I had the heart to hurt Junjun and said no how could I not welcome Junjun But I asked you whether it was your idea

The author, the meow star, loses her virginity overnight and she is so confused that she doesn’t know how to meet him again. He is a male god and even more domineering. He said let’s get married, but he didn’t want to just become a victim of family interests. The fate of the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy family is not good. She met her lover, betrayed her family, abandoned her sister, and hooked up with her brother-in-law.
She simply wrote and acted in a car accident and planned her own death. An identity has come back strongly, but she doesn’t want to fall under his cheating charm again.
Why did she leave him a cub when she left? Seeing that brat with a proud face, is it really her own? An Jiran has such a big IQ pit I’m really drunk An Jiran, children, love, wealth, I don’t want them all.
What I want is that you don’t end up in pain for a lifetime. Bai Yuxiu gently cuts her hair behind her ears, and then stop making trouble. We should pick up the children from school. The visitor is not kind, Bai Yuxiu, your soul is weak, you spent 100 million to buy a broken bottle of snake spirit disease by accident What Meng An Jiran propped up his body with one hand and beat his face slightly with the other? What’s the situation? I, An Jiran, actually had such a yellow and violent erotic dream in the morning. That’s right, the low cry with a slightly high response just now was because of the erotic dream It caused An Jiran to think that her head must have been kicked by a donkey. An Jiran stretched out her hand to lift the quilt, just as she lifted the quilt, her body froze. She has the habit of sleeping naked, but right now her lower body is a little wet and greasy, even though she is the only one in the whole room, An Jiran still can’t help but blush, if someone else finds out about it, it will be a big embarrassment, pick up the alarm clock on the side and look at it An Jiran opened her eyes wide and jumped off the bed.
It was over, she was about to be late, An Jiran quickly rushed to the bathroom to wash, make up and change clothes. After everything was ready, she walked out, as if she had become a different person in the Flower Metropolis Hall. Go straight to the destination, take out your work card, and quickly walk in through the side door. It’s a risk, it’s a minute, and I’m late. I heard that the host has reported the Song Dynasty Jingdezhen blue and white porcelain. With the sound of soothing and elegant music, An Jiran took a deep breath and walked. Slowly walking up to the stage like a lotus, An Jiran is dressed in a blue and white cheongsam, her exquisite figure is unmistakable, her hair is coiled up, gentle and noble, her whole body is elegant with sandalwood, and her pear blossoms are clear, with blue slate in her eyes The charm of the whole person seems to come from the rain alley in the south of the Yangtze River. The beauty is suffocating. There is a sound of admiration.
I don’t know if it is because of An Jiran or the auction item. An Jiran poses in an elegant posture and stands beside the blue and white porcelain.
There are elegant smiles on the corners of everyone’s lips. The price of this auction is two million, three million, three million on the thirtieth, five million on the twenty-eighth. Is there a higher 6 million? No. 10 is 6 million? Is there a higher 6 million? 6 million 10 million.
Higher, as the host’s voice fell, many pairs of eyes turned to No. 9.
I saw the man sitting upright on the seat, with a pair of slender hands crossed and brown eyes, looking forward faintly. Although his expression was light, he There is a gloomy and cold aura around him that discourages the people around him, especially some well-dressed single ladies.
They have taken a fancy to him since he stepped into the clubhouse, but they have never dared to go forward just because of his name, Bai Yuxiu, who is in the business world. In the last episode, the character who is both legendary and devil is 15 million.
I don’t know who shouted all eyes away from Bai Yuxiu.
Fifteen million is another tycoon, Ace Multinational Group.
The president, Chen Jinfan, is a man in his fifties with 20 million to 30 million yuan.
In an instant, this auction has become a secret battle between Bai Yuxiu and Chen Jinfan. Anyone with common sense in the business world knows that these two are fighting openly and secretly in the business field, especially after rising. Bai Yuxiu hindered many of Chen Jinfan’s business in Asia with a young junior.
Before Bai Yuxiu took over Bai’s enterprise, Bai’s enterprise was not a well-known enterprise, but after Bai Yuxiu’s management and operation of Bai’s enterprise, it took a leap forward. It has become a world-famous company, and its business has completely spread to all parts of the world. It is said that Chen Jinfan was preempted by Bai Yuxiu for several acquisitions, and he was almost sent to the hospital with 100 million yuan. As Bai Yuxiu’s slightly deep voice sounded, the hall was dead silent, and immediately many people were in it. Whispering at the bottom, Bai Yuxiu is willing to pay 100 million yuan for a vase.
It seems that he and Chen Jinfan got into a fight. I’m still a little tender, and then I walked out with big strides. Bai Yuxiu didn’t care, still with an indifferent expression. Applause, Bai Yuxiu stood up, rolled up his sleeves, and slowly walked forward, looking at his tall and straight figure, the lady behind him had peach blossoms in her eyes, and felt an urge to rush directly to An Jiran, when Bai Yuxiu stopped.
He didn’t pay attention to the blue-and-white porcelain that he bought back at a big price, but looked at An Jiran who was a model for the blue-and-white porcelain. He has seen many beauties, but this one shocked him a bit.
An Jiran had no choice but to look at her inexplicably.