I gritted my teeth even though Sang Yu was not there but how could I hide it like nothing happened the Gorgon struggled with her

Shire, I am the proudest student in the whole school. Every time I take the exam, I am the last one in the whole grade. I am very awesome because I can be on the list. The bottom one in the school is not anyone who wants to take the test. I don’t believe you. Try my name Shire, as the name suggests, it’s as simple as it is human, and it’s as simple as you can see from my exam papers.
Seriously, it took a lot of effort for my father to name me.
My father is a rough man who can’t read.
He originally wanted to name me Xialong Xiafeng Xiajianghehuhai, but they used these words long ago and my father called them Xia Dahai. In my generation, if I use those bad words, it will be easy. He said that he has no culture because these names are weird, so we must change the traditional naming method of our ancestors and choose an incomparable name that can change our family’s feng shui dragon veins, so my father found out that it is in Thirty Mile Town.
There is a gentleman named who heard that he is capable of reading Fengshui and touches the bones.
He can do anything. All the names he has given have been admitted to Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Harbin University of Science and Technology. The legend is really appalling. Because I am the last one in the whole school. Thirty-mile town is a small town. There is only one road leading to this town, a thirty-mile winding mountain road.
The town is on the top of the mountain to look down at the villages below the mountain. Which villages have smoke from their chimneys and which villages have no smoke from their chimneys? There is a sign that reads “The Great Shift of Heaven and Earth”. The name Xuan alone is amazing.
There is no one named Xuan in the world who dares to use this name.
His name can turn the world around and gain fame, promotion, and fortune.
Lu Shengsheng just read the title and you completely ignored the two broken-down houses under the sign. Years later, I have always wondered about those gods, fairies, and these named gentlemen. Could it be that they see through the mortal world and regard money as dung and live a life of picking chrysanthemums and seeing earthen houses leisurely under the eastern fence? I can’t read, but my father has the eyesight to set up a name.
squinted his eyes and dozed off, as if he didn’t see me and my father coming in.
You know, I’m already four years old, and even his sister’s name is not given. Someone named me Xia Xiaohai.
It is absolutely not allowed in our family tree. If I don’t have a name anymore, the household registration department of the Public Security Bureau will confiscate me. The eyesight frame is my father’s trump card. He immediately handed over the dry tobacco powder that he carried with him to Mr. Naminger.
It was him.
The dry tobacco Yabuli dry tobacco grown by myself on the private plot is the variety of dry tobacco brought back by my ancestors who traveled to the east of the Guandong The dry tobacco bag is full and digs a pot of dry tobacco My dad lit a match for him, and he took a few deep puffs of the cigarette, saying it was good. My dad said he planted it himself.
The donkey cart prepared a bag for you, and then my dad kicked me again. He said hurry up and bring it to Mr.
I know that bag of dry tobacco is the only one he has. There is not much private land except for planting some cabbage and pumpkins that we will eat in the winter.
My father carefully set aside a palm-sized open space to plant this bag of tobacco leaves. After I gave him the dry tobacco, my father would have the cheek to borrow a name from someone. Mr. Naming said it was a name. My father nodded obediently and said it was a name. Mr.
Naming stood up humming and walked to the table that was about to fall apart.
Qian picked up a book and flipped through it.
It was a book he picked up from a second-hand market.
He used it to wipe his butt and put it on the table, but now it came in handy because he heard that my name is Xia. Then I immediately thought of a name in that comic book that was also surnamed Xia, but the name was very long and there was a black spot in the middle, wouldn’t it be enough to cut it off with a knife and leave the first two characters? What does dad mean by saying this? My dad also stood up.
Originally, he was squatting on the ground just now. There are many references to Charles. As for the source of the text, it is a secret.
Gorgeous means what is gorgeous? It means very promising.
Think about it, how can a countryman be gorgeous when he digs in the ground all day? My father is very happy.
He just wants me to grow up to be gorgeous, so he left the universe full of joy.
After moving to the famous Xuan, I lived up to my name, seven feet tall, and gorgeous in appearance, but my academic performance was not always so gorgeous. It seems that my future will not be gorgeous either. I read some books to know that Shire’s Er is also after all.
There is a source saying that Wen Er, Lier, Mili, Bierwei, Hewei, Chang Zhihua, Xiaoya, Mao Chuanerhua, Shengmao, so I am quite satisfied with the name Shire.
After all, this name can be on the list every time. It is not only the exam.
I could be on the other lists I could be on the list I’m the star of the list Extraordinary people are extraordinary everywhere I got into high school with the lowest grades in the county My historical grades helped me not only did I study formally I I also read all the unofficial histories in the unofficial history bookstores and street stalls. The history teacher loves me very much. I not only know the glorious history of historical figures, but also their disgraceful history. I know all the little secrets. If When Cao Cao stands in front of me, he will be afraid of me. Why is it because I have his handle in my hand? If I say it, he will be ridiculed by the world. When the history textbook tells about a certain person, I already know his life.