I glanced at her who made you drink so much The scene of two people walking away together fell into the eyes of many people

This is Shengjiang Group, the owner of the building.
Bai Ye stood under the building and looked up for a while, then withdrew her dizzy eyes and looked at the time, then turned around and walked to the back of the square.
It was the exit of the underground parking lot of the building. She hid in a neatly trimmed Behind the bushes, which are beautiful enough to cover her whole body, it didn’t take long. The barrier lever was opened and closed.
A black Porsche sedan drove out. The window of the rear compartment was lowered by a third, revealing half a handsome profile face, with a graceful and resolute silhouette. He has a straight nose and narrow, beautiful eyes.
He seems to be looking down at something focused and serious.
His eyebrows are slightly frowned. He looks good.
Even though it’s not the first time he’s seen the blinds, he can’t help but lose his mind until the car pulls in. In the back and forth of traffic, Bai Ye came back to his senses in shock, patted himself on the head in annoyance, took three steps and two steps down the stairs, and before it was rush hour, she easily hit Master Che and followed up. The moment the Porsche sat neatly in the car, she said quickly, the driver stepped on the accelerator and the car rushed out.
It was fast and steady.
As drivers, they met more customers and saw more things.
They drove their car. To earn their money, gossip calmly and gossip a little while he is busy.
The driver is an uncle in his forties who is very talkative. After Bai Ye made a request, he asked with great interest, is the car good? It looks like it came from Shengjiang.
Some kind of executive, shareholder or something? Bai Ye sat behind the co-pilot seat, glanced sideways at the Porsche not far in front, nodded, yes, it’s Sheng Jiang’s prince, isn’t it? The driver uncle shook his head in disbelief and said, My experience judges that those rich guys like to show off their wealth, so they want to buy a Ferrari Rolls Royce to drive. Although the car is good, it is worth more than three million. The driver uncle, who is quite low-key, continues to disagree and shakes his head. Ma Yun said that money is spent, not saved, uh, low-key and frugal. Is this the same meaning? Bai Ye twitched the corners of his mouth and laughed twice, but said, Uncle, you know a lot. It’s okay. My wife likes shopping on Taobao. Fans, but I really don’t think Ma Yun is as handsome as me.
The driver raised his eyebrows triumphantly. After a while, he asked Ms.
Are you a reporter? I’m not a reporter, and the driver nodded thoughtfully and smiled at you for not even bringing a camera with you.
But if you are not a reporter, then what do you do with the prince? I am also curious, Uncle, you are so good, why don’t you guess the driver? Uncle must have watched a lot of TV dramas, he is too good at making up his mind, no, I am going to catch a rape, the driver uncle glanced at the blinds from the rearview mirror, and looked at the expression of what kind of international joke are you, but in order not to hurt her, he kindly didn’t say it My own thought was just a smile, girl, you are so funny, Lou Ye coughed, and turned his eyes to the window again, the taxi was speeding on the highway through the mountains After the tunnel below, the line of sight suddenly becomes wider.
Under the sun that is gradually moving westward, the vast sea glows with sparkling and moving waves, silently catching the eyes of passers-by. A very famous private chef once appeared on a variety show on a certain TV station. The price is ridiculously expensive, but there are still countless people who think of having a meal here. The reservation has been waiting for several months. After watching the Porsche turn and drive in, the shutter is not far from the door. When Chu got out of the car, a car passed by her and slowed down. Through the car window, she could faintly see a slender figure.
The venetian felt inexplicably jumping, and just wanted to concentrate on seeing clearly that the car had already passed her by the venetian. I didn’t care too much. I found a relatively hidden place and started peeping.
It wasn’t just a casual look.
After a while, a slender figure broke into her sight.
It was Jiang Jiawen, who walked over from a distance with one hand in his pocket His steps are not fast or slow, his brows and eyes are calm, with a smile on his lips, but there is a sense of distance in his calm and indifferent eyes.
He inadvertently invades other people’s sights, but makes people dare not easily approach the passing car.
He stopped beside him, he walked over, bent down and opened the car door, a tall and beautiful woman came down, but it was the popular singer Gu Shiqing, this is a very talented singer, all the lyrics and songs she sang were written by herself, but for judging people by their appearance For Bai Ye, she deeply doubts whether Gu Shiqing hired a gunman, er, probably because she really doesn’t look like a talented woman. Looking at her beautiful face and bumpy figure, Bai Ye thinks of her body like bean sprouts. A little depressed, sure enough, Gu Shiqing is the type that men would like, right? She cursed that duplicity man in her heart, but she still didn’t forget to take out her mobile phone and snap a few photos of the two of them. Jiang Jiawen took it smoothly. Passing Gu Shiqing’s bag, and the latter took his arm intimately, Qiao Xiaoqian said something in his ear, and when he turned his face, he glanced back meaningfully, he smiled helplessly, and then the two went They walked together to the hall on the first floor. I don’t know if it was the illusion of Bai Ye. She always felt that Gu Shiqing was looking at her, but this star saw what a passer-by was doing. She was thinking and walking away, but she walked in the wrong direction and passed.
After a while, I suddenly realized that it was wrong.
The weather in autumn is always unpredictable. It was still sunny before, but now it was windy and cold. She shivered and couldn’t help but hugged her arms.
The taxi was still waiting for her. After entering, just as she was about to reach out to close the door, there was a shadow in front of her eyes, and then a tall figure squeezed in and sat beside her.
The space in the car also became narrow and cramped.
Was it Jiang Jiawen?