I hate that I didn’t beat him hard in the yard just now to let him know why the flowers bloom so brightly why the

The author laughs lightly. Chapter 1.
The origin of her life When she was ten years old, she was still a little girl who couldn’t hold a sword. That day she was practicing martial arts with a wooden sword. She suddenly saw her father passing by with a strange fourteen or five-year-old boy.
Ask daddy who is he? Dad’s new student is called Lu Zhongxuan.
From now on, he will be your second senior brother. Senior sister. His eyes are black and shiny. His cheeks are very stubborn. He purses his lips and nods at her, which is very difficult to get along with. Second senior brother, hello to her. I don’t like interacting with people who are not easy to get along with, that would be very tiring, so I just nodded lightly Seventh Junior Sister, she was sweating profusely in the scorching sun, he suddenly appeared with a teapot in his hand, let’s have a sip of tea and rest, don’t get heat stroke, thank you, she took it in surprise The teapot looked into his bright black eyes and warm currents surged in his heart.
I never thought he would care about her for a while. When he saw her finish drinking tea, he picked up the wooden sword and raised his hand to stop her.
Why are you so young? She worked so hard because I was stupid. She smiled lightly. Among the disciples her father accepted, she was the slowest learner. He first frowned, and then muttered, I will practice sword with you from now on. One is the first time she met him and the other is the first time he treated her well Oh, the second lady is back today, isn’t she? This time I won’t leave when I come back this time. Don’t worry, don’t worry, ah, it’s good to say that our second lady is so beautiful, temperamental and hearty, so women like it when she looks at her, isn’t it? Why did the eldest lady look so ordinary and not like our wife, who knows? The nine sons of a dragon are all different, right? That day when her younger sister Wen Jin, who was studying art with a teacher, came back, she happily went out to greet her, but she heard it in the middle of it. If so, yes, she is different from her sister, she doesn’t look like her mother, she doesn’t have her mother’s gentle blue eyes, she doesn’t have her mother’s golden wavy hair, and she has mediocre qualifications, so she has never been favored.
She didn’t show up either, so she knew that he liked Wen Jin, they all liked Wen Jin, and no one liked her. At that time, she was already eighteen years old, and she could wield a long sword made of fine steel.
The bits and pieces of the past eight years are clearly and coherently shown in her mind, and she can’t stop him from being so good to her before. Why did Wen Jin ignore her when he came? Tian raised her head and spat out a mouthful of blood, huh, a heavy foot hit her from the side, and kicked her far away, Fei Wenshu let out a muffled groan, rolled down the grass slope and passed out not long after, before he fell into a coma, he saw his eyes full of panic Shocking, pity, and sighing alone, there is no heartache, she blocked a sword for him, but he couldn’t even give her the look of heartache, okay, he doesn’t love her, he really doesn’t love her, she can give up, Seventh Senior Sister, Seventh Senior Sister, Wen Shu, all kinds It’s a pity that there are all kinds of exclamations Wen Shu passed out and couldn’t hear Ah Xing, you guys go over there, Ah Wen, you take someone over there to find Ah Lin, you go with them over there Lu Zhongxuan with a cold face, after an hour, meet here and watch The brothers ran far away Lu Zhongxuan’s eyes couldn’t help but drift to a certain direction on the grassy slope, where should she be? Is she still alive? Can she be saved from such a serious injury? He didn’t know why he had already put the rest of the bodyguard team away when he realized it.
The senior brother pushed him away and walked slowly towards the place where she fell. After walking for half an hour, he successfully found her covered in blood. She had been pierced by a sword in the chest.
It was messed up on her face, covering most of her face, making her look hideous. Lu Zhongxuan slowly leaned over and gently brushed away the hair on her face, and saw that her face was covered with blood, and the blood was still dripping down her eyes. Wen Shu, you call me like this, how can I save you? She is a quiet and steady girl, so only he knows what she likes about him.
No one else can see it, but they used to practice martial arts with swords every day. Cool her down, others have already seen them as childhood sweethearts, Wen Shu, ah, Wen Shu, you blocked a sword for me today, you saved my life, I can marry you, but when you fell down the grass slope, you scratched your face and called me How to marry you again? She has such a face that it is difficult to marry, and she is trying to save him. So far, brothers and sisters can see clearly.
If he doesn’t marry her, what will they think? After he saves her, he will have to marry her Lu Zhongxuan With a tight right fist, he puts on the beautiful, talented, intelligent, lively and lovely Wen Jin.
If he doesn’t pursue marrying an ugly monster, no, he doesn’t want to.
What’s more, he still wants to be the son-in-law of the Zhongxin Escort and the future head of the bodyguard. How can he marry her? The president of the Zhongxin Escort Bodyguard Wen Zhong is nearly half a century old but only has two daughters. The eldest is named Wen Shu and the youngest is Wen Jin.
He has no sons. Not only is he not worried, but he is very happy because his second daughter, Wen Jin, is a martial arts genius. The strength of a first-class bodyguard, whoever marries her is not the chief bodyguard of the Zhongxin Bodyguard Agency in the future. He didn’t know about Wen Jin’s existence back then, so he tried his best to get close to Wen Shu, but now that Wen Jin is such a good choice, why would he still be right? She is thinking about it, the second senior brother, the second senior brother, A Xing and the others called from a distance No, Ah Xing shook his head, not long after, Ah Wen and the others also came, all of them were full of disappointment and fear, second senior brother, we lost the dart and killed seventh senior sister, what should we do? we are like this today