I fought back I admit you have it okay you can shut up I’m about to vomit the two of you say something I talk

Chapter Chapter Luck will always favor fools at six o’clock in the morning Xu Fang nestled in the quilt, drooling quietly slipped out from the corner of his mouth, ringing, ringing, and the cell phone next to the bed rang a rush of retro ringing Xu Fang frowned slightly, then half-opened his eyes in a daze Reached out to the bedside, picked up the phone, glanced at the screen showing the beast, put it next to the ear, closed the eyes, and replied weakly, Hey, a refreshing male voice came out of the phone, how did you wake up? I just watched it with my girlfriend.
After the sunrise is so beautiful, I have a video here, do you want to watch and listen to the words on the other side who are worthy of the name of a beast? Xu Fang became furious. Cheng Xiaoyang disturbed my dreams in the morning and dared to sprinkle dog food.
I am not afraid of lightning strikes! Cheng Xiaoyang has no guilt Xinxin smiled and said hahaha I was also dragged up by my girlfriend in the morning.
As a brother, it is difficult to be the same. I dreamed last night that I traveled through wind, fire, thunder and lightning, wearing colorful auspicious clouds and rolling. Xu Fang directly pressed the phone and cursed in his heart.
What do you dream of time travel? I have time travel for many years.
Being disturbed by Cheng Xiaoyang and Xu Fang, I am not sleepy. Staring at the ceiling and counting with my fingers, I realized that I have traveled to this world for four years.
In his last life, he had a dream to lie down. Eating, drinking, playing games every day on the biggest and softest sofa in the world Occasionally, traveling to the fitness center and chasing stars Feeling the sadness of having money but losing worries After passing it smoothly, he celebrated with his friends until late at night, because on the way home he was robbed and acted bravely and was stabbed several times.
Shouting, the other party probably scared away, but he used the strength of alcohol to act like a fool, his head was full of excitement, as if calling for duty, he seemed to scare the gangsters, and he stabbed with a knife like he saw a zombie So after coming to this world, Xu Fang seldom drank and made mistakes.
He remembered that after he fell down, he had a dream and dreamed that he went to heaven because of his sacrifice and hooked up with a beautiful angel lady. Unfortunately, the two secretly kissed and prepared.
When I made a mistake, I got a firm slap on the back of the head, and then my body fell into a free fall. After waking up, I opened my eyes. He didn’t see the white bed sheet patient clothes, various testing instruments and the beautiful little nurse.
After a little sober, he became conscious.
Either the big thing is bad or it is great.
It turns out that it is the latter in the parallel world. In the parallel world, there is still a stupid Oududou in the family. He regained his spirit, but occasionally worried about his family in his previous life, hoping that in that world, the stupid Oududou could take the responsibility of taking care of his parents after his death. What made Xu Anxin happy was that the family background in this life was so good that he was very troubled. Those who say that if you have money, you will lose your troubles are all liars.
He worries every day.
What to eat today, where to play tomorrow, but the good days ended yesterday. It’s not that the family went bankrupt, or that both parents died, but he was busy. Ye’s father suddenly had a long conversation with him on a whim, saying that it was a long talk, in fact Xu Fang listened obediently most of the time, the one who is graduating soon and can’t indulge you anymore Look at how big your room is and still chasing stars Are you a boy or a girl? Now that you are an adult, you should say you are a man.
Don’t you have any dreams of your own? You said you learned something in four years of college to let you go to work in your home company. If you don’t think I’m in charge of you, then you start your own business, me. Give you start-up capital, you are lazy, I think it’s because you are too used to you, your mother also said that if you raise a daughter, you will raise a boy, how can you do it if you don’t suffer a little bit, you are an older brother, and you don’t have a decent job every day, how can you set an example for your younger brother? The school graduation certificate will be issued in one month, then next month you can either go to work at my place or find a job yourself or take out a business plan and I will give you a certain amount of funds according to the content of your plan.
If you don’t choose Well, Xu Fang saw that his father said he was done, so he took advantage of the gap and asked cautiously.
If you don’t choose, you will be kicked out without giving your father a penny. Xu Fang was so scared that he got up and was about to leave.
Glancing at the posters on the wall, he snorted to see what your house looks like. After two days, it will be tidied up.
Xu Fang has a bitter face. He knows very well that his own father said that the good times are really coming to an end, but he is very troubled.
The posters on the wall come and go quickly. It won’t be too late to clean up after two days. There is another big event today.
Wei Wan is coming to Kuncheng for a concert.
His voice became famous in the talent show.
In the past two years, his popularity has skyrocketed, and he has already entered the ranks of first-line singers. In the original talent show, Xu Fang never failed to catch up. He made outstanding contributions in various voting sessions.
The poster is the third highest on the star chasing wall in his room.
Of course, no one except Xu Fang himself will care about the order of the posters on the four walls of his bedroom.
The concert is at night, but during the day, I have to do a lot of preparations. For example, before watching the concert, I have to sing to moisten my voice, or how to sing with idols on the spot? If it goes out of tune and people around listen to it, isn’t it embarrassing? The singing was so terrible that the idol held back his laughter and pinched his legs for hot searches.
It was not good. Xu Fang made sufficient preparations and arrived at the venue on time at six o’clock in the evening. Seeing the crowds gathered nearby, Xu Fang gritted his teeth. I came with Cheng Xiaoyang, who knew that this guy was kidnapped by his girlfriend and went on a ten-day cruise all the way to Europe. He just set off yesterday and this morning. I specially sprinkled him with dog food. It’s a pity that no matter how much Xu Anxin complains Nothing can change the fact that he came to the concert alone