in this life.
Jing Hao, who was mourning for her dying life, suddenly felt something extra in the palm of her hand under the quilt. She felt it carefully, as if it was a capsule. The sudden change made Jing Hao open her eyes all of a sudden.
Lord, you wake up and have been taking care of Jing’s pomegranate by the bed. Seeing that she woke up, she didn’t bother to cry, so she looked at her in surprise, how are you feeling? Go and get me a glass of water.
After that, Pomegranate quickly stretched out his hand from the quilt. Through the faint light, he could confirm that it was a capsule, but as for whether it was a fever-reducing capsule, Jing Hao was not sure, but Jing Hao stuffed the capsule directly without any hesitation. Anyway, she has a high fever and doesn’t go away, if she doesn’t take medicine, she will probably burn out her brain, since that’s the case, she just treats it like a dead horse and heals it. The little master water came and pomegranate didn’t know that Jinghao had already poured it into her mouth The medicine was stuffed, and after bringing a glass of water, she stepped forward to help her up, swallowed the capsule in her mouth with the water, and then lay down again quietly, whether her life can be saved depends on the capsule.
It’s not enough. The capital has been cloudy and rainy for the past few days.
It didn’t clear up until three days later, and Jinghao’s illness also got better.
Although she didn’t fully recover, she can go out today. I’m really thankful, thank you Bodhisattva for blessing My lord, your illness can be considered cured, because Jinghao’s illness just recovered, so when she saw that she was about to go out, Pomegranate hurriedly added clothes to her in case she went out, and the wind would blow her. Goldfinger is right.
If it wasn’t for a Goldfinger, Jing would be fine.
This time travelling, she might have really experienced loneliness, because the high fever a few days ago was so fierce that she couldn’t handle it without medicine. But the truth is, Jing Well, of course I couldn’t tell Pomegranate, I just smiled and said wrong Pomegranate, you still have someone who didn’t thank you, Jinghao, what you said is true, if it wasn’t for Pomegranate who took care of her carelessly these days, I’m afraid she hasn’t had time to activate her golden finger He was already dead.
When Jinghao said that, Pomegranate immediately blushed. In her opinion, she is the young master’s maid, taking care of her is a matter of course. How can she stand her thank you? What’s so embarrassing about Pomegranate? It seems that the age of only fourteen or five years old is like a little sister in Jing Hao’s eyes.
If it weren’t for you to take care of me, I might not have the opportunity to stand here and bask in the sun today. Lord, you invited the imperial doctor to come.
Pomegranate remembered that when Jing Hao first started to have a fever, she wanted to ask someone to ask for an imperial doctor, but she was rejected. At that moment, the whole person was wilting. Otherwise, my master, you would not have suffered so much.